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  1. Have a look at Matthewsons auction website for guidance. Upcoming auction has Excel listed at £6000 There's an Elite on their too
  2. You put it somewhere safe😪
  3. This dipstick has lost the engine oil dipstick from my Excel 912 engine. If nobody has a spare would some kind person send me a sketch of theirs, significantly the max and min oil level marks fro the top of the tube. Thanks, Brian
  4. Hello, I tried to contact Gary on several occasions and in different ways, but he has never replied.
  5. Success Everything was rusty inside. but the main culprit was the pinion (the small cog) was stuck to the slide shaft and didn't move forward until it was shocked free. By the way Wood Auto Supplies Ltd do a direct replacement for the Lucas solenoid. It is their solenoid no. SND1405 £32.69 inc VAT (today's price) Brian
  6. Hello, I know Gary and will call him tomorrow. I'll let you know what he says. Brian
  7. Drdoom, Thank you for your insightful explanation. I'm assuming the the crankshaft will eventually crack at the point you describe. How would I know this has happened in a working engine and what would be the damage? Thanks Brian
  8. I've re-tested my motor set tonight after a good soaking in WD40, but with no luck. It is likely that the lever is either bent or rusted up or broken or something. Only way now is to take the motor set apart and have a look (before spending yet more money on a replacement!) Brian
  9. Thank you gentlemen. Is this a case of one word - flexplate - having two meanings? I think I have somewhere a manual flexplate flywheel somewhere. The result of building one engine from three incomplete ones. But I think I'll stay with the one I've fitted until I have to take the gearbox off again. Brian
  10. Thank you gentlemen, I now understand. And no, I haven't fitted the wrong flywheel. Brian
  11. There are two types of flywheel mentioned in the Service Manual. What is a flexplate flywheel? What does it look like.? Does it make any difference from a solid flywheel with ring gear? Have I fitted the wrong one to my 912 HC engine? I have fitted the solid ring gear flywheel. Thanks, Brian
  12. I have been bench testing my starter motor prior to installation. The motor spins when I make positive contact with the low voltage ignition switch contact on the solenoid and the small cog jumps a bit but does not travel forward as I had expected. Is this small cog constantly engaged with the flywheel even when the ignition key is turned back from start? Or is my starter broken? Thanks, Brian
  13. The Stop Pin that came with the Saab rebuild kit worked. It is 10.5 mm overall length, with a 2.1 mm thick head and 8.4 mm shank. The head is 5mm diameter and the shank is 3.3 mm diameter. Brian Stop pin sketch attached
  14. Hello, Engine rebuild going on apace and now onto ancillaries. I have the Lucas 43D distributor which, according to Google searches is for race cars and high speed distance motoring. It does not have the vacuum thingy attached. As I will only be using my car for local everyday driving the Lucas 45D distributor is recommended. Any one care to do a swap? Thanks, Brian
  15. I have ordered from eBay a repair kit for a Saab 90 900 Girling MC which I'm led to believe is the same MC as the Excel and contains a stop pin. Should be here by Monday. I'll let you know how I get on
  16. Hello Pete, I don't think there is anything wrong with the pin in the photo. I think that is what I am missing. The photo is not of my MC, but a photo I found on the internet. Sorry if that has caused confusion. Brian
  17. Hello, I cannot find any source for the stop pin itself or any details other than shown on the attached photo. I can get it made if I know the dimensions. I can measure the stop pin hole diameter, but getting the correct length may be tricky. There is a hole in the piston body which I can also measure, but what happens if I get the length too long. The piston will not move until the internal pressure has lifted the pin sufficiently. Why does the secondary piston have to be stopped in postion? I assume it is to stop it pushing the primary piston past its correct operating location. Can any one measure the pin in their mc? Thanks Brian
  18. Hello Neil, I do use this website occasionally. Unfortunately I do not have the Delinaire unit. Hello Pete, It is the 90 degree fitting I need. I'll look up SAE flared fittings to see if that is what it is. Thanks. Brian
  19. I am putting A/C back into my Elite. I have the Lotus heater/ AC unit not shown in the Workshop manual. I am missing the largest hose connection. It is based on a 7/8 unf connection. I want just the swivel connection and a length of steel pipe as I will be fitting new hoses and which can be cut off the old hose. Thanks Brian
  20. I have the Girling brake master cylinder. I am missing the stop pin that holds the second piston on place. Any help at all to find one would be greatly appreciated Thanks Brian
  21. Hello, I'm refurbishing my Excel brake master cylinder. I have managed to get it apart but in doing so had to drill out the stop pin in the second fill port. What is it for? Thanks Brian
  22. I tried car builder solutions but the components they offer are modern and don't work. I am now trying commercial transport and refrigeration companies. Still think getting original parts is my way out of this
  23. The greater of the two connection is masquerading as 7/8 unf and the smaller as 5/8 unf. However neither will take a standard nut. The o.d of the male threads on the unit are greater than the i.d of a standard nut. I can find no equivalent swivel nut hose connection on the internet. Is there any one out there with unwanted hoses for this unit. I don't need the hoses as I will fit new, just the 90degree swivel nut ends.
  24. Good afternoon, I am about to embark on the installation of a modern Air Con system in my 1978 Elite 503. The original system was removed before I got the car and all I have is the original Heater / A/c evaporator unit, which is neither of the ones shown in my manual. I believe it is the later Lotus version, details of which I cannot find. My first problem is been to identify the threaded connections on the unit. There is a Daddy Bear, Mother Bear and Baby Bear ( so to speak). The Baby Bear connection is redundant on a modern system. Both the Mummy Bear and Daddy Bear have the same metric thread of 1.75, but neither are M12 fittings. Further research has brought up a 1 and 5/8 UNC possiblity, but it doesn't make sense either. Any guidance to there identification would be a great help. Thanks Brian
  25. Hello Andy, Thanks for your research. From the top they look identical. But that is all. The original ones have a row of 5 pins next to a single pin. The single pin is to illuminate the switch and is connected to the dash lights. The five pins control the motor. I have ordered illuminated window switches from 12 Volt Planet which, though non original, should do the job. Brian
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