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  1. pbharcourt

    Hants Meet 2019

    No Thatch pubs around I hope! :).....supposed to be working nights but might swing the night off!
  2. pbharcourt

    engine removal power steering/gearbox

    Hi Tom, I have removed the engine without the gearbox on my S2.2. Its tight and you have to pad the bodywork but not impossible.
  3. pbharcourt

    Hants meet up

    Thanks Kev for organising the Christmas meal, it was lush! Great to catch up with everybody and the women at the night club were amazing, shame the others left so early
  4. pbharcourt

    Cafe racer

    Building up my own special: 1967 Ducati monza junior frame, 1970 Kawasaki 400cc two stroke motocross engine, mono shock alloy rear swing arm, upside down front forks, disc brakes, single seat, race tank. Still loads to do yet...hopefully ready for the spring!
  5. Not sure I want to be associated with the 'gilets jaunes' .....and why were they having French fuel protests at Ryarsh village fete anyway? Firefighter Kev not Fireman as we have women serving as well, I cant actually post any pictures as proof as I have maxed out on my picture files due to not being a full forum member
  6. I had a gold S1 eclat with those on as well.
  7. pbharcourt

    Hants meet up

    I fitted a geared starter to the Elite and it improved the cold starting massively.
  8. pbharcourt

    Hants meet up

    Mondays not good for me ....shame as the Firecat likes a good thatch to get going!
  9. pbharcourt

    Hants meet up

    Lovely to see everybody tonight including some new faces, welcome! Onyx firecat made an interesting talking point and much laughter was had by all present
  10. pbharcourt

    Hants meet up

    I think its £36 if we get more than 10 in total, which we are on target for.
  11. pbharcourt

    Hants meet up

    Race night is 16th oct 7pm start, we will be joining 41 club for the evening and you can go for a curry afterwords if you fancy. Good bunch of guys and a bit of a laugh! Let me know numbers so that I can confirm.
  12. pbharcourt

    Hants meet up

    Anybody fancy Chandlers ford race centre for virtual racing on tues16th Oct?
  13. pbharcourt

    timing belt tensioner assembly

    I converted mine to use a modern Ford focus tensioner bearing and plastic outer roller.
  14. pbharcourt

    Rear Spring/Damper Adjustment

    Hi Ian, Did you tighten up the suspension bolts with the car still jacked up? You will need the full weight of the car and passengers on the axles before fully tightening everything up. Just a thought.
  15. pbharcourt

    Hants meet up

    Dave who? It was a wild and stormy night as I drunksurfed ebay.... there was a flash of lightning and a clap of thunder .....and ...I had bought the love child of Frankenstein and Homer Simpson!!! Du du daaa!