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  1. One of my rear hatch fixings has come loose and fallen off, does anyone have a spare they can sell me? I think they may be Ford but I am not sure.
  2. Are you making mounting adapter plates up for the callipers? I may be interested in some as well as I like the Subaru calipers.
  3. I'll try and bring a chair that doesn't do the comedy collapse next time
  4. The Scimitar ones are 14" dia with 114 pcd so fit the standard Elite/Éclat hubs.
  5. As soon as the DVLA get the docs back to me I will trundle over with it
  6. I fitted Reliant Scimitar wolf race wheels to mine for a while but they had a bit more offset and would rub on full lock. I suppose with lower profile tyres they would have worked fine.
  7. Sad news guys......the Onyx firecat is sold and going to be broken up to rebuild a Fiat Uno turbo. I know it was a crappy little car but it was fun and a rare survivor of the 1990s British kit car scene. Last picture.
  8. Flying the Elite flag amongst the moderns! ... other than the lovely Esprit of course.
  9. I got to the end of the car park and those blasted Lucas headlight motors suddenly decided to cycle up and down independently of each other, so had to keep turning them on and off until they settled down. That combined with a dodgy o/s rear light fitting and you get disco fever!! I really must spend a bit of time on it instead of just buying more projects
  10. First meeting since lockdown in a beautiful New forest setting, lovely to meet everyone again even if we couldn't
  11. I will drag the Chandler's ford shitter along! Probably bring my grandson along to look at some decent Lotus cars
  12. The track rod arms on the Capri rack are a bit shorter than the Lotus ones but you can buy track rod extenders for Ford Escort/Capri quite cheaply on eBay.
  13. So when are we going for a social distancing meeting in a car park..... Wasn't that called dogging pre covid?
  14. The hole should go to a rubber tube down to the crank case breather hole
  15. The guy is selling the doors on eBay at the moment.
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