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  1. Happy birthday guys😘 Fire extinguisher on standby for the cake!
  2. Sorry I cut out early, I will try and get it up on the laptop next time!
  3. Locked myself in the spare foom with Doombar and wotsits! I may just stay here until next week!
  4. wednesday! It's a problem with old age....zooming prematurely!
  5. Well I tried but failed to connect, bugger!
  6. My god! What stunning lines! 🥰....the cars not bad either!
  7. 'Designated survivor'? I will look it up. In fact I was so bored that I wrote an article for Land rover International magazine about the Snatch, they said they will publish it sometime this year.
  8. God I'm bored now! Like a couch potato playing 'World of tanks' on the PS4 every day. .....bored..bored...bored..
  9. We walked around to Hendys Eastleigh yesterday and there are no signs for a Lotus dealership yet. The performance center is around the back and only had the usual suspects on view, Mustangs, AMG, Cooper etc..
  10. I will have a look at Hendys Eastleigh on my next lockdown walk about with Sally!
  11. Hi Guys Flack have deals on at the moment. Use the discount code TryJanuary for further discount (~10%) and they also deliver free locally. Perhaps we can drink ourselves through this! Worked in the past.
  12. Hey Kev, why did you go to Ringwood brewery when you could have gone to Flacks in Romsey? Much better beer and a bit closer!😁 My cupboards are bursting at seams....along with the home brew cider🥴
  13. Brain was rotting well before an old potato in the bottom of the bag, soft and a bit smelly💩
  14. Sorry I was thinking of the Elise Kev! Doh! Realise you are talking tyres now!
  15. I changed my lights to clear lens units, made a world of difference without upgrading the bulbs......yes windscreen still out!
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