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  1. Received this from my wife for my birthday, thought it might bring a smile or two!
  2. Haywards Heath............just don't ask!
  3. Lovely pictures, just missing a four seater
  4. Wedding anniversary today so won't be able to make it
  5. I bought my material on ebay, was a few years ago and can't remember what it was called but here are some pictures.
  6. I used a non foam backed material like a thick felt, it was recommended by a friend who restores VW camper vans. It was easy to fit, could be repositioned if you had air bubbles and also had a bit of stretch to form around curves. Although not original, nobody notices!
  7. As discussed a few meetings back I have been investigating Esprit Éclat and Elite series 2 wing mirrors. I have just cast my first driver's side mirror case, a few surface blemishes but otherwise not too bad, I am going to try it in fibreglass chopped mat next as the carbon version is quite tricky.
  8. Poor Dave... Can you make the next meet? We were talking about the 20th or 27th June at the Wonston arms? Everybody welcome!
  9. I joined the Austin wedge forum and asked if anybody had one available to sell! They are a very friendly bunch and I had a very positive response. The switch has a slightly bigger switch lever and can be used straight out of the box but I took it apart and fitted the lever from my old Lotus one. I don't like to say this but even the Austin Princess doesn't wear out the hazard switch like a Lotus does!
  10. Nice one Alex! I replaced mine with a NOS one from an Austin ambassador/ Princess
  11. I might be interested Pete, they look the same as the S2.2 Elite and Éclat.
  12. Glad you all enjoyed it, I think the only way to beat Tommy will be to make him wear a blindfold......and he'd probably still beat us!
  13. Shame you can't make it Dave Just like a real race you will just have to drive faster to catch up Not really!
  14. Just a quick reminder for the 7th may, I have booked us for open practice sessions which will cost £24 per person.
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