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  1. Just as an aside, I improved my existing back lights by replacing the two single filament brake light bulbs and the two single filament back light bulbs with four dual filament bulbs and holders. I used bulb holders from a Rover 25 I think it was. Really easy upgrade of the back lights with twice the lighting power as they are in different parts of the light lens. Suitable for Esprit's as well.
  2. Ok people, I have just been contacted by Adrian at the Chandlers ford race centre, he has just up-rated his computer system and can now offer us many different Lotus cars to drive and wondered if we wanted to run a TLF championship? Or just another meeting there?
  3. Hi Bernard, Try 'SJ sports cars' or 'Lotusbits' SJ respond to web based orders well and Lotusbits to phone enquires. Good luck Paul
  4. OK, next month it is then. At least I wont have to put up with rain dripping on my trousers from the roof, nobody likes a moist crutch!
  5. Happy either way, the Onyx and I are always ready for an adventure
  6. I can't believe I wrote this four years ago! HAPPY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!
  7. Hi Brian, I have fitted one of these to my Elite, the wire to the coil gives 12v to the coil for starting when you are cranking the starter motor and then it reverts to the 6v ballast wire when running...i think. I will have a look at mine to check. I would get a tester on the coil wires to see what if any voltage you are getting, could be a blown fuse?
  8. I replaced my nylon pulley with an aluminium one that had a ball race bearing. I got it at a boat chandlers, used for wire control cables on a yacht. I found that the nylon one was squashing and then binding when under pressure from the cable. Nice job with your conversion Pete!
  9. I would pull apart all three gearboxes inspect them and use the best parts to build a good one up. Don't forget to count any shims used as they may be different between gearboxes. Output shaft bearing should be a fairly standard size bearing to replace. Good luck!
  10. Yes, but I can skip school to meet up with me ol' muckers! Ohhh I do feel naughty
  11. Great evening at the 'William Walker', thank you for organising Kev. We are not quite sure why Dean is highlighted but we think he may be the messiah! My dessert was a bit suspect but the meal was nice and the company very entertaining!
  12. Maybe the previous owner listened to my recommendation of tin cans and milk bottle tops for bearings!
  13. I have tried these, and they do work but have a limited life if you don't get the oil consistency right, I would recommend something along the lines of molasses or W90/95 and I can confirm the savings involved are enormous! ....but for goodness sakes don't actually start the engine!
  14. The big ends I used are Vauxhall vx4/90 (late model) but they have oil feed holes that are not problem there. Mains I used Land rover series 3, but only 4 of the 5 sets of shells are the right width (not a problem at £15 a set) and slight alterations required. They need a central oil hole drilled in half of them, the locating tang is 1mm too wide so I used a fine file to reduce it and the rear bottom shell needs a notch to allow oil to the rear oil seal. As I say they are on trial and I will see how it goes. ....and now the disclaimer.....Please dont use these and blame me if it all goes bang! Just letting you know what I have done.
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