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  1. I think lagoon blue on the elan is cellulose and lagoon blue on the elite was two pack with clear lacquer over which would account for the difference in shades.
  2. Camshaft oil seals are Nitrile rubber single lip oil seals imperial 1 1/2" X 2 1/4" X 3/8" or metric 38mm X 57mm X 10mm. Easy to find on eBay, I have gone for the imperial size.
  3. Right guys, I have contacted the race centre for the 22nd and they have space but they close at 8pm on a Tuesday. We can do a 75 min session but would have to start at everyone ok with this or do you want to do a different day? I have asked for BTCC cars at Brands, is that right?
  4. Thank you guys, I don't want to make it too easy for Tommy so I have managed to swing an evening gate pass from the guard room for the 22nd. Only after I convinced her they were VR pit girls
  5. Unfortunately I will be away but I can book the race centre for you.
  6. Excellent photos Dan, a picture tells a thousand words.
  7. Lovely to see everyone last night, very nice venue (one to do again?). Talk of the next meeting was around going to 'The race center' at Chandler's ford. Could we have a show of hands as to who is interested, and a date to suit
  8. Just found this photo on the net showing later Esprit cylinder liners, which seem to show the same thinking.
  9. They are the original liners, they have a raised edge down each side which butts up to the adjoining liner when fitted in the no gap at all between the liners themselves. So all I have done is reduce the raised edge in a curve so as not to introduce any stress lines, this should allow a bit of water flow between the liners and reduce any flow dead spots. As you can see on my liners there has been cavitation due to over heating which has eroded the outer surface of the liner a bit. I don't know if it will work but it made sense in my twisted little mind
  10. I have worked on wet liner engines from a number of different manufacturers and all of them have had stepped liners that allow water to flow all the way around the cylinder. Now I know that the 907 was an an early wet liner engine but it seems a bit of a design flaw to butt the liners together, so I thought a little modification was in order. It's only a small thing but a gentle grinding of the liner sides to let a bit of water flow around might help the poor thing keep cool. I don't know if it will work but it's worth a try!
  11. Burlen may be making a new batch but watch out for the price!
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