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  1. 7:30 Tuesday 18th at the Cromwell arms or Mayfly?
  2. Ref the cam belt tensioner bearing, not sure if this would interest you but I used a Ford focus cam belt tensioner bearing with plastic belt wheel. I had to disassemble the ford (cutting required) unit to get to the belt wheel with bearing and then slightly turn down the two ends of the Lotus bearing carrier to fit the centre boss of the Ford bearing. Result is a much better bearing set up and the ability to replace it in the future for peanut's!
  3. Do you know what year XJ6 they were from as there seems to be a few different shapes? My S2 ones had rotted away!
  4. Was it this hose : ref TFE6C? What length did you order? I need to do mine!
  5. Unfortunately I can't make tonight either. I have the Grandkids staying and have been advised by my personal assistant that it would be unwise to attend due to a life threatening situation involving a large soup ladle.😂
  6. Be careful that the cam belt hasn't slipped and you are pressing the pistons against the valves! It might be worth taking the cam belt off ( you will need a new belt if it has been left standing) and checking the cams move, look down the spark plug holes and see where the pistons of the stroke could mean contact with the valves.
  7. It's definitely worth doing the whole thing to refurbish the pump....but.... I think the seal is a period British Ford part, Anglia, Consul or Popular I think?
  8. 'Is it the car has been trimmed without the glass , you surly don’t bond glass to material !!!' .....mine was trimmed and then the glass put in as the material was embedded in the bonding material, leading to poorly bonded glass!
  9. I think the problem here may be that you are lining up the words 'IN' and ''EX' in stead of the actual timing marks which are small dimples punched in the edge of the sprocket.
  10. Yes Phenolic evening had by all... really nice to have a chat about nothing in particular and drink beer... lovely😁
  11. Anyone fancy a pint at the 'Cart and Horses' at Kings Worthy Winchester next week?
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