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  1. Yes, the three cups Looking forward to seeing what's in the three cups tonight!
  2. Thanks Kev, I knew I'd get a sensible answer from you!
  3. I will investigate the side windows. I cut the glue off the windscreen and laid it back in the car, it fits flat down the 'A' posts but curves up by 1cm in the centre of the car. Are they all this shape or is this one of the infamous badly made ones?
  4. I finally got fed up with rain water dripping on my lap and set about investigating the cause. After taking the windscreen side trims off, I found the problem.....the whole windscreen had come loose and just lifted off!!
  5. I found a Jensen Interceptor one that fitted, but it's probably best just to buy a second hand Lotus one.
  6. The diff is a shortened Ford Capri one I believe and there are rear disc conversions for Escort's and Capri's so it should be possible. I thought about it myself but there are always so many other maintenance problems that take priority!
  7. Great picture Tony! Here's my old Lancia Flavia in the snow
  8. What do you think guys, mid life crisis or what? Particularly practical in the south
  9. Either is fine, I'll bring the tank along next time!
  10. Interesting to see the different configurations... different exhaust manifolds and sump positions.
  11. Do you mean GILFest 2021 as hosted by Dave or the next meeting?
  12. Very nice evening, good to have a few beers with friends before lock down happens!
  13. If only I still had the Onyx firecat!
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