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  1. Hi can you tell me routing of your air intake hose to air box,also what does the cam belt cover look like,I had used the cooling fan cowel from s1 for air hose but it did not fit very well rubbed on water pump,cam belt cover was not present on purchase, any photo of engine bay would be great,the wolf race wheels look mean (nice) ,thanks el torro 

    1. pbharcourt



      My cambelt cover is not the original as it had been removed, the cover I have is close to the original but has different fixing holes so may be an excel one.

      The intake hose is fixed to the front air deflector panel to keep it away from the water pump but it is still very close and can rub if the panel isn't fixed properly.

      I think the wolfrace look cool too! :lol:IMAG1260.jpgIMAG1262.jpg


    2. el-torro


      Thanks for info,I notice on my excel SE it seems to have a different intake manifold because of all the vacuum pipes so cam cover brackets no good for elite ,also air hose is routed over top of radiator so must be other size of radiator / modified front nose section?,anyway I will just put cowel back on ,ta John 

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