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  1. Excellent article! Well done Michael for posting this up!
  2. Don't forget the sticker in the engine bay that says to only check the oil level 2 - 3 minutes after turning the engine off and only at working temp. If you check it cold it will show too high as the oil drains down to the sump quite quickly in the 907.
  3. I had a similar problem and it was one of the springs that hold the brake shoes together had snapped, this allows the drum to move happily in one direction but the shoe catches in the drum in other direction.
  4. I have one one my Elite, there are no manufacturers marks on it at all, in fact its a bit crappy probably Lucas 😂
  5. The flexplate flywheel is pretty light as well, only 6.5kg.
  6. Yes I saw that but then add VAT and in total for one it comes to £32 Anyhooo .. I ended up roughly carving one out of old flat mica circuit board and even without the pivot points it actually works!! I have a working Hazard light switch, which of course means that most of my electrics are working again as they route through the switch.
  7. Looking at mine the silver one should be the flasher relay. The white one you have is different to mine but is possibly the intermittent wiper relay. I have written on each of my relays in indelible pen or tipex what they are for future reference.
  8. I went to order a couple of 3D printed parts but was surprised at the price. £13 each plus £40 postage from the US...sort of defeats the point of a 3D file that you can print anywhere in the world?
  9. The flasher relay is in the drivers side footwell Had a similar problem with mine of many problems I have had with the Lucas motors! Every time I threaten them with MX5 motors they start behaving again😂
  10. I can make Thursday 16th June, any good? Might be able to drag the Elite out of it's electrical malaise and bring it along.🫣
  11. I have ordered the Land rover one as a stopgap, and I would be interested in a link to the 3d printed part! I was going to try and make the part out of mica board....not sure if that would work though.
  12. Has anyone come up with an alternative hazard warning switch for the S2 (TR7/Ambassador) switch? My second NOS switch has broken, and it wasn't cheap!
  13. The 912 is basically a linear development of the 907, so with the right bits it is possible to upgrade the 907. Have a look at Lotusbits web site as they did have an article listing the upgrades available just using genuine Lotus parts from later models. The main parts are : a long stroke crank, shorter pistons, cams with different timing and different ignition timing. It's also possible to fit the later HC head to a 907.
  14. Oh crap! Missed it again, I have a valid excuse this time though... promise! I have temporarily un-retired , the fire service is so short of proper driver's that they have asked me back for the summer (scraping the proverbial barrel) and I was on a night shift. Would love to come to the next one if you'll still have me😘
  15. Sorry but I can't do Monday's, hope you have a nice time🍻
  16. Give me da beeer! Lighter evenings but haven't looked at the elite for a while. I have been working on daughter number 2's first car, it's an early BMW Mini considered a classic!🤔
  17. I might be interested, I have an S2 that I have removed the power steering from that is now riding too high.
  18. Excellent job! Well done that man👍
  19. My Elite used to overheat if stuck in a queue or running fast for any length of time. I tried everything but to no avail and finally pulled the head off, the block was half full of rust and sludge! After cleaning out it has never overheated again.
  20. Not sure if anyone is interested but I have stripped a pair of S2 mirrors down to their component parts and had the plastic parts CAD drawn. I now have prices for each individual part of the mirror including the metal base if anybody would like me to have a part printed? Unfortunately they are not as cheap as I was hoping but it's a start! The parts that generally break are the inner support or the outer casing which are glued together and these come out at £50 for each part, let me know if there's any interest.
  21. Hi David, Just replied to your message, the glass is free if you want to pick it up👍
  22. I have a spare drivers window for whoever buys it😁
  23. There are a number of different pumps that were fitted to the engine as it was developed and also dependent on the accessories fitted. You may need to fiddle about with hoses etc to fit but it should work.
  24. I think it was this one... I cut the end cap off the tensioner gubbins and removed it to leave just the sealed bearing and the outer plastic roller. I had the Lotus semi auto tensioner which comes in two parts and clamps the bearing, so turned down the boss either side to the same diameter as the Ford bearing but only enough to allow the bearing centre to clamp the smaller width. That way I can still fit the Lotus bearing if I win the lottery! 😂 Please be aware I am just letting you know what I did to mine and obviously can not recommend anyone else does it as I don't want to be responsible for anybody ruining their engine!
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