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  1. Thanks all, that’s helped a lot. The light surround is actually depicted in the parts manual - not sure how I missed that one.
  2. Thanks, good detective skills. Nothing stamped on the other side of the plate. My first thought on the chrome bit was ashtray and cigarette lighter bezel. But perhaps sidelight, as you say. Anyway, it’s now been relegated to a sub-prime shelf.
  3. So, after 15 years of keeping it under wraps, I’m going to get MNG (my ‘74 Elite) on the road. I’ll probably start a thread in the restoration section. However, while going through all the boxes of bits, I’ve come across some parts that I can’t identify. Does anyone recognise what they are? It’s been a long time - they may not even be Elite parts. ( I know one is a seat belt - but it wasn’t fitted to the car. Is it European spec? It matches the picture in the parts manual but that seems to refer to Fed spec. Are Euro and Fed parts the same?) Thanks muchly, Justin
  4. I drove an IPS this week. They must have listened to the comments because Manual mode is now permanent in Sport mode (as of TCU software upgrade C, apparently).
  5. (... but don't stay there; this forum is better)
  6. I found it. It's on a Yahoo group called "Lotus4Seaters". There car currently 99 cars listed from around the world (Elites, Eclats, Excels). Justin
  7. Hi, (Post #1 for Newbie). I recall that there was an online register of Elites (including Excels??) on a Forum a few years ago. I think it may have been a Yahoo group. Or perhaps LotusExcelForum. Can find it now though. Justin
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