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  1. Can anyone tell me what the master cylinder is of from a pre 85 turbo its a lucas one i have fitted need a new one
  2. Hi can anyone help i need a new air con pipe the long one that runs from pup to matrix tried a few aircon people round my wy thet say no go because of the size of the pipe on the thred on the unions
  3. Got these on my turbo2 285/45/15 yokos not cheap
  4. My heater fan stopped and aircon stopped at the same time have checked the fuses and replaced one but they still dont work any ideas?
  5. Had a look at the pictures Bigsi put up and noticed my diaphram was the wrong side off the spacer.Ihave now moved the diaphram and now get 6.5psi great.
  6. Well wastegate all done,but now i only get 5psi boost,wastegate has 7psi stamped on it do you think i need a new spring?
  7. Got my new diaphragm today going to tackle it this weekend.
  8. It blew two off the rubber o rings out of the manifold.Can you take the wastgate off the manifold or dose the hole lot have to come off?
  9. Driving my esprit today and noticed the boost pressure was double that of normal.Do you think my wastegate has stuck open?What do i do next?
  10. Hi i have a front bumper that i dont need came off a 98 v8,top half,lower half,bottom spoiler has two small cracks which can be fixed or left the new one cost
  11. Thanks Ajay i will take the barrel out and have a look.My ignition key fits in the barrel but wont turn should it be this key thats works the lock?
  12. Looks like i will have to buy a new lock with key.I have 3 keys with my car and looks like one missing.
  13. Dose anyone have a charge cooler for sale?Iwould like to fit one to my s3 turbo.
  14. I have no key for the boot/engine cover.Should one of the other keys lock this?
  15. Great day,nice people,great fun, thanks keir
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