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    Rimmel London

    Mind the gap....She's be better off spending her money at an orthodontist than wasting it on mascara
  2. Trouble with teacher bashers is invariably they've never been teachers. Everyone thinks that because they went to school they're some sort of expert. They see a teacher, or teachers from 9am to 3pm and think that's all the job involves. Or maybe they watch "Teachers" and see the staff pull into the carpark just as the bell goes and then head straight for the pub at 3. What bollocks. My career path has involved the motor trade, Then 14 years high school teaching, then 18 years in local government. Can honestly say that teaching, while professionally rewarding, was by far the hardest job of all. Long hours preparing and marking, huge amount of stress, underpaid in comparison to my colleagues in other professions. And always, always fair game for any government, whatever political hue, when budgetary belts needed to be tightened. Along with nurses, police and other "giving" professions, taking industrial action to improve conditions was and is always portrayed as "irresponsible", even though, for teachers, the disputes are not just about salaries, they're about resources, class sizes and conditions not only for teachers but for your kids. Hope that might provide some balance from someone who's been on both sides. Oops shouldn't have said I'm in Local Government....I mean, you all pay rates......*(sigh)*
  3. go to 7.40 Don't get me wrong, I love him too...great great songwriter. But human like the rest of us.
  4. Try Ralph Moore. If he hasn;t got it he will get it
  5. Now THAT made me laugh out loud. For the record I don't own any Beatles albums either. Never a big fan. But I'll stand by what I said and have read interviews with Peter Gifford and Bruce Thomas, no slouches, who cite Monsieur McCartney as a major influence on bass players the world over. aaaah viva la difference!
  6. *sigh* ........two words.....Abbey Road two more.....Rubber Soul
  7. Not so ARE chatting to a bass player. But others infinitely more mighty than myself in the bass world have concurred..... I should add that I'm not a particular fan of his silly love songs....But OH the technique! "What then?" To quote from Lost In Austen....."You would be none the wiser, but you WOULD be better informed!"
  8. But in defence of the man.... He re-wrote the book on rock and roll bass playing. Ask any bass player
  9. When I'm doing Toyotas (and boy are those pulley nuts tight!) I use a tap wrench (monkey wrench) on the pulley rim and let it turn until it jams against something solid But haven't used this method on a Lotus...anyway would suggest it be used only if necessary and with extreme caution. You may find a steering wheel puller useful for getting the pulley off the shaft once the nut's off Robert
  10. Hi yes it included GST @10% but the car was over 30 years old so import duty-free. Sorry, you'll get stung for that too, 15% as I recall I recently bought a Lotus elan from USA. The car cost $A12,500. By the time it was in my driveway I was $19,500 out of pocket. So that's around $7,000 door to door. That was without duty (exempt) The tow truck driver said "jeez mate, when it's all done up it MUST be worth $100,000".....I wish!
  11. I've imported two cars from UK using Autoshippers, one RO/Ro and one in a container. Autoshippers are good operaters, very communicative, unlike some that you have to keep extracting information from and what they tell you changes daily and depending on who answers your email. The RO/RO I cleared myself, because it landed in Darling Harbour, just near my work Yes it was back in 2004). But as they say above, it was not for the fainthearted. Money was flying in many directions and there's a lot that has to happen in a particular order, and in a short space of time. Second one came in a container, and landed at Botany. I used the agent below (Cargo Online) Container clearance is more complex because they charge you to open it, to look in it, to empty it, and there's AQIS pre and post inspections, steam cleaning, vacuuming. It goes on and on! These days most Sydney imports land at Port Kembla, apparently it's cheaper for the shippers than Botany. Having done it both ways, I really do suggest getting an agent to do this. When I look at their invoices (it came in a shade over $3,000), the agent didn't actually charge a lot, they juat passed on all the Government and Port charges. If you do it yourself you'll have to pay those anyway. And an additional trap is that if there's a glitch (eg in your case a delay in getting that A/C gas out or something), they charge storage, around $80 a day The company I used for my second autoshippers clearance was these guys: Steve White Cargo Online Pty Ltd [email protected] Skype ID keelhaul237 Phone 0416 182399 (Int'l 61 416 182399) Office 02 9949 2999 Fax 02 9948 0250 They quoted $198 transport from Port K, to Sydney which i thought was pretty reasonable I wish I'd used them for my third and most recent import, instead of the clowns I used this time, who shall remain nameless.
  12. Just check that Galston Gorge is re-opened, I understand it has been closed for an extended period for repairs? I can't make it, but have a great drive, I look forward to pics and a video???? That Gorge is great fun Robert
  13. What about the woman at the end of this clip? I find myself doing this often (the gesture, that is)
  14. An engineer without peer. And always generous with his time, advice and knowledge. The Lotus world is poorer for his passing. I will think of Owen every time I turn the key on the superb motor he built me Robert
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