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  1. hi yours same as mine, an intank unit?...
  2. the S4S is an ''Inside-Tank'' unit ?...
  3. I s the rust a manufacturer fault? Fuel is fresh and clean....The pickup fuel filter screen is part of the new fuel pump assembly...dont know fuel pressure but when new unit was installed, engine started immediately and restarted a couple of times over a period of a couple of weeks and run for about 1/2 hour each time, however after about the 4th week, no good!!??...resistance reading across terminals showed about 5 ohms (instead of the usual 100 approx), which altered if you shoock the unit, so obviously either fuel entered motor or bits inside had deteriorated?...this sequence has happened
  4. hello, has anyone had fuel pump problems?...have had one new assembley fitted, and then 2 replacement units (last one lasted 4 weeks before packing up !!)...Lotus Engineering is trying to tell me its caused by leaded fuel blocking up pipes, if car is not used constantly??? if you park car in car park and go on holiday for a few weeks, expect to have to replace the fuel pump??? RUBBISH !!!!!!.... Also, does anyone know who supplies/manufactures the actual; electric motor to the assembley??... thanks, paul
  5. sorry, its Paula and Marcus... anyway have written to Lotus CEO about the poor quality control of parts supplied, 6 weeks ago also had to exchange a defective new fuel pump...wrongly wired up at manufacture, engine speed sensor, hope the new timing belt is ok??....
  6. hi Paul & Marcus...all problems solved...see my earlier information News....thanks, paul
  7. so right Jens, would have to be a fortune teller !!!!!!!!!!
  8. well guys...GOOD NEWS...had an email from Lotus Technical Dept this morning '' Try reversing the two cables on the engine speed sensor'' (had a new one fitted 12 months ago) and had this problem allied to a couple of other items, since advised a manufacturing fault had occurred but Lotus did not do a recall or advise buyers!!!!! say i'm pissed off with the factory is putting it very mildly !!!!!!...i'm livid....but happy that engine revs to over 5500 with no difficulty !!!!...thanks all,,,
  9. hi fuel pump fitted recently...
  10. can eliminate fuel filter, as fitted new one, same result.... can anyone provide scenario, if say the timing belt had come out of synch, could you get this effect??...spark advance looks to be operating normally....
  11. thanks, fmxa, maybe the warm/ dry California air would help??...
  12. hi Paul, the freescan software showed following fault...have some relays on order from Lotus, should be here on tuesday, but will also get a fuel filter... have attached the reading....
  13. no, didn't change that?...might be an idea...the engine does feel better as temperature increases...
  14. no chip seems strange to break down so specifically?..after its warmer, might get to 2300 but she's struggling and inevitably falls back to below 2000...
  15. I did run the engine at night, hoping to see some sparks across leads but it was clear...
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