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  1. nice car...but alram bells start ringing reading this: "The mileage of just 43,000 is believed correct however due to the lack of more recent history we are unable to warrant it. " if you cannot warrant it...leave it with such "statements"....or with other words: the car has a far higher mielage.... dispite this: the chassis is far beyond its lieftime, even with a fresh mot it mght be shot (i´m sure the rear crossmember is)
  2. Elite7

    Not quite ebay also LHD, but in much better condition, cheaper price,,,so no reason to buy this wreck in denmark
  4. Elite7

    Not quite ebay

    LHD cars of that model will fetch a quite high price....but a car who´s enginebay is violett and its outside is red...what a botch of paintjob.....i would rate this car 5k
  5. there is a nice S2 advertized at near gold-leaf paintwork....
  6. my expirience with waxoyled cars: the waxoyl nicely covers all the defects and blemishes...if you start removing it the desaster becomes visible. the condition of the rear crossmember area cannot be checked from underneath, as it rusts from the top. even a freshly mot-ed car might suffer from the typcal crossmember -rot i have seen several cars which looked "still ok" (not fine) and when the body was lifted it became visible that next to nothing was left from the top of the x-member. and the most worst, which branded in my mind, was a 1 owner car, with 35.000
  7. who cares about active suspension: the car is rotten and needs a complete this state its better to dismantle it for parts. to bring this car back to its former glory you need to spent thousdans of pound...and finally end with a car which won´t habe much more value than any other excel in good nick. if it would be a porsche or mercedes, the story would be different...but as its "only" a lotus-excel...forget it.
  8. the old dealer trick when the paintwork is dull: empty a bucket of water over the car. cheapish (& old) tyres, waistband trim partially replaced with wrong one, possibly still on first (rusty crossmember) chassis. very overpriced.
  9. thats a comon problem on the market of low-value classic cars: its always cheaper buying a good car than restoring one to the same condition.
  10. galvanized chassis, 2.2l engiine upgrade....expensive...but better than 7k unrestored cars
  11. look...a sunroof can be done / installed, so that it suits the car´s lines... but it can be also done that it destroys the shape /look of the car. e.g.: a flush mounted sunroof might look like factory fitted, or at least it gives the impression that somebody has choosen a quality product. in that (and unforutnatly in most cases) with sunroof-ed elite/eclat/excel, it has been done with a cheapish roof from halfords or tesco, which sticks out the roof-line, where spares arent available anymore and it already migh have started leaking, also most likey the "real" reason beh
  12. asking 6k but not able to repair speedo...very poor. also for 6k a sunroof is a no-go!!! repair it, or reduce the price to 2.5k
  13. sunroof car--> no value!!! unrestored-no chassis pics = rear crossmember most likey shot
  14. 7000 buy now with a sunroof?? lol unrestored, no chassis pics = rear crossmember shot!!
  15. should i laugh? i recently purchased a first owner Excel SA LHD (german car) in clean and tidy condition for 4500,-€
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