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  1. Is our 1974 Elite on the register? And can I see the list somewhere?
  2. The vacuum actuators are from a 1966 Plymouth Fury, the heater control valve is a off the shelf part and available for 25 bucks, just cant find the number right now. I would not be surprised if the evap core is something similar standard.
  3. The heater valve in the hoses is vacuum actuated from a valve block on the heater controls. There are also vacuum/thermo elements involved. The actuators are from a 1966 Plymouth Fury A/C.
  4. One is feed, one is return, and the small one is for the regulator.
  5. Great pics! My wife and I did a similar trip in 2009 with our 1997 Elise. Germany, Switzerland, from Italy toFrance down the coast to St.Tropez. And then back through the Alps, hitting every pass within reach. What an unforgettable trip! Would be fun in our Elite, too, but she's on the wrong continent for that :-)
  6. the pink wrapped wire is a resistor wire, and it likes to break right at the connector. It is for lowering the voltage to the coil after initial starting. On cranking the coil get full 12V, when releasing the key it switches to the resistor wire. If you switch out the coil for a modern 12V one, you can lose the wire, but you have to feed power to the coil from a different circuit.
  7. Paul, thanks for your kind words! The tie rod ends go in only one way, cause they are tapered. Maybe I assmbled the steering arms the wrong way? Or you did? I will check the manual, as soon as I am home again from vacation!
  8. Cosed foam is better than that fiber stuff, It holds moisture.
  9. Personally, I would (and do) always go for the earliest version. It is the purest and prettiest. All technical things can be fixed, but you cannot replace rarity. They made 42 American spec S1...
  10. Calipers are early Jag XJ, if I remember correctly. 3 piston design. I hve no info on the drums, I turned mine out and relined the shoes
  11. The S2 cooling system should not overheat, even stock. We have really hot summers here (+35 deg C) and my unrestored car never overheats! De calcify the radiator and make sure there is no air trapped in the system (bleed screw on top of the radiator).
  12. I have Drive On and his F1 book. His in depth analysis may for some be a little tough to read, but I love it!
  13. Hi And welcomew! I really like the Enkeis!
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