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  1. To be honest, it was a relatively straightforward job, I was taking my time and cleaning everything while in there (plus drinking). The removal of all the rusty remnants was the annoying bit. Once everything is clean, it's an easy job just putting it all back. I borrowed a rivet gun, all the other tools I had already. You need to keep an eye on the spacers used on the A Panels to make sure they go back with out having to fiddle around with gaps etc.
  2. That's good to hear Justin and means there's a decent alternative upgrade/option. Would love to check it out one day, a back to back comparison to my original would be interesting.
  3. To be honest after 11 years I'm bored of repeating myself, so can't imagine what others think 😄 Maybe I should just copy and paste old posts 😂 The Mansory gear knob was never introduced, it wasn't legislated or tested. The aluminium one was introduced on the Sport Racer not MY12, then standardised later on. The headlamps have always been Bi-Xenon (from 2009 to 2021) so don't know where that misinformation came from (cheekily they were a cost option). They changed from being gloss black to satin black mid 2010 for quality reasons and they lost the "Lotus" script when the car was
  4. It's a warning "bing" for a pre determined warning triangle road sign. Such as twisty road ahead etc. Just have a glance at the screen when you notice it and you'll see the sign pop up as well. You can switch off, under warnings in the menu Same with the cones when you're parking etc. Elements can be switched on and off.
  5. Here's mine, how I specified it. I preferred the non premium interior of the earlier cars, there's a nice mix of materials.. Everything is interchangeable if you want to reupholster. Including the armrest.
  6. Justin, out of interest do you know what B&C are replacing? You mention the flywheel in your first post, but not this one. If I were dropping the box I'd want to fit the lighter flywheel so it were more free revving (has always irked me that the rev drops are quite slow). Obviously this can have it's own issues, one being how the ECU copes with this change as I mentioned. Arguably the fact your original one lasted 11 years and 68k miles says maybe it's safer to replace like with like? Especially if you're potentially not fitting the 400 flywheel with the new clutch plate and cove
  7. There's quite a bit of misinformation here, which I think is where people get wrong opinions. I know that many early cars have NOT had MY12 cables fitted. As it is a big job. I can guarantee that many claim that but more likely they have had their current set up adjusted. Not all early clutches were heavy and not many have been changed. I believe the poll on this forum even proved that out. I'm interested in how you get on with the 400 clutch and flywheel as I don't know of anyone having that fitted to an N/A. I know concerns were raised to me around how the drop in revs etc wou
  8. Essentially you've miss read then, or not searched thoroughly enough The close ratio box has always been an option from launch although a lot of launch editions were not specified with it. It's not a "preferred" choice as you state simply a choice based on how you use the car. Bear in mind that gears 1 & 2 are exactly the same on both boxes and take the car to approx. 70mph. Therfore there are no differences in 0-60 times and the redline is the same (7200rpm in sport mode) If anything the preferred choice would be the auto's ratios. As for the linkages. There have been a nu
  9. Yep, all Evora Steering wheels are interchangable throughout the years without modification. The coloured finisher panel can also be swapped over. The aluminium and the black are essentially the same part just different colour.
  10. I've never heard of this issue before. Watching that video though I'm going to has at a guess that it was the front manifold cat that gave up the ghost simply based on the aftermarket vent ducting he has fitted to the manifold heatshield. There is a reason the OEM part is routed as it is; to vent heat from the manifold. His literally goes up (blocking rear visibility) then back down again. Even my kids understand the concept of heat management. There are a lot of armchair engineers out there, who think they know better, but basics like this plus abiding by tolerances set by the OEM shoul
  11. I believe you are reading the comment wrong. Unfortunately I believe the majority of readers will also then read it wrong and to be honest it is a poor piece either way and has no clarity in what they are trying to get across. The statement is regarding "road noise" , not engine and/or exhaust noise.
  12. I managed to get a carbon engine cover and front access panel which along with the Mansory Carbon rear spoiler saves ~5kg. Also as said, easy to swap for the standard bits as and when. Trying to currently get the windscreen replaced, but as others may have already had the (dis)pleasure of arranging I'm currently awaiting a 3rd visit to try and get it done. The amount of advice I've given to try and help them seems to have fallen on deaf ears or just not passed on to relevant people. Fingers crossed for "3rd times a charm". I'm glad my MOT has been extended for 6 months, at this rate they
  13. They do have a weight cap, yep. Fortunately the Evora N/A (2+2) is actually lighter than the Evora 410 Sport (2+0) that they were designed for, so all good. 😏 Plus the likely hood of me having 4 up with luggage and being unlucky enough to hit a kerb at 50mph is pretty low. 😂 Funnily enough after checking this potential issue the biggest concern I had was caliper clearance with them. Which might sound odd, but because the original Discs and Calipers are slightly smaller they are inset which may have led to a tolerance issue on the inner radius of the spokes. They are tight but within
  14. I'm not sure, I think they're "Mars" gold with diamond cut face. So chuffed with them. Actually bought them a couple of years ago but couldn't justify putting them on until I needed tyres. I'm also delighted that the ride/comfort levels haven't altered at all, going larger. Next thing is whether I put the red calipers on that I have 🤔 All the current changes I've made are reversible given an hour or so, which means if I do concours events or magazine stuff etc it can be original again pretty simply. Calipers swap is a bigger job! 😂 Plus with these wheels it might look a
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