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  1. JAWS

    Peoples’ reaction to your Evora

    I suggest that he pays more attention when visiting the factory and/or listens harder then. 👍 Evora 410 2+2 with standard "400 option" Forged wheels.
  2. JAWS

    Peoples’ reaction to your Evora

    Your dealer is incorrect or you misheard. The cast wheel isn't an option on the 410. The standard wheel for a 410 2+2 is the Forged wheel that was previously an option on the 400. The upgradeable option is then the GT430 Forged wheel (albeit with the 235/285 width tyres). It is the lightweight Forged wheel that is standard on the 410 2+0 which is not certified with the 2+2 variant. This is probably where you or your dealer have got confused.
  3. Sounds like you need a new temperature sensor. I had a similar issue and replaced mine with this.. It's an easy enough job to replace yourself.
  4. JAWS

    Evora Picture & Video Thread

  5. @pete757 The Evora sills have PPF as standard from the factory. The other areas shown in the diagram that have PPF, are standard for some hot climate versions (GCC, Federal etc) but only an option for cold climate cars (Europe etc). The sills are always painted; black pack used to be Phantom (gloss) black but are now painted in Senosoft (matt) black which is harder wearing, they are then PPF'd.
  6. JAWS

    Over 8 years in...

    I'll pencil you in for next year's trip then @andyj007 I've already started booking up hotels for a number of trips next year, so I'll drop you some details. It looks like the Evora will be put away for the winter now and once again it's been a relatively cheap running experience this year. Apart from the wheel refurb and Geo (self inflicted) the only unforeseen cost was a failure of the passenger window regulator fortunately a mate was able to throw a new one on in 40 mins in exchange for some beer tokens so can't really complain. I think the only other car that was as inexpensive to run was my Elise
  7. JAWS

    Over 8 years in...

    @andyj007 I forgot to respond to you in regard to the Geo. I managed to fit in a full geometry session before my Spa/Nurburgring trip. I also had to fit in an unplanned wheel refurb as I stupidly went too tight in a fast corner and managed to kerb both front and rear near side wheels. I definitely wanted a geo done after that incident. Here is the read out and I'm very pleased with the subtle improvements.... The Evora had a great work out heading over the roads between Spa and Nurburgring and can highly recommend the Spa Classic 6hrs which I go to most years with mates and the Nurburgring never fails to disappoint... And because the weather has been so good this year we've managed to fit in a lot of Sunday morning runs which has been great. Although I should have spent some time perfecting the Smart Roadster Brabus but instead have just enjoyed driving (and taking photos)....
  8. The 400 silencer will fit your S and certainly sound better than the 2bular, but will need a little work. You can go the full hog and change the downpipe and mid section plus silencer and it will fit. From memory there may be some fettling to the subframe required. A simpler option would be to widen/adapt your existing decat/midpipe so that you're flaring it to meet the 3"opening of the 400 Silencer. All the hangers and valve connectors etc should match your existing set up.
  9. JAWS

    Over 8 years in...

    I can send you the final version of the route we took in Scotland (or post on here) as I did make a few changes after posting originally. As for Geo, I haven't changed it since it left the factory 8 years ago. I get exceptionally even tyre wear and it handles sublimely, so why change it?However I may put it on the Hunter next week to verify the settings as I'm owed a favour. Another trip to go this year in September to watch the Six Hours Of Spa and the GT series at the Nurburgringürburgring Lots of planning and organising (spreadsheets!) to do and hopefully have a great time. I would be interested to know if any other TLFers are going.
  10. JAWS

    Over 8 years in...

  11. JAWS

    Over 8 years in...

    Managed to fit in an 8hr, wheels off detailing session which got the Evora back to its best after the Scotland trip. Also gave it an oil and filter change. I've moved to changing the Pollen filter annually as it seems to get filthy over that period and it's really easy to change. Refreshingly Lotus seem to charge less than JCB for the Pollen filter which is great. (Unless anyone has found an even cheaper place to source it?) Just out of curiosity I actually weighed the Evora (with half a tank), here is the result... Tyres - I have done over 4k miles on the Michelin PS4s. At this point with the Pirellis I'd be browsing for replacements but the Michelin have ~5mm left so on top of being a better tyre they do seem to have better longevity. Giving my support to LotusCupUK I popped to Cadwell last weekend which is an awesome track and I can't believe I've never been there before; I really fancy doing a track day there next year. There was also a Vintage Festival on too which I was pleasantly surprised by, took some photos...
  12. JAWS

    Finally have an Evora!

    Cheers Bibs. @C8RKH I don't disagree that some Evora's are misrepresented as MY12's based on the UK having dated registrations and people's assumptions. However, the VIN never lies and the 10th character of an Evora ViN represents the model year - fact. A - 2010, B - 2011, C - 2012 and so on..
  13. JAWS

    Finally have an Evora!

    Out of interest what MY12 changes do you think we're gradual? As far as I'm aware all the planned changes were made at Model Year. All car companies have to change the VIN in accordance with the model year and and any design change control has to have VIN capture for traceability. Surely any changes after MY12 were mid year refresh, MY13, MY14 etc updates. For example the CDL pin delete, Metal Gear knob and Sill plate deletes were made in those later updates. Its just the MY12 update was by far the biggest number of changes in one hit.
  14. JAWS

    Finally have an Evora!

    Great purchase @Techyd. Looks a nice example. As for the rest of you not knowing your Evoras! Of course it's a MY12, the S IPS wasn't introduced til MY12 and like all car manufacturers the Model Year is introduced during the summer of the previous year - August/September so obviously a '61 plate MY12 is totally normal. Also the red calipers could be a give away but could have been retro fitted like the black pack. The stealth grey cast wheels were the standard fit to an S all through its model life. 19"/20"an option plus the standard style Recaros were fitted through out the model's life if you didn't specify Sport Premium pack.