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  1. Here's a link to the episode: It pains me to say it, but I actually prefer it to the current UK version.
  2. Forgive me if I am wrong but in current guise the Evora has a 5-6 year shelf life (to recoup project costs) and is proposed to sit between the Elise/Exige and the Elan. The new models are due over that 5-6 year period by which time the Evora would be due an engineering and/or styling change. Where's the problem?
  3. JAWS

    Lotus Evora

    Yeah, my sentiments exactly - a veritable bargain in comparison. Plus, I reckon it's the cheapest car of the group to run on a day to day basis (bar the RS?!)
  4. JAWS

    Lotus Evora

    Congratulations Derek on your purchase - Storm Titanium with the Graphite wheels is a cracking choice - I had the dilemma of going for that combo or the one I finally went for; Carbon Grey with Silver. I did have a brief look at EVO in WHSmiths and also noted the costs of the other cars in comparison and that they commented on the "high price" of the Evora as holding it back!! Also, what are these "chassis tweaks"?
  5. Alex, As Bibs has already said there a lot of additional changes to the 'S', most notably to the cooling system with twin oil coolers and the additional pipe work that runs down the bodysides that goes with them. There's also the different clutch plate and flywheel, plus to cope with the extra weight a slight adjustment to the damper setting, bushes and ARB. There's no reason why you couldn't simply buy the aftermarket supercharger with it's auxillary components and ECU update anyway, but I'd be wary of trying to get the power outputs the 'S' is putting out on a standard Evora without there being a detrimental affect on engine/transmission components. Now if you were to use the ECU to limit this maybe you could find a happy medium. Good luck with your plans.
  6. JAWS

    Lotus Evora

    I would echo a lot of what has already been said and add that a there were many changes made to the Evora earlier in 2010 based on feedback from LE and Company car owners. Simple things such as foaming the door panels before leathering them to improve the feel and build quality. Additional brackets to the front and rear bumpers and improved gear linkage etc. Even though these changes were made a while ago they've only just be noted by the Press due to the launch of the 'S'. If you're planning to buy new my personal recommendations would be Sport and Tech Packs (plus camera) are a must, Premium Pack is down to personal preference but I don't think a necessity and I prefer my standard Black Leather and Cloth interior. I also went with the Standard Gearbox and has already been said if I were doing more track days etc the CR Gearbox maybe a better bet. Although the 1st & 2nd gears are the same in both, it's the 3rd that comes into it's own in the CR box, but bear in mind you can do 70mph in 2nd! The standard box does give you slightly better economy, on a recent trip to the Nurburgring I managed to top 40mpg en route to Folkestone, once in Europe it dropped a tad due to some enthusiastic driving. Overall, getting 30-32mpg is pretty normal for me which is bonus. I went for 2+2 and find it very handy as I have an 18month old who is happy in the back. I've also given my sister (who is petit) a lift without compaint, although she had to sit side ways. It's fantastic car to drive, being refined and quiet but still able to get round a corner like my old Elise, the only thing I miss is being able to whip the roof off. As for the biggest challenge that Lotus faces, it's getting people into an Evora to show them how good it is, it doesn't seem enough that it has won pretty much every Motoring award going and had no negative press reviews.
  7. I assume you have the gloss finish then? I believe the change was simply to assist in the production of the headlamp itself. The gloss finish attracts dust, finger prints and other marks which may not be noticed until the unit is sealed by the lense. By then it's a costly rework, especially if it's already on the car! Obviously, the matt finish doesn't suffer from this.
  8. DigSquid, Be aware that ~3months ago Lotus changed the internal plastic housing of the Headlamps, from a gloss to a matt finish - so just make sure you get a matching set when the replacement arrives!
  9. I actually don't mind the Alpine unit and so far haven't had any problems with it. I find it to be a jack of all trades but a master of none. The SatNav has some neat touches, like linking in with TMC to update routing and has been as reliable as my TomTom, just not as good overall. I can't see myself ever using the blackbird out of its dock though, so can't see any advantage to it, bar updating via a PC. The DVD player is very good with good picture quality. CD player is good and sound quality is adequate. The radio and it's reception has been fine, but i live in East Anglia which is pretty flat. Travelling to the Cotswolds and doing Goodwood last week I never noticed any drop in reception, like others have experienced. The bluetooth links in with my phone fine and seems to work well, can't seem to download my phone book though. The reversing camera is really good and comes on quickly when selecting reverse. Haven't used the iPod facility yet, so can't comment. As for usability, I personally find it pretty intuitive but with quite uninspiring graphics. However, I'm 32, my father who's 62 thinks otherwise, doesn't like the touch screen and thinks there should be a knob for the volume rather than silly buttons (have to agree with him on that one, they are small!). I certainly think improvements could be made and I'm sure there is a better Pioneer or Kenwood variant out there (the Gadget Show did a group test once), but overall i'm happy with it.
  10. Just to clarify - Lotus don't claim their aftermarket Sports Exhaust that you refer to, has titanium tips. The Titanium tips that are part of the Sports Pack (production fit) are actually Titanium though, the standard ones being stainless steel.
  11. The ones you linked on camskill were actually P-ZERO ROSSO's - a different tyre. Plus are now £229.
  12. Guys, Trust me, these are the OEM rear tyres (PIRELLI P ZERO 255/35 ZR19 96Y XL M0), there is no unique Lotus variants and or compound - See Pirelli's own website for info:
  13. Joe, Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but you have been ripped off. They are a simple off the shelf Pirelli tyre - PIRELLI P ZERO 255/35 ZR19 96Y XL M0. Trust me, I have double and treble checked otherwise i wouldn't have posted the link. You are more than welcome to speak to Lotus Aftersales to verify this.
  14. Just to add my 10 pence worth, If you want like for like replacements, ie Pirelli P-Zero I found them on mytyres (see link) for £212 and then get your friendly tyre fitter to fit them, mine only charges me £10. (Joe, i did post this link on SELOC but you may have not seen it)
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