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  1. As your wheels are Black they aren't the original finish, so you can't guarantee how well they were refurbished before and what process was used and how they compare to others. Always best to do a test area first on any product used.
  2. @m1980k I randomly came across this... Re. Lotus Press cars; they get run in correctly, checked over constantly, geo'd and serviced meticulously. my previous Elise was a Press/Police Cruise Liaison Car, then was a Lotus track car which I bought with 3.5k miles on. I ran it for 3 years with not one single issue in that time. Hope you're enjoying your Evora.
  3. Glen Etive.... Applecross... Have to say my brakes took an absolute hammering on these roads compared to the Alps, might have to swap to Red calipers (and new pads) sooner than I thought.
  4. So to celebrate some big birthdays and the Evora's 10th anniversary, a trip to Scotland was arranged. Absolutely cracking roads and again we got lucky with the weather.... Spent a long time planning it and gathered a lot of route recommendations from here and other forums. Also, the big surprise of the trip was the runs through the Yorkshire Dales, which like Scotland had a great variety and also little traffic. I thought that I wouldn't enjoy the trip as much as the Alps but actually feel the opposite as there's not the day long motorway slog to get there (and back) like there is to the Alps. Applecross pass and "Scotburgring" are a must if heading to the Highlands, but to be honest there wasn't anything disappointing about any of the roads we travelled on. As usual the Evora performed faultlessly and will be treated with a full detail and service next week.
  5. At a guess I'd say it is due to the fact the rear has a handbrake drum and a steel bell would have a more stable expansion rate than aluminium? It would also need to have a surface that would mate well to the pad of the handbrake that wouldn't be a compromise?
  6. Indeed. Senna's 99t with engine removed... Lots of other F1 & Lotus paraphernalia there too.
  7. Certainly the Lotus/OEM components are interchangeable. Can't say for the HKFever version as it might use slightly different fixings and/or there could be clash conditions due to the bumper profile etc.
  8. Yep, they still use the same bracket (although mudflaps are optional on the 410 On another note, my Evora battery finally gave up the ghost on its 8th birthday. Its the original battery so it had a good innings although annoyingly I was on my way to its MOT! Popped into Lotus Verheist/Oostende accidentally (took a wrong turning) on my travels, which was a pleasant surprise. Really worth taking a look at their collection of Lotus' and Thierry's an absolute gent....
  9. Start here... There is possibly a "how to" guide somewhere, but essentially it's a case of taking the wheel arch liner and 'A' Panel off (keeping track of the spacers for refitting) and then drilling out the remnants of the old bracket. Then putting it all back. You'll need a screwdriver, spanners, a drill, new mudflap bolts and a rivet gun with rivets plus patience (and beer)
  10. @hatters I had a similar thing on my daily driver after an enthusiastic drive through the Pyrenees. Changed the front discs and pads which I thought solved it but soon after the judder came back. I then changed the rear disc and pads which totally eradicated the problem. It might worth doing the same as I swore the problem was from the front. I know that @DanChantler also had a similar experience which was finally resolved by changing the rears on his Evora.
  11. Hey??? That literally has no Sport Racer unique components at all. This thread has become a bit farcical. An Evora Sport Sport Racer is defined by the following: Exterior - "Black Pack" (Roof, sills, mirrors, front lower bumper, rear diffuser and badges painted gloss black) and Gloss Black 19"/20" wheels (18"/19" for Chinese Market) and fog & reverse lamp surrounds with dealer fit Union flag on 'A' Panels Interior - Unique black Suedetex & Leather dash and door trims with Sport Premium Leather Seats in Black or Red. Black brightwork used on N/A as well as S plus the metal gear knob (which later became standard). All with Tech pack plus N/A came with Sports pack as standard. If your Evora didn't have any of these then it isn't a Sports Racer. Even if your V5 somehow states that, it is obviously a clerical error! I'm sure a temp simply copied a pasted a number of them to save time or possibly didn't understand the model. If you look back at the history of the spec, it was originally touted as the "Carbon Concept" by Mansory in 2010, then copied for a couple of cars by Alicia Keys and then Paul/Johnny's Evora in 2011 before becoming a special edition - "Sports Racer" in 2012/13.
  12. JAWS

    HOW rare?!?

    Great choice in cars Funnily enough my Smart Roadster Brabus Finale Edition is rarer than my Evora. I do think the late/SR Evora versions in N/A form are the pinnacle of the Evora range. By far the sweet spot.
  13. Totally coincidentally, when I was staying there with you in 2011 I was driving Del Lardo's Evora! I think that might have been the only time there have been Evoras actually racing (Plus Bibs dressed as Joey from Friends). Great campsite. @Del Lardo nice improvements you've made to DXY, the standard exhaust was always too quiet. Best mod I've made too. Watch out for the toll booths and have a great time.
  14. I have one and I know of a couple of others with one too.. It saves some weight and is well made. You want to buy it?
  15. Welcome, your Evora looks great. Nice to see non-SR MY12 versions and in a rare colour. It's actually called Amethyst Grey, but I like your moniker. 👍
  16. Assuming this is the valve/sensor type.... It'll be the black seal that is compromised, so could be crushed to point of leaking. That's why going tighter may not be the solution. If you have the Evora 400 type TPMS then they have a separate valve and sensor which have a pivot point between the two elements that needs to be able to move to enable it to seal on the rim. Again if that is over tightened the seal and the pivot point are then compromised.
  17. Unfortunately tightening can make it worse. You can try loosening it and then rejigging it before tightening it again to about 5nm. Essentially the reason it's leaking is the TPMS sensor isn't set correctly on the rim so you may need a tyre fitter to drop the bead and resit the sensor.
  18. It can get quite disconcerting and I think I look at the temperature gauge more on "sports cars" than I do on a normal car. The Evora sits about 80 running and it gets to about 100 in hot traffic (about 3/4 up the guage) which is at the point where the fan kicks in. That is why you'd see the guage drop a smidge. I've run in seriously hot traffic around Lake Como/Lugano and considered switching off but have always been told it's better to run to keep it cooler with the fan etc. It's never got past 105 showing on torque app. Once on a trip mate running an Elise queuing in hot Eurotunnel traffic keep switching off which killed his battery meaning he missed his train slot. We think his Battery was on its way out that's why the temperature wasn't keeping stable though.
  19. I didn't mask off any areas, I just controlled the spray away from the caliper and spun the disc to get an even coverage. Any over spray that went on to the disc face comes straight off on application of brakes when driving. (The discs are originally painted silver and first application of brake pad removes the coating the same way) Took a photo..
  20. @Harey I used satin black Simoniz VHT paint on my disc hubs... They still look new 2 years later. I also used it on the inner area of the exhaust tips, as a touch up on the front grilles (spray in the cap and then use cotton buds to touch up), and also to spray the exhaust heat shield ducting that starts to flake and any discolouring of the bulkhead felt material. Eg.
  21. Last weekend at Duxford standing next to my car, an Evora 400 and Exige 380 a chap and his family asked if Lotus still made cars! Bearing in mind to be at a car event (albeit at a Aeroplane bases museum) you'd think they'd have a keen interest in automotive, and the fact I was standing next to new cars, I was surprised. I did set him straight but it seems there's a long way before Lotus is deemed as mainstream (maybe that's a good thing?) He mentioned both Mclaren and Tesla who from a manufacturing point of view are very much fledglings in comparison.
  22. Strange you say that, there was a very tall, camp helicopter pilot there with a supercharged red ForTwo😘
  23. You should have given me a shout yesterday. Although wasn't around that much as I spent some time in the Smart Roadster camp (since you've sold up, they've needed support) as I also took the Brabus. Spoke to the guy who does their forum called Babs (something to do with a dodgy Brabus plate) who used to be part of Blazing Squad; interesting guy. Out of interest did you use your old pads and put them in your new calipers? As like you, my pads are still in rude health, so I'd probably carry on using them when I change.
  24. As Lee said, the fuel system doesn't go near the boot so I'd say if the smell is definitely petrol then possibly someone's spilt it in the boot.
  25. TADTS. I'd I agree that changing the transmission oil is a great thing to do but it won't make any difference to the baulking you experience. It's a diesel Toyota gearbox and doesn't like to be rushed above 6500rpm. It's the same used on each variant of Evora but the S, 400, 410 etc.. use a lighter flywheel which means revs can drop quicker below 6500 rpm meaning in theory less chances of baulking.
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