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  1. Those aluminium Lotus mountain bikes were made by British Eagle weren't they? My cousin had one but it got stolen, he was understandably distraught. I managed to get a couple of Lotus F1 bikes for my kids a while back. However, the ungrateful buggers weren't as impressed with them as i was....
  2. I'd love to say it was planned Jorge and i was playing it cool, but no. I was in a convoy with mates queuing at the toll and preoccupied with chatting to my passenger. I noticed my friend in front move forward so i followed suit not realising i was next to pay. Once i had realised I was half way through a descending barrier so I booted it as not to get a whack; the barrier missed the rear spoiler by millimeters. Btw a lot of alarms go off when this happens!! Annoyingly it was the cheapest toll on the whole route.
  3. Welcome to TLF Paul (albeit nearly 8 years after you joined!) That's a decent Evora you have there. In fact it's my brother in law's old one. He certainly wasn't a sales manager though we just drove it absolutely everywhere. I actually took it on a European jaunt to Le Mans one year and inadvertently drove it under an Autoroute toll barrier. So if you ever take it to France; the authorities may want a word Gave it a good Jimbo detail after though... Enjoy it. (and make sure you get a noisier exhaust)
  4. I'd be surprised if any PPF would be have strong enough adhesive to affect the laquer (unless it was compromised already). However, steer clear of the cheap ebay/non branded stuff. I had a practice with it and it was rubbish to use and was slightly opaque. Ended up with pre cut Ventureshield which profiles ~98% of the lamp, shown here.... Happy to bring some sets along to Lotus events if people are interested, just message me.
  5. Hold on Stuart, you have both the EV Evora's and the AS Esprit?!? WTF, who you sleeping with?
  6. The old lettering is still used on all Elise's and Exige's so unlikely it's been replaced. The chrome lettering is a bought in part as denoted by the 'F' suffix (finished) the black item is a painted version of the chrome and therefore done by the dealer as denoted by the 'S' suffix (service). I assume you just have to inform the dealer of what variant of chrome lettering you want to have painted black, rather than simply going by the part number on Deroure.
  7. Although not to naasaa's standard; a couple of years ago I cleared out my garage to make it more usable. My only reservation now is that I should have chosen more robust flooring where the car sits (and possibly got rid of the pool table)....
  8. Parts numbers for all Evora decals (chrome and black)... Part numbers for all Evora 400 decals (chrome and black)...
  9. I believe it was just a coating change and not a dimensional change.
  10. Silverstone had that up for sale about 18 months ago for £33k (don't know what it actually sold for). Obviously it had less miles and also had the original Anthracite Grey Forged Wheels. It's strange it doesn't have the boot cargo net although it has the Premium Pack. Looking at the prices increasing in the UK for Elises and Exiges over the last few months I'm not surprised to see Evoras being dragged up to. Especially as very few new ones are entering the UK market as they are heading abroad due to the favourable exchange rate etc. I feel they hit their low price point about 6 months ago.
  11. What a saddo, who would do this?!? Photos please. I got fed up with watering cans so use a Water Butt pump that connects to a hose so can also be linked to a pressure washer. Similar to this...
  12. That's Tony Fernandes old "Naomi for Haiti" Evora. Don't think he actually ever drove it/took ownership after the "Team Lotus" debacle.
  13. I like your thinking. However, the Evora's CO2 was re categorised during 2010 so I wouldn't use it to determine whether it has a CR box or not. Good luck with your search.
  14. Saturday 5th 1. 2. ... Sunday 6th 1. CocoPops - Evora 400 Hethel Edition 2. Eeyoreish - 1990 Esprit N/A 3. Choppa - Esprit S3 N/A 4. ChrisJ - 82 Turbo Esprit or 89 Excel (if with the family) 5. Neal H - Evora 400 6. Jimbo - Evora 7. Rupert - Elise SC
  15. Martyn - Esprit SE Chris (Esprit22) - Esprit Turbo ChrisJ - Excel SE or Turbo Esprit - hopefully not both like last year Chipp-M100S2 Nr2k - s1 elise Owen - Esprit GT3 Phil Flash - probably M100 could be Elan+2 Dan E - Turbo Esprit Markw996 - S4 Esprit Loose Cannon - EspritGT3 Mark Hur - Elise S1 Steve A - M100 Bibs - Elise S1 111s Choppa - Esprit S3 Neal H - Evora 400 Sparky - Esprit GT3 Pete - Esprit Turbo Neil P - Exige S Paul F - The Mighty Esprit V8 StuartM - Something Lotus Dave N Elise 111R Dave - Elise S Cup Baz - Elise 250 Cup Steve S3 - Elan+2 or Excel Steve1 (Evora or M100) or both Paul M100 S2 (LEC) Craig - Evora Dan - Evora 400 Jimbo - Evora (or the Brabus if it's sunny ) Rupert - Elise SC
  16. Really Paul? Is that foil hat on? It's simply pulling all it's data from the DVLA, MOT, Autotrader and other Public domain databases etc and putting it all into a simple and useable format. It's a very handy website to get history on a car and doesn't allow owners to affect any info as you describe. Bearing in mind your car is a one owner, one year old car that hasn't been MOT'd yet, how much info do you think is out there? It will just make assumptions on algorithms and average mileages etc and where you're personalised plate may of originated etc. I have noticed to get the most accurate info, you have to go in to it again as Barry did to "wake it up".
  17. JAWS

    Evora Sport 410

    Yep. Apparently Carbon versions would actually be a partial weight up. Same as the reason the Carbon cosmetic roof panel and A pillar covers aren't used even though they are used on Federal and GCC Evora's (albeit painted black).
  18. @Barrykearley I've updated the website, so try again and you'll be fine.
  19. JAWS

    Evora Sport 410

    Unfortunately they're not Carbon. They're actually dip printed. I tried to find carbon S1 Evora ones, thinking surely Jaguar owners would have some made but there weren't any for sale. Maybe some Proton owners have rustled some up that could be sourced?
  20. This may help you @fillpoke.. It was up for sale 10 months ago and shows the old advert, MOT's and change of keepers etc
  21. From memory that's not much less than what Silverstone had it up/sold it for 5-6years ago. Cheap motoring.
  22. The biggest cost in car ownership is depreciation. As others have stated, the Evora is glacial in that respect. In fact, in the 4 years you been able to have a driving licence your £30k would get you pretty much the same Evora! Other costs (servicing, RFL, tyres, fuel) I think are pretty similar to an executive saloon. Lotus' aren't hard to work on and I've personally made the decision to do a lot myself; based on not trusting any garage to do work to the standard I expect and want. Which saves a lot. You can have a look at my ownership costs etc on my thread over the last ~7 years. Essentially I've spent £4.5k in that time (I have a spreadsheet) which covers absolutely everything bar insurance and fuel. My advice is that you don't stretch yourself and skimp, the best Evora won't be the cheapest one so take your time making a sound purchase and it should be a fantastic buy.
  23. I do love the simplicity of the original Evora.. However, the Elite S1 interior on which it was based takes simplicity to another level... Interiors don't need to be fussy as Tesla proves, it's simply a distraction from the actual enjoyment of driving. @Stuno1 - you can put Vape rings around the HVAC knobs to aid grip. I have glow in the dark ones which are pretty unobtrusive but still look a bit meh. Dimpled/grooved knobs as per the Elise/Exige/VX220 would be best.
  24. @m6rk Any chance you could start a build thread on here to show us your progress? I'm sure a lot of others on here would really enjoy knowing how you're getting on rebuilding an Evora. The trials and tribulations etc.
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