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  1. On 11/09/2021 at 23:09, Evotion said:

    Nimbus is rarely discussed. Very modern colour and certainly in favour these last few years. I reckon it will look great with the black pack, or at least the black wheels.

    If the Emira is to be YOUR only car (forget the missus) then the i4 might well be the right choice for you. It will still sound decent.

    Based on this comment I'm assuming you believe Nimbus grey is similar to Audi Nardo grey? When it's actually a metallic colour akin to Lotus Storm Titanium.

  2. 55 minutes ago, Barrykearley said:

    416hp in the v6?

    the 4 pots 80kg lighter and if it’s the a45 lump it’s good for 450hp? 
    The likes of komotec must be creaming themselves over this.

    Out of interest where do you get that weight figure from? I'm pretty sure that there's not a great deal of difference, circa 15kg. Like for like.

  3. @C8RKH I'm not sure you'd appreciate 8 cars and 16 idiots turning up on your doorstep 😃

    Agree on the Applecross pass, you have to catch it at the right time. Been there the last couple of years and will probably give it a miss this year.

    We did the route to Tongue etc a couple of years ago and it was good but we felt I large proportion of it wasn't as technical/twisty as we'd like. I find the scenery, driving etc better further west.


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  4. I've done a Scotland trip a number of times now and coincidentally I am going in a couple of weeks again. Here are a number of my routes over 5/6 days that may be of some help to you..

    Day 1 -

    Day 2 -

    Day 3 -

    Day 4 -

    Day 5 -

    I'm a massive fan of the Trossachs/Duke's Pass but for me it tends to be a detour from my route to get there and if it's busy it can be frustrating. However, on a traffic free, dry day, it's amazing to drive. My favourite road for pure hooning is the ScotburgRing to Kinlochleven.

    As C8RKH said there's amazing roads through Yorkshire, Kielder and Northumberland. I'd avoid Lake District if you want to press on as it can be busy.

    There are beautiful beaches spread all over Scotland so plenty of choices, one of the nicest spots we stopped for lunch is down a little track in Samalaman bay.

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  5. They are not the same wheels.

    The 410 Lightweight wheels have Evora Sport written on them, have contoured spokes and the rears are actually narrower than the GT wheels pictured. So are still restricted to 2+0 (or an N/A 2+2 😃)

    Also, the carbon in those holes is part of the bumper not a sleeve. On the GT430 more of the carbon bumper is exposed than the GT410.

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  6. If you're pushing to slot the next gear above 6500rpm then the gearbox will baulk. You'd be better off putting in a lighter flywheel to let the revs drop quicker than mess with the clutch damper as it's not the issue. Especially as not one person has done this or made that adjustment. No point in wasting your time.

    Alignment of cables, fresh oil and not being ham fisted is the key.😃


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  7. No need to apologise, it is a general assumption it seems across the board, I could have picked out many posts that mention it. Just wondered where it stemmed from. 

    To be honest I've read so many inaccuracies over the years regarding the Evora. Highlights include the original Evora wheels being off a SAAB, the interior door handles being off a Civic. I can't believe people just don't look at the size differences and work out they're obviously not. I even saw Absolute Lotus magazine putting it in print as fact.😄

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  8. 7 hours ago, C8RKH said:

    Forget the engine as a differentiator, both are great options with their own merits. Buy based on condition, history and your preference re spec. The NA is a sub 5 second car so hardly slow and the S gives you an extra .3 off the 0-62 time and a bit more torque for overtaking, however the NA is the sweeter engine, lower centre of gravity and far cheaper to run (tyres, tax, and fuel) and you get to really "drive" the NA whereas you can make rapid "lazy" progress in the S.

    Good luck with whatever you choose! :)

    Out of interest where did the notion that the N/A tyres are cheaper? I read this often and it baffles me.

    The optional 19"/20" wheels were launched at the same time as the S and were an option on both variants. The take up was also pretty much the same for both variants from that point onwards, approx. 90-95%

    The only true statement that can be made is that Evora's prior to 2011 would have cheaper tyres.

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  9. 13 hours ago, BigTed said:

    Thanks for the info. Well, at 7 hours for JAWS I think you can at least double that for me. Once I get the brackets I think it's off to Gav at Unit 4...

    To be honest, it was a relatively straightforward job, I was taking my time and cleaning everything while in there (plus drinking). The removal of all the rusty remnants was the annoying bit. Once everything is clean, it's an easy job just putting it all back. 

    I borrowed a rivet gun, all the other tools I had already. You need to keep an eye on the spacers used on the A Panels to make sure they go back with out having to fiddle around with gaps etc.

  10. 11 hours ago, Bravo73 said:

    I’ve just had a quick look through the ‘definitive buyers guide’ link and it’s not actually as definitive about the MY12 changes as it could be. It doesn’t cover a lot of them yet, unfortunately. (Where is a @JAWSwhen you need one, eh? 😉)

    The second document is a classic case of Lotus printing something then not actually putting in on the cars. As one example, I don’t think that I’ve ever seen one of those supposed MY12 ‘pistol grip’ gearshift knobs on an actual car. AFAIK, all MY12 cars got the polished aluminium ball type gear knobs (which are really good, BTW). There are numerous other examples in that document as well. 

    To be honest after 11 years I'm bored of repeating myself, so can't imagine what others think 😄

    Maybe I should just copy and paste old posts 😂

    The Mansory gear knob was never introduced, it wasn't legislated or tested. The aluminium one was introduced on the Sport Racer not MY12, then standardised later on.

    The headlamps have always been Bi-Xenon (from 2009 to 2021) so don't know where that misinformation came from (cheekily they were a cost option). They changed from being gloss black to satin black mid 2010 for quality reasons and they lost the "Lotus" script when the car was introduced to China. But exactly the same lamps.

    What I'm most interested in though is how @jep is getting on with the 400 flywheel and clutch. Great choice? No issues?

    2 minutes ago, Gazm said:

    £36k for a NA Sport Racer, seems a little high. I’d expect that for an S SR. 
    Good news for those with one already. 

    Personally I'd value an N/A higher than the S equivalent. And being an SR variant, that's a bit of a unicorn Evora.


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  11. 22 hours ago, jep said:

    My NA clutch pedal was heavy. My 2011 S noticeable lighter. 

    When I say many have been changed, I use 'many' in a relative manner but that is perhaps misleading. I certainly don't mean 'most' - but considering clutches should last well over 50,000+ miles, I would say early Evora was above average on having this part replaced. Mine survived 68000 miles and 11 years so no complaints. 

    My NA was a factory car when new (Martin Donnelly drove it initially) and I bought it from Bell and Colvill in 2018 who confirmed linkage was changed in 2014. They supplied a copy invoice for this in-house cost as it was preparation work when they sold it in 2014. Linkage change was around £600. 

    Bell and Colvill are doing the clutch - I requested a S clutch but they said they can fit a 400 clutch and I assume they know this will work. This is beyond my level of knowledge and if you know otherwise, I will certainly raise it with B&C. 




    Justin, out of interest do you know what B&C are replacing? You mention the flywheel in your first post, but not this one.

    If I were dropping the box I'd want to fit the lighter flywheel so it were more free revving (has always irked me that the rev drops are quite slow). Obviously this can have it's own issues, one being how the ECU copes with this change as I mentioned.

    Arguably the fact your original one lasted 11 years and 68k miles says maybe it's safer to replace like with like? Especially if you're potentially not fitting the 400 flywheel with the new clutch plate and cover?

    N.B using terms - most, nearly all and many Evora's when your experience is essentially 2 cars is yes, misleading.

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