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  1. Mark, many thanks for your write up and photos, ive just done my cambelt change on my Esprit 2.2 and it helped enormously. Horrible job but made easier with your info. Many thanks Martin
  2. so obviously I don't visit this site enough... cars off the road now, new interior fitted and lots more work, hopefully ready for another sunny day in Dorking in2020 🌞
  3. Can anyone help please I have a 1980 Esprit series 2.2 and the cooling system is not efficient at all (although i know its never been the best) the system heats up but is very slow to cool with the fan running for a substantial amount of time, and eventually cools it down, but this is when the ambient temperature is about 15*c so not hot. The water pump is not leaking, but the pump hasnt been changed in 30 years, so wondering if this might help. Does anyone have a suggestion of a test i can do to find out how system is operating, and what i might do to improve the efficiency of the system please
  4. Hi Can anyone help please, as i want to replace my front tyres, they were the Goodyear NCT 205/60 VR14... but they dont appear to be available anymore. Can anyone suggest a suitable alternative ? many thanks...
  5. John Thanks for the feed back, i did get a couple of lamps from S.J. sportscars, they were not quite the same, as you say, so I took the glass off my old lights and fitted them to the new reflector dome of the new one..... sad I know, but they look original and have new reflectors ! as you mentioned, also required a little adjustment to get them properly mounted back into the pods. Many thanks again Martin
  6. HI, Does anyone know where i can buy replacement headlights (and i don't mean the H4 bulb) for the Esprit 1980 (RHD) series 2.2, I cant find them anywhere in the UK, and just to make it more fun, the inner and outer lamps are different. The existing ones have suffered corrosion/rust ...thus the search. Thanks in advance !
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