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  1. I've got a good rolling chassis.FOC. It must go in the next week or so. It's close to Manchester Airport. Alan
  2. Hi Bruce I've got an 84 Eclat galvanized rolling chassis and bodyshell going cheap It's in South Manchester. Good luck either way Alan
  3. Hi Dunc, it could be worth giving Spyder a try. They always try to assist if they can't they may know someone who can. Good luck
  4. Hi Paul At the rear looking at the bottom pic you can see a pressed fitting sleeve. It has pulled tight to the block mounting it will come off with a tap using a piece of wood and a prybar. Good luck it just needs a bit of persuasion.
  5. Hi James what a choker. I had similar 3 times in the same car park here in Manchester, it tuned out to to be numbskulls squeezing passed with trolleys. It must take them a lot of time to walk round the parked cars. Best of luck with the repair.
  6. Great looking car, if mine was like that I wouldn't have messed about.
  7. About 5 years but only when I feel like it. I did go about 15 months without touching it. As I said before I keep moving the goalposts. If or when its's finished it will be the best I can do. So anyone like it or not, hopefully will not be able to fault the workmanship.
  8. Rear lights are.- top stop & tail, indicators. Bottom rear fogs & reverse. It's not meant to copy anything, it's just an exercise to see if I can still do things after nearly 20 years away from a bodyshop. I still don't know if I want to finish it or just keep changing it because I can.
  9. I stand corrected it's been a long time since I handled one I just remember being surprised how heavy it was. Cheers Alan
  10. Hi Brad from memory I'd have thought the rotary engine was quite heavy compared to a modern v8. It's also extremely thirsty. Good luck
  11. Hi Mark Ive used the EPS from a late Corsa on the ECT. You would need to fabricate mountings at the top of the column, a link from the rack to the Corsa u/j and also I found I could not get a steering boss to fit the column so I had to make one. You can buy a regulator off ebay so you can have as much assistance you require. Best of luck
  12. Hi all, I've been to the Lotus show today.There wre several Excels 3 Elites and 1 very nice Eclat. Where was everyone.
  13. Hi Nick. Great websight, looks like you are carrying on where Haynes left off. Good luck with the rest of the project.
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