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  2. will probably not bother with the waist trim unless the classic car investment bank lunatic fringe start to sniff about in which case I will pretend that it used to belong to Peter Sellars or Richard Nixon or someone even more unlikely. I expect some photoshop fraud would be fun and I could make my fortune and retire. Thanks for the clarity on the waist trim, i thad though that they were injection moulded GRP bodies so dont understand what the issue is with covering over a mould line with polyester filler ? Chemically there is no real issue and to my eye it just makes the lines even more uncompromising and less kit car like. The paint is shocking and will all have to come off anyway. thinking about lamborghini green but the lagoon blue is so Cool. Replacement engine sitting on my bench waiting for new pistons before I put it back together. the Autobox is knackered and I think my only mod will be fitting a maunal box and pedal box which I have bought. I am hoping the taller final drive will make for a more relaxed cruising speed. Next job to remove the dash and replace it with the natty black vinyl one I have with all the correct switches etc, replace the steering column and tractor ignition switch ( i kid you not) My god it is a bit of a heap but I just have to save it.
  3. Well I got it home and cleaned it and have dried out the revolting carpets and thrown away the seats. Have fitted the grottier of my two spare sets of seats so I cam move it about without getting covered in gearbox oil that was stained all over the old ones. most of the bits I now have but need a new set of wheelnuts, various hoses, unions bits of wiring etc and since there is next to nothing in the manual about the autobox will need to just play it by ear. It will either work or it wont. next step to get the diff assembly off and replace all the seals and refurb the rear brakes. I am told it is a horrible job without a 4 post lift.
  4. Good evening fellow elitists and eclaterists , Have got my 504 home and need to start to re-assemble the engine. Has anyone got pics of a 504 engine bay with the belts, refrigeration pump, and PAs pump as all this had been removed. I have the bits but want to make sure I have it all before I go up to lotusbits. thanks in advance Guy
  5. Long shot but it looks identical to those used in late seventies BL Princess try their owners nerd forum and it will probably be the same part. hope that helps and the same as a tr7 one try rimmers ....!
  6. Duncan Chassis is galvanised and in good nick Diff leaked all over me when I was removing the rear drums Soaked whole of the rear window mechanism with WD40 (other penetrating oils are available) and then pulled the cable with pliers, got it open and liberated the PAS pump, dellortos and other goodies. so much water in the floor pans I had to drill two tiny holes in the low point and will re fill these with resin later, moved the car to the side of the barn and put a weather tight cover over it. Autobox selector seems rather flacid might just be like that on these (think it is a dolomite/ stag selector) ATF is most certainly not as Ed China would say "the colour of cherryade" it is more like the colour of bisto. Cheapest quote from anyvan is £250 so far for moving it home. Might go down myself with either a trailer or lowloader. My wife is now in the loop. did you get the HSCC car home yet ? we must meet up soon. I have also found a load of pics on my old PC of the V8 conversion I did for Simon but have lost his email perhasp if you know it you can PM me. cheers and happy new year
  7. Had a chance to have a proper look at the elite this weekend. Bad news is it looks like it had a steering problem as the engine has been dismantled to alow its removal. Bits are missing but I have a list and definately leaving it 16valve 2 litre with auto AC and PAS. Interior is disgusting! nothing else to say there. loads missing and datsun clock fitted, Tractor ignition switch fitted ! Windscreen has been leaking. Good news is engine turns with compression. Chassis is galvanised Exhasut is stainless. once I had removed the drums, it rolls on its wheels. looking into movement options to get it up to sussex. has anyone had any experience of any of these reverse auction sites for moving vehicles ?
  8. not sure but i have a related problem. Looked at my new 504 down on my brothers farm so i could collect the carbs that are in the boot. Trouble is the cable is rock solid and I cant get the catch open. dont want to smash the glass and wondered if there is a way to remove the perspex second screen without ruining it ? any suggestions folks.....hoping there is a simpe solution. Oh and it looks suspiciously like the PO may have misled me about the chassis being galvanised....oh deep joy !
  9. well pics from my philistine brother seems to think water in the footwell is unusual . Mind you he drives a Kia so probably expects cars to start as well !!
  10. I have bought this unseen which I think used to belong to Conrad off the other forum some years back. it has had some things dismantled on it. I bought it unseen so god only knows how bad it is but having got the V8 thing out of my system thought I should get a blue elite without a sunroof and fix up as best i can. will probably need a chassis, engine and gearbox tyres diff you name it. At my brothers farm in cornwall at the moment but hope to have it home after christmas. Just need to get my GT6 ready for paint first so that can go away for a couple of months. I have missed the uncompromising style of Oliver Winterbottom's excellent design, the questionable engineering / reliability etc.
  11. Hello Simon I still have the non PAS rack in the roof of my garage. I remember buying the bits to repair the seals from a Power Steeing Services in Greewich. It is a shortened MK1 Granada Rack look forward to hearign that it is back running. I have just bought a 504 .....doh !
  12. What absolute rubbish. My chassis was painted with hammerite by the previous owner. when the car was 2 years old. It has been garaged ever since. It was in perfect condition when I lifted the body off save for a two cups where the rear pins swivel through. these were cut off and renewed. It does not need a new chassis or a gearbox. Thanks to the general ignorance of of technical standards many MOT testers are unfairly much maligned but if you bother to read the standards all of which are available online you will find that some testers are actually very good at testing older vehicles. The standard may be fractionally higher in germany but I am guessing that this is of no interest to anyone in the UK and actually why is this relevant. I have built a good car but I am bored with it. I tried to sell it and over 1000 people read the advert. . Nobody including you has come and had a look at it. I am in no hurry to sell it and frankly the more I read on this forum regarding the failure of chassis the more I laugh. There was a German called Micha that used to bang on all the time about ugly sunroofs, pisspoor british MOT standards and rusty chassis. He was eventually banned from the forum as he upset some of the more placid members and most of what he posted was littered with errors. My car has been rebuilt to a high standard. Do people honestly believe that I would put a high powered v8 engine into a rotten chassis. What sort of moron do you think I am ? If this all sounds a little aggrssive.. it is because I find most of this nonsense highly personal and offensive. Come and look at the car and show me the corrosion and I will happily post an apology. if not leave me to sell my car quietly and without ill informed opinions.
  13. Thanks for your comments which as I have never let you insopect the car are as usual just your own personal prejudice. It has no rust on the chassis. Come and look at it ! and show me the the rust and I will publish a full apology. Ditto the gearbox issue. You tell me what is wrong with it then ! I am frankly fed up with armchair experts telling me what is fact on my car.
  14. Hi I did this and my one is now for sale on Ebay If you need any specific info email me and I will do my best to explain how I did it I used SD1 Rover Engine Holley 390 cfm on a jwr offenhauser inlet manifold (dual port) Rover p6 auto bell housing with a custom cirular disk onto front of the Getrag Box ( you can use a t5 in US) MGB rubber engine mounts ( Buy from MGB hive) Custom made mounts pick up from chassis MGB block hugger v8 mainfolds ( again MGB hive will supply in stainless) I used lotus clutch mounted on rover flywheel and lotus clutch arm with original cable Makes a great car much better but it is massivly under geared in top gear You may want to up the final drive ration Duncan Hayton knows someone that can sort out the CWP to make it a better ratio If using PAS will need remote Mocal oil filter and pump. Exhaust ( muffler in your world) is easy just cut and weld to suit Good luck Guy Abbott PS only selling as I dont have time for it any longer and hate to see it just sitting in the garage
  15. Guy,

    Good to hear from you. Eclat is currently off the road. Nothing particularly serious, but the wiper and interior fan are not working, and tax ran out at the end of Jan and I didn't have time to fix it, so placed it on sorn. Spent a few hours last weekend cleaning up earths and assuming the lotus position with the multimeter. Not fixed yet, but will be soon.

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