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    Timothy Blackton
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    Esprit'less', '05 Audi A6, '02 Mazda Tribute and '70 MGB

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  1. So much like! What a great time...I must get there one day!!!
  2. Wow, I picked a heck of a day to drop back in....all those cars look real good. Very iconic. And that Esprit...mmm...sweet. very sweet.
  3. Again...really? losangelescraigslist
  4. I like the pool boy gig. Super fun and sun. I wouldn't mind being a weatherman - get paid for being wrong most of time, can't beat that. The job I would most like - Robert DeNiro's character from 'Wag the Dog'...making plans on the inside!
  5. least we know what happened to #228h.
  6. I was able to see the Evora in Portland recently. Not too shabby. Much like LA the Portland Auto Show has suffered over the last few years. Bummer.
  7. So sorry to hear that! That S2 was super pretty. Bummer. Thanks for the shout out Bibsy! BTW the link just sent me to my control panel?
  8. Really very nice, both you two! :clap:
  9. Hi Alden, Welcome to the forum. It's a great resource. I'm also in PDX...a former owner (S2)...still on the hunt for the next one. I remember seeing your car at NW Investment Car...super nice. I hope the damage is repairable. Enjoy the process. Timothy AKA Lotusdogg
  10. Congrats and welcome to it! Super fun!
  11. Tony, Have a great trip and we expect moblie updates every 450 miles! Timothy
  12. I love my '00 Disco...done up by BMW...I think the newer ones are just reskinned Fords and they drive like a F-150 pick ups. Just got new tires for mine...nothing fancy. But it make me happy!
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