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  1. Brian, You can buy it from Woolies ltd. They sell every thing you could want to refurbish the interior. best of luck with it and as always, photos. John
  2. driver's seat release lever knob

    Tom, If this is what your after let me have your address and I'll stick it in the post. Donate some thing to a charity of your choice. Best regards John
  3. John, If your interested in selling please let me know, and where about's is your shed located. I'm fairly close to Gatwick. Regards John
  4. S2 Switch Panel

    Hi to all, I'm after an Elite or Éclat S2 central switch panel, condition not important, just in one piece, OR an S1 switch panel I can cut in half and get welded to my existing half panel. The PO has cut it in half to fit a radio. Regards to all, John.
  5. driver's seat release lever knob

    Tom, Do you mean the wooden knob that fits on the end of the lever. I think I have one somewhere, let me know. John
  6. Terry, One of the things that caught me out when I lifted the body off was the fuel tube in the boot, when you disconnect it from the pump you need to push it through the body, as it passes through the body into the inside of the chassis, ended up just cutting mine in the middle lifting it. Its a very quick job to do once the engines out. Have fun, let us know how it goes. Regards John
  7. I'm thinking to braise a panel on to the bottom edge and glue on a veneer panel to the face, I did this on my éclat and it still looks ok. Have been going through the electrics while the dash is out and found one of the heater motors is not working so have taken it out stripped cleaned and now its running, I've got to put in back in after I repair the ring that holds the motor in, screws that have not been touched for 30+ years are a pain and sheered, hence broke the ring getting the motor out. Still got to look at the heater flap, but as far as I can tell the operating arm has parted company with the flap, not sure how to remove the top of the heater box to get the flap out. If any one knows please let me know. Regards to all John
  8. Clive, They do indeed have a picture of a panel on the website, I have been talking to them and the only one they have in stock is as bad as mine. The photo of the panel in bits is mine and the PO has cut it in half to get in the radio with the bottom piece just resting on the side of the central console, second photo is the LB's stock, its no better than mine. So if any one has a S2 Elite centre panel to sell please get in touch. No choice with doing the wiper it packed up in the middle of the mot last time, with a friendly get that fixed comment from the tester. Regards John
  9. New wheel box in, new drive cable in, refurbished motor in and now have working wipers. conclusion is that its not possible to change the wheel box with the dash in. If a PO has changed it before and not used the two fixing bolts located behind the heater box, it is possible. Now just got to put it all back together again. Need to find a replacement central panel the PO cut it in half to fit a radio.
  10. Michael, That was the fist thing I tried, with a silicon wiper blade, it did a full sweep in one direction ( good name for a pop group ) and half a sweep back then locked up. Any way, have just finished getting the plate of and behind it are the two retaining bolts for the wiper wheel box, have loosened them off and there is now play on the spindle and tube that fits between the wiper motor and the wheel box, hope too get it out in the morning with a bit of help from my son. will update tomorrow.
  11. Hi to all, Dash is now out, still can't see the wiper wheel box, I assume its below the metal plate screwed to the top of the dash, so three screws to cut the top of and I hope that will be it.
  12. The dash is coming out now as I have got to fix the broken flap in the heater box, its hanging down at a very odd angle and does not move when the controls are used. John
  13. hi to all. Got the central switch panel out this morning, not much help at seeing any thing but have now spotted the next issue the internal flap in the heater is hanging down at a odd angle. It will need to be looked at when the dash is out. John
  14. Two post ramp.

    Hi to all, Warning, when I had my exhaust done on the Eclat by a local garage, they used a two post lift and the body flexed and the windscreen cracked, that was about 8 years ago since then its not been any where near a two post lifter. John
  15. Hi to all, update on current wiper issues, Have tried the RainX and silicon wiper, no change, took the wiper motor to a rewind company and had the motor overhauled, back in the car and no change. They had the motor for 8 weeks while waiting for parts, turned out they changed the brushes and cleaned the commutator, £140.00 for a job I could do my self in about an hour, bit pissed off by them. Next step was to buy a new drive cable from SJ's which I fitted week before last, no different. Have now taken the really good working wiper motor out of my Elite S1 and put it in the S2, have proved its a torque issue, there is just a lack of power in the motor, however with the S1 motor in place the drive cable drives the blade all over the place and you can hear it rasping over the wheel box, conclusion is the wheel box is worn out and is snagging on the new drive cable, have now bought a new wheel box from SJ's and have started stripping out the dash. Have taken the overhauled wiper motor to a proper rewind company and they tested the motor in front of me and are going to rewind the coils and put on a few extra turns for a bit more power, as its faulty. Cars ready for its mot other than the wipers not working, don't you just love these cars. Q. Does the dash have to come out totally. Q. Any one changed the wheel box. Q. If I pull the dash forward by 3" does it give enough room to get to the wheel box. Q. Any one got a photo of the wheel box in position, as I can't see it with the central panel out, can only see the heater. Any comments or advice greatly received. Regards to all John