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  1. XJS Seats

    Thanks for the replies, I remember Marks plate, I did consider using something similar when I was looking for new seats and did look at MX5's, but not seen any cream ones. Hence started looking for Jag ones, I was worried about making the seat mounting points weak by slotting out the existing holes, going to slot them then seal up the original holes with some glass resin and put a big 40mm plate washer underneath, with lots of mastic to seal it. Regards to all John
  2. Location

    Hi David, From memory, on my S2 Eclat its behind the dash to the rhs of the steering wheel just above the tube that goes to the vent, next to the wiper module. Not found it yet on the S2 Elite. Best regards John
  3. Hi to All, Any one installed XJS front seats into an Éclat, I have just purchased a very nice pair at a very reasonable cost, but can't make up my mind on the best way of fitting them. The fixings are the same front to rear at 330mm centres, but the side to side dimensions are 20mm smaller i.e. 435mm for the lotus and 415mm for the jag. Options are just cut a 15mm slot in the four bolt holes through the floor or make up a mounting plate to pick up the narrower fixings of the jag. any thoughts suggestions welcome. Its my winter project to change the dash on my Éclat as the heater motors have filled with water again and are now f*****. which has led to total electrical failure of everything behind the central panel. So thought I might as well do the seats as the existing drivers seat has split the leather and I've been quoted £500.00 to recover. Regards to All.
  4. Great Lotus Elite video

    Brill, well done. watched it several times. Pleased to note the wiper worked at the end. Regards to all, John
  5. Right then better start my '77 S1 project...

    Luke, Looks good, glad to be of help. Others have been as generous to me with odd parts over the years. IIf I come across a odd bit of car I tend to buy and put aside in case. Best regards john
  6. Hi to all, Have today taken out the wiper motor and the flexible drive to the wheel box was seized solid, after a bit of tugging and pushing managed to free it and pull it out, the end at the wheel box has worn flat and there are almost no discernible groves for the wheel box to pick up. Have changed it for a spare that was good. Checked that the wheel box was free and not binding before putting the replacement back in. Interestingly the PO has fitted a Lucas 29W motor which appears to come from a Scimitar. (Thanks Google ). it was mounted upside down which made it more interesting, but manageable. On reconnecting everything, the wipers no longer stop on the return to park sweep as they did and there is no crunching noise now, but they are so slow and if the screen get's any where near dry they stop. As this is a 29W motor almost twice the rating of the correct 16W it should manage a single blade with no problem, but doesn't, which suggests the motor is not running at 29W, will follow up tomorrow with my local auto electrician. New bushes or a rewind of the coils, the motor was made in 84 so coming up to 33 years old, something must wear out. Have picked up a bottle of Rain X today and the Silicon wiper will be here Saturday, will try the Rain X tomorrow as well. Thanks Don. Any thoughts or suggestions always welcome. John
  7. Dan, Top position of the wiper column switch is off, middle position is slow speed, bottom position is fast. If you pull the wiper switch towards you when sitting in the drivers seat it should give an intermittent wipe, all three positions, middle bottom and intermittent wipe should all park the wiper blade when the column switch is moved to the off position. If you have a Lucas 6DA module fitted the intermittent wipe is turned off by pulling the switch towards you again, again it should park the wiper blade. Parking is controlled by the park switch ( make contact ) on the wiper motor and the intermittent wipe switch on the steering column stalk. the make switch on/in the park switch on the wiper motor feeds voltage back to the wiper switch through the intermittent wipe part of the wiper switch ( change over contact ) back down to the wiper motor middle position feed wire, which drives the wiper motor to its park position, when the park position is reached the make contact breaks and the wiper motor stops. Best regards John Don, Thanks for the suggestion, I'll give it a try, the Eclats wiper failed in the middle of the MOT last year, don't want to risk it this time on the Elite. Best regards John
  8. Hi to all, Car is a 1980 S2 Elite - Problem wiper stopping half way across the screen on the way back to the park position, i.e. moves from park on the left hand side of the screen to the right side, then when it moves back to the left it stops in the middle. I have 2 spare wiper motors both 16W, one 170 degree arc,one 130 degree arc, both came out of lotus's Q1 What should it be. I have connected a battery direct to the motor and its still the same, so not an volts/earth issue, Q2 Is it possible to change the wheel box and drive cable with the dash in. ( I have changed the wiper motor on the other cars with the dash in, but not the wheel box or drive cable. I think this is a drive cable issue as the wiper arm locks up solid then makes a grunching noise and frees up, then goes back to park position the then does as exactly the same thing again. Q3 is it possible to reduce the pressure of the wiper blade on the screen by mucking about with the spring on the wiper arm, this is on the basis of less pressure less effort required from the motor. Any advice / suggestions greatly received. Regards to all, John
  9. New fuel cut off valve needed for 1985 eclat excel

    Keith, SJ's sell them. Regards John
  10. Lotus excel 503

    Hi Robbie, welcome to the forum, both sets of seats are easy to remove, do you have a manual to follow. rear seats, two fixings in the short vertical section of the flour pan, bottom of the seat, then pull out the centre section, there's one screw either side, one for each seat. Finally unbolt the seat belt from the rear shelf, need two people for this as its not possible to be in the boot and the car at the same time. They will then just lift out. Front seats have four mounting bolts straight through the floor pan, push the seats back and forward on the runners, this will expose both sets of bolts in the lower seat runners. lots of wd40 first, especially if the cars had water in. All the window brushes are available from SJ Sportscars. 01363 777790. Have a look at the web site you can down load a copy of the spares list from it. they are also good for advise as are Lotus Bits 01926 633211, they have loads of 2nd hand bits too. Pictures are always welcome. Best regards John
  11. eBay v8 vomit creation

    i'm sure Biddy Backster ( not sure if I got her name right) would approve, side pipes are good. John
  12. eBay v8 vomit creation

    Hi to all, It's different, I like it, looks a bit like the VW Charger kit car from the 70/80's. Just needs gull wing doors to complete the comparison. john
  13. Hi to all, I'm trying to repair a hole in my drivers seat, as per the photo, I believe the style of the interior is call Hounds Tooth, Does any one have an old seat with a six inch square of the dark grey ( might be black ) fabric on the bolster. getting the seat recovered is just too expensive and I haven't been able to locate any suitable fabric. Regards to all John
  14. Hi to all, They will of course be rusted solid, a good soak in wd40 for a few days is required, its a total pain when they snap. John
  15. Hi to all, Never wanted a fat kid anyway, but cake !!!!!, with three cars already a fourth would one to many. Wife would kill me. John