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  1. Tom, Your dead for a long time, " A bit of fun " implies driving hard and fast, bit dodgy with a known iffy front damper. Life has no price, put on a pair of new ones. John
  2. Mike, Pure chance, popped into see Steve at SJ's September 2016, as I was passing on my way to St Agnes in Cornwall, from my home in London. have met him a few times over the years at various Lotus events and as we were passing just popped in to say hi. Had a chat, a look around the workshop and the cars he had in and as I said good bye, he mentioned a car he had in the car park that was for sale would I be interested, took one look and said yes. Wife not too impressed as already had a S1 Elite and S2 Éclat at home. Can't argue with fate ( my excuse ), The S1 elite was registered on my birthday, which was spooky as well. The esprit would complete the set, but not sure if Caroline would approve.
  3. Hi to all, My S2 Elite ( Larry ) is ready for its mot at last, other than a large brake fluid leak on the rear off-side brake. How do you remove the inner piston to put new seals in. Its been ten years since I did the S2 Éclat ( Lottie ) and I can't remember. The manual is not a lot of good on the subject either. Lottie on the left, Larry on the right. The piston hits the handbrake lever, this is with the hand brake on which moves the cam away from the cylinder. Any suggestions welcome. Regards to all John
  4. The Nut

    S2 Elite Tailgate Hinge

    Clive, Washer is down by the boot lock. squirts upwards towards the top of the rear screen. John
  5. The Nut

    S2 Elite Tailgate Hinge

    Clive, There is no vertical or sideways movement in the wiper motor arm at all. The slot in wiper arm locks over the spigot on the wiper motor arm and stays locked in. It is very slow when its working. I checked with the mot garage and the rear wiper is not included in the mot, so it will just have to stay like that for now. Hope that's some help. Best regards John
  6. The Nut

    S2 Elite Tailgate Hinge

    Clive, Photos, if you need more just let me know. Again many thanks for the hinge. best regards John
  7. The Nut

    S2 Elite Tailgate Hinge

    Clive, Thanks for the reply have sent you a PM, Regards John
  8. The Nut

    S2 Elite Tailgate Hinge

    Hi, any one got a pair or even one off ( Nearside ) S2 Elite tailgate hinge. Have tried SJ's and LotusBits no joy. Regards to all John
  9. Tom, Fit a new indicator arm, after that I'd go for the hazard relays, just swop them over to start with a see if there is a change of state. John
  10. Kelvin, I have done the same as john walsh,'. run a wire from the cam in the boot through a drain hole and finish it with a nut to stop it pulling back into the boot, it can't be seen from the outside as its located below the bumper. John
  11. The Nut

    503 death warrant?

    I think the best solution is to give the car to me, or if you decide to break it can I have ........ Chassis swop is fairly straight forward, éclat and elite are the same other than the previously mention S1 & S2 rear gearbox mountings. I have done one of my elites, the S1, the S2 is on a galvanised chassis. Its all the other bits you end up doing that take the time and cost. But when its done its a great sense of achievement and you got the car for another 20 odd years. Go for it and have fun doing it, there plenty of info on the forum regarding the change, and there is always someone who's done it, what ever it is, for advice. John PS if you decide to break, can you pm me I have a really short list of bits.
  12. Brian, You can buy it from Woolies ltd. They sell every thing you could want to refurbish the interior. best of luck with it and as always, photos. John
  13. The Nut

    driver's seat release lever knob

    Tom, If this is what your after let me have your address and I'll stick it in the post. Donate some thing to a charity of your choice. Best regards John
  14. John, If your interested in selling please let me know, and where about's is your shed located. I'm fairly close to Gatwick. Regards John
  15. The Nut

    S2 Switch Panel

    Hi to all, I'm after an Elite or Éclat S2 central switch panel, condition not important, just in one piece, OR an S1 switch panel I can cut in half and get welded to my existing half panel. The PO has cut it in half to fit a radio. Regards to all, John.