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  1. Push a small flat head screw driver down the side of the channel and wedge the bolt head to the side of the channel. When you put the seat back in tac weld the bolt to the runner. Simples. John
  2. No photo, but I do remember its an absolute pain to do in the car. I'll try and take a piccy for you. Regards to all. John
  3. Hi to all, car is sold, thanks for all the queries. John
  4. Lee, Are you still looking for an S2 Elite, if you are define cheap, are you after a basket case or something a bit more., less to do. PM me if you are. John
  5. I'm sure that would polish up. Better to find out now that later. Regards to all John
  6. Carpets Yes, Never seen a set of seat covers specifically for an Eclat. SJ Sportscars sell the carpet sets, approx. £200.00 from memory. Regards John
  7. Peter, Brill idea, using the studding, I'll use that next time I do mine. Regards to all, John
  8. Mike, thanks for the info on the silver foil that I have spent hours scrapping off, I thought it was backing for the foam matting that was on the underside of the bonnet, put on by a PO. The foam just fell off, the silver foil put up a good fight, does it need to be replaced and earthed before the sound deadening material goes on. I think I'll have a word with SJ's & LotusBits on Monday. Regards to all, John
  9. Hi to all, Can't go out but can work on the car. The sound deadening foam lining the underside of the bonnet has turned to dust and needs to be replaced, anyone suggest something suitable, Woolies have some but very expensive. SJ has one for the Éclat and Elite, which is a reasonable price, anyone used it. Ebay has loads of different types, but what's best. Any suggestions welcome. Regards to all, John
  10. Hi to all, both my cars are studs on the bottom and nuts & bolts on the top. I guess FG as Lotus had loads if it and very cheap to make. John
  11. Alistair, Remember to slacken off the tensioner, makes the job very easy and you keep the existing timing. I used fairy liquid to lube the inside of the new belt just helps to slide it on to the toothed cogs. Let us know how it goes, Best regards to all John
  12. Hi to all, Interestingly my Elite only has one valve on the Near Side. it is 1/2 off the filer vent pipe. John
  13. Hi to all, getting the two bolts back in is fiddly you need an extra pair of hands to move the spindle around so you can get a bolt in. If the part number is for the wheel box, you can use one from a reliant scimitar, single wiper model. you can also use the wiper motor, its a higher wattage 29W, than the lotus one 16W. there are lots of variations on the motor drive and where it parks, on the left or right of the windscreen. the Elite parks on the right and the Éclat the left. not sure which is correct but they both work, John
  14. hi to all, finally took out the existing tubing as you can see it fell apart as it was touched, however I did find a oneway valve lurking behind one of the filler caps, 6mm id at one end 8mm id at the other and there is no 8mm id tubing in the boot. Interestingly there is only one of them. You can just make out the ball bearing in the valve photo. I have put the new tubes in as per the original install both pipes running all the way around the boot and exiting just behind the number plate. Any suggestions greatly received. john
  15. Hi to all, You can also get an electronic conversion for the original SU pumps, the electronics module replaces the points on the SU unit. I think its by Burlen Ltd if I remember correctly. They make SU carbs. John
  16. Tony, Thanks, that makes sense. So need to buy some more tubing. John
  17. Hi, The electric mirrors on my S2 Éclat are chrome. John
  18. Dave, Unfortunately not, I have loads of them. The Fan Fail Relay is an unusual configuration, dual C/O contacts with a common, common contact. The Fan Fail Module is a Reed Relay device with dual contra wound coils. Thanks to Dan for the two units for me to play with, still go a duff knee so unable to get out a play with the cars, hence time to do this, see below.
  19. Hi to all, Is there a technical reason the fuel filler vent pipes go around the boot on the longest possible route to exit the car behind the rear number plate. Both sides do the same thing route wise, ie around the boot, means the two vent pipes run along side each other as they pass behind the rear wiper motor from left and right fillers. The Éclat has the same pipe run and its only got one filler. Regards to all, John
  20. As a 20+ year old, can't remember exact year, brought a 1100 auto to teach girl friend to drive as gears were one of life's mysteries to her. Brill little car, reliable, cheap to run, many happy memories, including when it collapsed due to the rear cross member under the rear seat no longer being there due to rust, it just sagged in the middle, looked a bit like a banana. Regards to all John
  21. Dan, Name your price, and what beer do you drink, 12 pack ok. got time on my hands at the moment. hence all the questions yesterday. John
  22. Dan, That's brill, many thanks, I'll get out into the garage in a couple of days/week and try it. I've got a torn cartilage at the moment, done last Wednesday while taking out the ignition switch in the lotus position. Again many thanks John
  23. Bill, I do if your still looking, I'm down in Surrey John
  24. Hi to all, I have a new rubber gaiter to put over the gear lever in the car, seals the gap in the transmission tunnel / body where the gear stick pokes up, goes under the cloth/leather trim that fits around the gear lever. The wooden knob on top appears not to unscrew. The gear lever does however turn when you try to unscrew it, there is a joint hidden underneath the existing rubber gaiter, where the stick attaches to the gear actuation rod that actually goes into the gear box, whilst it turns it feels as if it's stuck in a piece of rubber and does not appear to move either up or down. Any / all thoughts greatly received. John
  25. Hi to all, radiator fans have stopped working Otter switch is operating but the relay is not. does any one know the part number for the Radiator Fan Relay and the Fan Fail Module. Also if they are still available. Final question, what are the internal connections of the relay and Fan Fail Module. Trying to work out how it all ticks together. Regards to all, John
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