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  1. At last im back online bloody BT! Anyway here are some photos o my elite including the cambelt on the sprocket close to the edge... I started the old girl up the other day and sounded great even though a little lumpy. Let me know what you guys think?
  2. Hi good the here cambelt is ok will post pic over weekend so you guys can see.. The car has aways been lumpy and just thought it was the carbs but will see if there is a vacum leak first.. I had cambelt changed as i didnt no how long the old one had ben fitted and didnt want the engine to go bang! Anyway will keep you guys informed....
  3. Hello all, I have an 1980 2.2 Elite bought it last year and had the cambelt replaced but only drove it for about 150miles, so now im wanting to get her ready for the summer. My problem is the cambelt is not in the center of the inlet sprocket never has been so is there a problem with the engine or is this normal as I dont want to damage anything driving it this way? Also the engine is quit lumpy Im thinking of cleaning and replacing all gaskets on the carbs and hope this helps? Any advice would be great Cheers John
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