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  1. Or perhaps "what might have been". I've recently bought a 650s - styling (and fit and finish) aside it could easily have been the next Esprit in my view. If the Evora is a bigger Elise then the McClaren is a bigger Evora. The ride is phenomenal for a car like this, it does have super complex suspension which must count for something. So far (and I'm still running it in) I'd say the steering isn't quite up to Lotus standards, but then I guess it's got to be designed for a greater top speed. The pace of the thing is frightening (and addictive), it makes my Evora seem a friendly little fellow! Some of the other family similarities are there... A radio thing which isn't really up to snuff and getting in and out is a bit of an art (in this case without banging your head on the door)! I have no idea how much McClaren invested from scratch, but the engine is based on an indycar block (sound familiar?) and of course they had no chassis components or anything else to start with. Could Lotus of achieved the same/better if Dany hadn't been busy building a gin palace and learning to be a rapper - I guess it's a long shot, but there's always hope for the future...
  2. Hi Jorge, I ended up getting the tyres from (probably not much help to you). They are LS marked. Peter
  3. That's interesting Paul. How did you get at the camera, did you take the bumper off?
  4. Oh dear, looks like I might have to face the dealer bill, I don't fancy taking the bumper off. Thanks for the help.
  5. Thanks, I've had a look at the threads and I still can't get to the little fella, any sage words?
  6. Hi guys, The reverse camera on my 2010 car seems to have suffered from a touch of water. The dealer wants £650 to replace it "it comes as a complete kit, I'm afraid..." which seems very much on the rich side. I've removed the rear trim from the boot to try and see how to get the little blighter out, but it's not obvious to me. Does one take the camera out through the big grommet? How hard is to get it out? Any suggestions for where to get a replacement (for less than £650!!)? Thanks, Peter
  7. Thanks, It's interesting as I thought K1 was Ferrari spec. Can a tyre be Lotus and Ferrari spec at the same time?
  8. Hi all, I'm struggling to find a "reasonable" place to buy 19" P Zero Corsa ls tyres for the front of my Evora S. Camskill think that they are Lotus dealer only, which would be odd as I'e just ordered some ls rear tyres from them. (perhaps given the wear rate of the fronts they aren't an interesting commercial proposition) Help - any ideas where I can get them from? Otherwise my choice will be horrendous dealer price or non ls corsas. Thanks Peter.
  9. In the Tumeric Gold car park. GN11... First one I've spotted around here in a while now Bibs has given his back.
  10. I'm back in the factory "spare" Evora (again). It has the Alpine 920 fitted - it really is light years ahead of the previous 2 Alpines. My biggest gripe is that it is a touch slow, apart from that the bluetooth works, it has useful short cut buttons and you can see the nav map and what's playing at the same time.
  11. I'm no expert, but I think you might find that the Sale of Goods act means you have to end up with a fit for purpose car, I don't think it means you can reject the original because it is fitted with a new engine. I have read a long a winding case somewhere which basically says you have to give the dealer a chance (or maybe even 2) to fix it (which it sounds like they are trying to).
  12. I found out the hard way that most modern chargers (those with reverse polarity protection) won't charge a totally flat battery. The only solution in that situation is to put some jump leads on the battery and leave it a while (20 mins) to get some charge in the battery and then try the charger. Not much help in your situation! I fiddled for some time with my emergency boot release to get it to work. I could feel the latch opening via the cable but nothing was happening. Eventually with some pushing and wiggling of the boot lid (with suitable swearing) the release worked. Good luck. Peter
  13. Hi all, All this talk of winter tyres has got me thinking I probably ought to invest in a set. Do you know if anyone is doing any wheel/tyre offers this year? (I think the factory was behind a £1200 offer for a set last winter). The price of set of wheels at retail plus tyres is eye watering... Thanks Peter.
  14. Mine too. I have had the rotors checked and apparently they are fine. Generally some good hard stops make the issue go away for a while - suspect I'm too light on the pedal!
  15. My original Evora had something which sounds a bit similar. It occasionally used to read 10mph at rest (and read 10mph over for the rest of the journey). After a couple of new instrument packs and other fiddles the factory eventually sorted it (I think) with a software update to the instrument pack. Neil Turner at the factory was, as ever, very helpful - I'm sure he would know exactly what they did to the car. Peter
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