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  1. Impeller alternative for chargecooler pump : JABSCO 9200-0013B
  2. ah ah ,yes Filip a bit complicate I am an Esprit owner from 10 years,so I became an expert in Delco Moraine powermaster 3🤗 ... I did not want to say that the Esprit is fragile or a bad car, but I believe that a truly beautiful and well-maintained esprit is normal that its price is not very low. Unfortunately I am a bit "manic", it must work all in the car, including ice detection ....😉 fortunately in Italy we do not have big problems of rust, you can find cars of 30 years like new🙂
  3. fantastic color🤗 I agree, but there are some things of the Esprit that are embarrassing. For example, I have the ABS, the previous owner had to change all the ABS system first,then I had to change the delco moraine brake master pump. Price has been very expensive. Fortunately my tanks are still beautiful, I hope, but many have had to replace them, it is not easy and not cheap. Is true everything else can be done alone, but it is always a delicate car.
  4. 243hp Standard 2L😕like Italy S4 ,GT3 has 240hp but Is more lighter.
  5. I do not know if they are included in 50 LHD, but I've seen about 10 in Italy in 20 years... unfortunately the car has all of the S4s but the hp are only 243.Only the old SE in Italy has 268hp
  6. a beautiful S4s for sale in a Lotus workshop near my house. Unfortunately with the 912 2-liter engine original equipment in Italy. .... the workshop
  7. 🤗 Treviso ,not too far ....😉
  8. It 's true many cars have rise too much price.In Italy the price of a Lancia Delta evoluzione can reach € 80000 an Escort Cosworth 45000, an omega carlton lotus 70000 I think it's too much.Also the esprit have rise but not very much, if you want to sell the right price is around 30000/35000 € only if really beautiful. I think that the right amount for a well maintained and reliable esprit can be around between 30,000 and 40,000. The Esprit need a lot of maintenance and often something expensive breaks up, unfortunately. It's expensive to keep them in good condition. jacques, I think you drove the wrong escort. I had several Lotus cars, Jaguar R, Honda etc. and some RS Ford but my old 1987 Escort rs turbo MkIV, I never sold it. For me with its only 131 hp and its little weight remains one of the most fun cars I drive. I prefer to spend € 10,000 on an escort rather than crazy prices for porsche or ferrari (although I must admit that ferrari has a great engine) Roberto
  9. hi Luca beautiful car compliments. what area are you? ciao Luca bellissima macchina complimenti,dove abiti?non siamo in molti qui🙂
  10. Name: Lotus Esprit SE (1989-1991) Click to view: Lotus Esprit SE (1989-1991)
  11. io ne ho comprato uno ma e' del '93 in poi.Dipende cosa devi fare.Di dove sei , scrivi in italiano ma hai la bandiera Francese. credo sarebbe bello una piccola tua presentazione ...😉 I bought one but it's '93 onwards. What do you have to do? Where are you from , you write in Italian but you have the French flag. I think a small presentation of you would be nice...😉
  12. big tip jeep gaiter.I used a very soft driveshaft boot, I turned the lip under the clamp and fixed with works well but when the weather is very cold, near the zero degrees, it is a bit too hard. The oceanis is a great boat and also fast. I sold my old Dehler optima 92 Van de Stadt design and I would like a Dehler 35 S.V., but for now I am still without a boat. I hope to be able to buy another one
  13. RS blu

    Stelvio trip

    I went to the Stelvio only twice, and only with the motorcycle. I really do not have much desire to go back with the Esprit, the road is very narrow and there are always many people, however once you have to go there. If you come to Italy after the stelvio go to the east in Dolomiti area, go through the Marmolada, you must see at least San Martino Castrozza , Cortina and the Cadore area and you will find many mountain pass but also some straights with very fast corners. a typical route to do in a day near Cortina
  14. ok Filip good news. I think it is better for me to do one thing at a time.I am not a mechanic, so I have to try not to do damage. I believe that the rear linkage is ok.The gearshift was not bad, but during this last year the car was often driven by the mechanic, and now I do not feel the gear lever like it before. I have had a sailboat for a long time, a Lotus is like it, always a lot of work, a lot of things to learn and a lot of time and money spent ... but it's always a pleasure like a sailboat🤗 thanks ciao Roberto
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