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  1. In Italy the population reacted very well, there is no panic here. In northern Italy we reopened closed hospitals and created new beds, all in about a week, an emergency plan was created, retired doctors were called, and the trainees of medicine were called. But all this works only if people are as isolated as possible, where the population does not participate and continues to meet, the virus continues to spread. We thought we were safe here. We have been checking stations and airports for months, but it was not enough, in a few days we found ourselves with many serious cases, be careful We h
  2. We are all trying to continue working here, we have done so in the past few weeks but now things are very difficult, only food stores and pharmacies remain open. The big factories are open with reduced staff, even in Ferrari, everything else is closed, we cannot move from home. Those who do not respect the rules are reported criminally. It is very difficult, don't underestimate it please
  3. In Italy, they say about two weeks. Unfortunately, the first periods after the infection, the person has no symptoms but when the symptoms arise with breathing problems often it is already late, especially for old people and people with other pathologies. There are several young and healthy deaths. Stay home please
  4. Please be careful. In Italy the situation is difficult, hospitals work very very very well, but the infections are increasing more and more. and now in some hospitals there are few ICU beds.You have to stay at home there are no other ways to avoid the infection. We went from two three sick people and the next day they were already 30 in one country. We immediately isolated the country with police checkpoints but in one week the infection invaded Lombardia and then Veneto and all of northern Italy. We have more than a thousand deaths only in Lombardy, around 1800 throughout Italy. Please do not
  5. My Capri RS has a similar fabric, I found it from a bmw M unfortunately only in black,but Ford has used similar fabrics for years. You can try from a Capri or Taunus -Cortina Ghia, they had various colors Otherwise you could use the fabric of the back part of the seat, replacing it with vinyl,for ritrim the front of it. Or you can replace the outer part of the seats with leather and the interior remains in fabric.
  6. In my esprit I have to fill the air conditioning circuit every year. An old lotus dealer told me that this happened even when the cars were new.( he believes that the loss is too small to be able to find it easily)when I fill it the ac works fine for about a year, what about you? However, someone knows exactly how many kg of gas I have to put in the circuit
  7. I believe that Europe will have to change.Also in Italy the vote has rewarded the parties that want to change the European rules. I don't think it is a step backwards for the European peoples however Europe will certainly be weaker without the England. Perhaps Germany should think about it.....
  8. H,i it is not difficult to understand if it is an original highwing. All the highwings have ABS brakes, they have a rear door without glass and front rubber lip spoiler, the inside trim is like the SE but the seats are different, similar to the S4, the tunnell is lower than the SE, and the heating panel is like the s4. In practice inside it is an s4 but with the old steering wheel, the old wiper and indicators levers, old doors panels,but with a new tunnel and heating panel and new seaters From 1991 the badge lotus se were moved from the body to small glass , a new rear writing lotu
  9. I don't remember very well, but when I replaced mine I had to modify the pushrod, the cylindrical part where the pushrod is inserted in the master was longer and largest on the new unit so I had to remove an adapter that was on the I had to use a hacksaw, but I don't remember exactly what I took off. This is my old unit , you can see the small cylinder When I depressurize the brake , also in my rear tank the oil turns brown, but it did so even when the master was new. my new unit with longer cilinder here you can see the longer cy
  10. I found this, it's not cheap but they say it was reconditioned When I bought the esprit in 2009, my master pump was leaking oil. The car braked quite well, but the pedal was a bit hard. The abs group, (near the headlight) had been bought new by the old owner, so I I bought the latest new delco moraine powermaster III from the Lotus factory. Now it still works well and I hope it still works for a long time, the pump turns on every three or four brakes for a few seconds, and the ABS works well. I change
  11. Hi to all, I would like to change my rear cam cover oring, someone did it.(near the turbo cover plate) I think it is enough to remove the screws and remove the turbo cover and the circle cam cover, or do I have to pay attention to something else? Do I have to put some grease or oil on the new orings? thanks
  12. I finished the job. It was not difficult, but a bit 'long.I had to remove the cables from the tail of the gearbox, impossible without detaching them and I had to drill two holes on the fiberglass to remove the screws holding the support plate of the rubber gaiter. The old rubber of the leverages were not bad, but the leverages bolt had come loose and so the lever was moving too much, now I've put everything new and the gearbox is perfect. Chris I did not find a jeep shifter so I used soft driveshaft boot. thanks guys, without your help it would have been more difficult
  13. Impeller alternative for chargecooler pump : JABSCO 9200-0013B
  14. ah ah ,yes Filip a bit complicate I am an Esprit owner from 10 years,so I became an expert in Delco Moraine powermaster 3 ... I did not want to say that the Esprit is fragile or a bad car, but I believe that a truly beautiful and well-maintained esprit is normal that its price is not very low. Unfortunately I am a bit "manic", it must work all in the car, including ice detection .... fortunately in Italy we do not have big problems of rust, you can find cars of 30 years like new
  15. fantastic color I agree, but there are some things of the Esprit that are embarrassing. For example, I have the ABS, the previous owner had to change all the ABS system first,then I had to change the delco moraine brake master pump. Price has been very expensive. Fortunately my tanks are still beautiful, I hope, but many have had to replace them, it is not easy and not cheap. Is true everything else can be done alone, but it is always a delicate car.
  16. 243hp Standard 2Llike Italy S4 ,GT3 has 240hp but Is more lighter.
  17. I do not know if they are included in 50 LHD, but I've seen about 10 in Italy in 20 years... unfortunately the car has all of the S4s but the hp are only 243.Only the old SE in Italy has 268hp
  18. a beautiful S4s for sale in a Lotus workshop near my house. Unfortunately with the 912 2-liter engine original equipment in Italy. .... the workshop
  19. It 's true many cars have rise too much price.In Italy the price of a Lancia Delta evoluzione can reach € 80000 an Escort Cosworth 45000, an omega carlton lotus 70000 I think it's too much.Also the esprit have rise but not very much, if you want to sell the right price is around 30000/35000 € only if really beautiful. I think that the right amount for a well maintained and reliable esprit can be around between 30,000 and 40,000. The Esprit need a lot of maintenance and often something expensive breaks up, unfortunately. It's expensive to keep them in good condition. jacques, I think
  20. hi Luca beautiful car compliments. what area are you? ciao Luca bellissima macchina complimenti,dove abiti?non siamo in molti qui
  21. Name: Lotus Esprit SE (1989-1991) Click to view: Lotus Esprit SE (1989-1991)
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