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  1. Hi Max, Many thanks for getting back to me ..that's what I was hoping would be the case.....I guess I just needed a sanity check as the other groove I spotted below confused me momentarily. Thanks again for confirming Kind Regards, Ed
  2. Hi, I am currently doing some rebuild work on my engine and I have a query on the camshafts? Based on the spec of my Elite 502 1976 I should have "C" Type camshafts fitted. The Lotus manual for "C " Type states "Identification on shank between pulley and cam housing " = plain (so no grooves). Not looked at this for a long time so when I looked at the cams i see the area on the photo marked under 1 is plain with no grooves. However the area i have marked as 2 on the photo shows a thin groove ? Hence my confusion is it a "C" Type CAM with no grooves or a "D" type CAM with one groove? I have always assumed I had C Type cams fitted ...please can someone clarify from the photo as to where exactly the groove should be if any to identify the cam type either located at 1 or 2 ?
  3. CarFest South is being held at Laverstoke Park farm ,Overton nr Basingstoke Hampshire - beleive its sold out now - link below
  4. I will be there on the Club Lotus Stand as part of the "Lotus Magnificent Seven " Display with my Lotus Elite. Ed Dorset_Elite Lotus Elite 502 (Essex Blue)
  5. If anyone is going to Carfest this weekend please pop over and say hello as I will be on the Club Lotus Stand as part of the "Lotus Magnificent Seven Display" with my Lotus Elite. Best Regards Ed Dorset_Elite Lotus Elite 502 (Essex Blue)
  6. Hi All, I will be there at Castle Combe again like last year - look forward to seeing other ELites , Eclats and Excels at the event. Look forward to the parade laps! Best Regards, Ed Lotus Elite 502 'Essex Blue'
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