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  2. My car was imported privately to Australia from the UK by the previous owner. Mainly for my own curiosity, is there a way (preferably online) to trace the original UK number plates from a vin?
  3. Fun! And that is absolutely what I get whenever I open my shed door. (whether I'm going to drive the car or I'm just squeezing past it to find a shovel.)
  4. Thanks. That is exactly what I was after. I'll get right onto it.
  5. I'm planning a trip to the uk later this year and hope to include a tour of the Lotus factory. I've heard that you can get certificates detailing the history of your car. I have a few questions. 1. What is actually on the certificates? 2. How much do they cost? 3. Do you think they are worth it? And 4. How do you go about organising one? Thanks in advance.
  6. I am about to replace the rocker cover gaskets on my Excel as one of them is leaking. They are the curved 'saddle' type. The workshop manual says to use the gaskets and put silastic on both sides. I have heard that they can be a bit painful to fit correctly and are prone to leaking. Does anyone have any handy hints for fitting the gaskets or is it just a matter of gasket + silastic? Cheers Daryl
  7. Thanks for the responses guys. I might have to find a time to give lotusbits a call. I may even try and get their suspension kit and see if I can get someone to install it. That is, of course, after I remedy the sheared bolt on my thermostat housing... It never ends...
  8. I realise this topic has been done to death but I thought I would ask a question specific to my needs. (I've had a quick look on the forum but it didn't give me all the answers.) I'm am looking at replacing my suspension and toying with the idea of giving it a go myself. I am a complete novice when it comes to suspension however. The dampers definately need replacing. I don't know if the springs need replacing. How do I check? What dampers would you recommend? I am in Australia but don't mind buying online from overseas. Can I replace the dampers without removing the springs? My other option is taking it to the pros and letting them replace them for me. I would still like an idea of the best dampers to go with however. Pre-emtive thanks. Daz
  9. I've been away from the forum for a while and haven't seen this thread before. Anyway, here is my 83 Excel. It's a pic I've posted before but it is my favourite.
  10. Hi guys, I am looking to replace my radiator hoses on my 83 Excel but am struggling to find the parts. I have contacted some dealers who do not have stock. I have sent Lotusbits multiple enquiries but am yet to hear back from them. I have managed to find one hose (from the pipe to the radiator) but cannot find the other two (from the pump to the pipe and the bottom radiator hose). Does anyone know if these parts are available anywhere or if there are any alternative parts? Cheers Daryl
  11. Thanks for the replies. I ended up finding one locally but it didn't solve the problem. Back to square one...
  12. This picture was taken a few years ago (and is also my avatar pic) but is still the nicest pic I have of my Excel. The second pic is a lineup of cars at a meeting in King's Park, Perth, WA. (Only ruined by that thoughtless silver hatchback!)
  13. I need some help regarding sourcing a new Cooling Fan Thermal (Otter) Switch. I haven't had any luck finding one in any of my local (Western Australia) motoring shops. I have found them on UK websites which I will order from one if I need to. Does anyone know a manfacturer and/or part number of the genuine or an alternative Otter switch?
  14. Thanks Mike. I managed to get the fans working today. It was a case of a blown fuse which had been attached to the wiring loom. A new fuse and, hey presto!
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