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  1. I read somewhere that the windscreen on the Boomerang was at the sharpest angle possible. One more degree and the driver wouldn't be able to see out. I guess he'd just get a reflection of the top of the dash!
  2. This Elite has been for sale forever on this website. I think if they really wanted to sell it they could have advertised it with some better pictures. The reason I bring it up here however is the bumpers look odd to me. I don't know a lot about Elite bodywork but the bumpers on this car don't seem to match the bodywork. Any ideas? Cheers Daryl Elite in Oz
  3. Hi guys, I recently removed my bonnet and upon re-attaching it I have come across a problem. I've having some major dramas getting the gas strut back on. It's fully extended and it's longer than the gap between where it needs to be fixed. I can't compress it at all to make it fit. It was on there before so theoretically it should go back on. I hope there's a simple solution. Cheers Daryl
  4. Interesting. The dash looks the same as mine except for the hump infront of the steering wheel. I've never seen one like that before.
  5. My sympathies for your loss. In my experience, people are often upbeat in the days leading up to committing suicide. Friends and family feel they are making progress and getting through their dificulties but their happiness is due to the fact they have decided to commit suicide and, because it will soon be over, they feel like the weight has been lifted. Sorry for your loss. Daryl
  6. Hi! I'm over from the old forum and like others have said, this forum seems just as friendly and helpfull as the old one. Cheers Daryl
  7. Hi guys, My Excel has a black plastic surround along the edges of the rear window that has cracked and deteriorated. I don't know if this is a standard item or if it is an after market item. The plastic seems to have just been stuck to the top of the join of the window and bodywork. Does anyone else have this? Is it original and is a replacement available? Cheers Daryl
  8. Hi guys, I've come over from the old Excel, Eclat, Elite forum. I have an 83 Excel in Perth, Western Australia. (Pic in my avatar and a larger version in the garage section) Cheers Daryl
  9. Does anyone know if any Lotus Racing merchandise will soon be available? I'd also love to get my hands on a 1:18 model car. Anyone know who is making them and/or when they will be released? Cheers Daryl
  10. I was very impressed by this response. Northam wasn't quite as good as what I was hoping for but at least it was a nice sunny day and it was good to get out and about. The main thing that impressed me about this response was that it wasn't a generic reply. Someone actually read the email and wrote a reply to it. Kudos Lotus Racing!
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