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  1. Thanks Richard. I’ve emailed a couple of times without luck. Will take your advice and call them. Cheers. Paul.
  2. Looking for a couple of original S1 wheels. I have 3 ! My Eclat has aftermarket wheels but the spare is original. I have sourced an additional pair. Looking for another 2 to complete. I’m in Canada and will pay for shipping. Thanks in advance.
  3. I’ve been contemplating the same switch but I have a series 1 not the 2.2. The folks at Octagon motor group think it’s doable. Key is the right gear box however A couple of questions that we couldn’t find answers to, is the gear shift in the same spot or close enough to avoid modifying the consul Do we fit a full peddle box or add just a peddle and the cable / pully mount that inevatably snap the cable of not sorted properly so in short term decided to have the auto rebuilt so far and it’s a short period I’m much happier after the rebuild while not as engaging as the manual and ultimately you only have 3 gears it is a much better delivery after the rebuild than before so for now I’m putting the swap to manual on the back burner until I find the energy and commitment i did think about the zf from the sunbeams but I’m assured it won’t fit
  4. Well. It’s back together shifting great. Better than ever. Quite a saga to get the box in and out. Slid engine forward. Off mounts. Removed prop shade and drives. Seems the process has messed the the speedo and rev counter along with the dash dials. I’m thinking the latter is an earth fault as the fuses are fine. This weekend will try and get the rev counter and speedo drives figured out. Ah the joys.
  5. Thanks Dunc. It’s in pieces in the shop. Visiting tomorrow and will post photos. Fingers crossed. They are trawling through their parts bins as we speak. Paul. Quick update. Pictures say it all. Lots of pieces. Shop had a donor. Nothing terminal I’m told. Looked it to me!! Some BMW internals going in lots of wear and some ingenious juggling and we should be back together later this week. Couple of parts from SJS on the way and good as new.
  6. Thanks Dunc. It’s in pieces in the shop. Visiting tomorrow and will post photos. Fingers crossed. They are trawling through their parts bins as we speak. Paul.
  7. Well. Had the 524 for 10 years. Always thought the auto box was a t35. Turns out it's a t65. No clue if that's good or bad. saga to date the Eclat has been of the road for about a year, head was damaged due to over heating and damaged between the middle cylinders. Short version, engine rebuilt at Octagon motor group, Vancouver , sorted and tidied wiring at the same time. New servo couldn't be found so original rebuilt and returned with life time warrany. Not sure if that's based on my life time, the servo, or the car....regardless I will take it. Shout out to Octagon if you're on the west coast seriously consider these folks . Small but focussed British repair shop . the rebuild highlighted that we have a gearbox problem, won't upshift until 6000rpm. Certainly tested the motor rebuild. Droppd it off this morning at a transmission specialist. We had discussed the car before dropping it off. "Old" Larry was dispatched to look at the car...38 year veteran at the shop, worked on God knows how many t35's. Popped the hood, sorry I'm sort of Canadian , actually a Geordie but been away far too long, immediately focussed on a cable to the carbs and got to work. Aparantly this cable is the key and was not engaging the throttle movement to the to me . i asked if he knew of any upgrades that would be worth investing given this box is fitted to jags, MGC's and V8's etc etc . He didn't so after a couple of hours Larry confirms the box is a t65 and is not bad, full of shrapnel but fixable... will keep you posted and to performance once done..fingers crossed.
  8. Good exchange and post. I have an Eclat 524 with auto and I agree the box saps the power. Just doesn’t seem to match the engine. Seemed a good idea at the time I bought it... I’ve just had the engine rebuilt and now starting on what to do with the gearbox. As I’m in North America I’m hoping I have an easy alternative. Heading to transmission specialist to see what they can offer The box has been used in many applications. Jags, MG, so I can handle the power but not the torque band of he 907. My view anyway. I’m hoping they have a box of tricks Will keep you posted.
  9. Cheers Kieran i google Aberdeen craigslist and in the search window type lotus lots of big valve motors listed. This particular engine comes and goes, as soon as I ask questions on detail he gets very adgitated. Assuming it's a scam if u can pop and check it out I will pay full price. Assuming u don't buy it lol regards paul Lotus Excel SE 2.2L HC engine, also used in the late naturally aspirated Esprits. This engine has been rebuilt with many new parts - liners, pistons, rings, bearings, gaskets, lightweight steel cam followers, oversize stainless steel valves, uprated rod bolts and reprofiled camshafts. This specification typically produces around 220hp. The carburettors have been fully stripped, ultrasonicaly cleaned and rebuild with new gaskets, bearings and diaphagms. The flywheel is a steel item from the Esprit and has been bead blasted and reground. The engine has been chemically cleaned and fitted with all new hoses, plated nuts and bolts. The cam covers have been powder coated and refaced. This is an HC engine and therefore has the usual HC refinements - HTD pullies, manual tensioner, large port head, power jet (tri jet) carbs, late type cam carriers, forged pistons etc. do NOT contact me with unsolicited services or offers post id: 6117937716 posted: 18 days ago updated: 18 days ago email to a friend ♥ best of [?]hrskien
  10. Noticed this engine listed again on Aberdeen craiglist. Scouring for a new engine for my Eclat. This one was posted last year and I'd assumed sold. Popped up again łast week. When I started to dig a little the owner got tetchy. I'm in Canada and had heard of the scam running last year. Anyone else checked out the listing. Cheers. Paul
  11. Richard. Much appreciated. I've been "googling" with little luck on this side of the pond. Good links. Much appreciated. Paul
  12. Dave. Sounds very interesting. Could you send a couple of photo's. What's included, carbs., exhaust manifold etc. Also what age was the elite is it a 1973cc or the 2.2. Many thanks for taking the time to reply. Ps your site / shop has some interesting machines. All the best. Paul.
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