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  1. thx a lot i did'nt know what is the name exact in english for these nuts .
  2. hi guys, do you know where can i buy "cage nut" : it's the nut for fix for example the rear bump to the body but there are many in lotus esprit on the glass fiber body. ??? Cedric, from france
  3. hi guys, For you what is the best model ? technical, mechanical, body, chassis, ... S1, S2, S3, Turbo, SE, V8 ....... it's just for fun.
  4. no i don't really want adjust height of my car but my suspension are really old and tired and i must change them. my manifold crack and after read a lot of post i'm going to change by the stainless sj sportcars one cause i think it's better than the original. so if the original dampers are good i change for the same, but if the experience of this forum users can help me for fit better one why not ? i don't want to regret my choices so i ask many questions. and i thank you all of you for your answers. Ced
  5. i look this morning, and my S3 is a pre 85. so if it's possible to fit the ""bilstein" suspension i'm very interested else which good kit can i fit on ?
  6. what a quickly answer ! i will see tomorrow , under my car if there is a single or a double pivot then i'll known. thanks for all.
  7. hi guy, i would like to know what are the differences between the two models of S3. i have an S3 nov-1984 and i must change the suspensions and i would like the "bilstein" but i don't know if they are compatible. sorry for my english i'm french.. cedric Rognes(13), France.
  8. SCC085912EHH10559 Giugiaro Esprit S3 N/A 1984 Rognes (13), France
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