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  1. Hi all. I have the two original nozzles I would like to install and get the washers working, but do not know what the original installation looked like. I presume they mount into the holes drilled into the ledge supporting the screen over the fresh air vent. Are there special fittings for mounting? I'm thinking of using brass compression fittings to hold them in place, but there might be a better solution. Any help and/or pictures would be greatly appreciated! Scott P.S. The washer pump is long gone. Where was this originally installed?
  2. I would like to fit an aftermarket steering wheel to my Elite 502. I imagine I'll need an adapter to mate a modern wheel to the splines on the original shaft, but haven't a clue where to look for one. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Scott
  3. Thanks for the reply, Paul. I think I'll use a moderate-strength silicone adhesive to bond the window in. I have both the cable release and a remote solenoid to operate the boot window, so hopefully will never have to remove it. I've also heard of people gaining access to the latch by removing the rear taillight. Scott
  4. Can someone tell me how the window between the cabin and the boot in my 1974 Elite is secured to the body? Mine was held in (poorly) by silicon sealant, but I'd like to think there was a more substantial system used by the factory. My reupholstery job is almost done so it's time to put it back in, and the original gasket is still intact. Thanks much.
  5. Did you ever find these trim pieces? I would make my own, but can't find smooth ABS strips. Thanks. Scott
  6. Solenoids actuated by a key fob. The rear hatch also opens remotely. Thanks for the compliment!
  7. OK, I've posted some pictures in the "Elite / Eclat / Excel Chat" picture thread, and a few more at higher resolution in the gallery section. Rex, do you recall which Japanese car you got the bonnet release lever from? Maybe an older Z car? Scott
  8. I finally completed the exterior of my 1974 Elite, so will post some pictures. There are more, higher resolution pictures in the "Gallery" section; search under "EliteEV". You can tell I've done some minor mods to the body, especially the bumpers. I think the Federal bumpers are an abomination, so did what I could with my limited skill to improve them.
  9. EliteEV


    1974 Federal Elite with body mods (mostly bumpers) and drivetrain converted into a battery electric vehicle.
  10. EliteEV

    EliteEV, rear

    From the album: EliteEV

  11. Here's a picture of the release mechanisms in the boot. I've made a cover that goes over the lever on the floor, to protect it. Carpet will be installed soon. The window trim is off getting anodized after I stripped the parts, fixed the dents, sanded out the scratches, and polished them. They should be done next week, after which I'll post pictures of the body. I would have liked to have refurbished the roof and windscreen trim, but getting them off and on again seemed too daunting. They will have to do.
  12. Thanks for the replies, Paul and Rex. That's exactly the information I needed. I agree with the dual cable approach. I did something similar with the tailgate by adding a solenoid to the stock manual release, and also have solenoids to open the doors. Removing the door handles is one of the slight modifications I made to the body. Sorry to you purists, but I really didn't like the looks of the handles, and the actuating mechanism was all bunged up. Once I get the trim back on I'll post some pictures in case you are interested.
  13. Thanks, Paul. Photos would be much appreciated. There are probably pullys involved, too. I have none of the hardware for the cables.
  14. I'm nearing completion of my S1 (just got it painted), and am sorting out the last few bits. I currently unlatch the bonnet by pulling on two short cables on the inside; these are attached to the latch levers through holes in the firewall. I feel certain this was not the original setup, and that both were probably activated by one lever. I would appreciate an explanation from someone on exactly how the original system worked. Thanks. Scott
  15. I've got 5 fairly nice S1 wheels I need to get rid. I'd hate to toss them, but will if no one steps up. The wheels are free, but you pay for packaging and handling. Scott
  16. Yes, there's a resistor in line. I found that out the hard way when I tested my bulb after removal with 12V. The bright flash told me I had done something silly. I'm thinking of trying a big LED, if I replace it at all.
  17. There's a company in the US called R1 Concepts that sells vented, cross-drilled rotors purported to fit my '74 Elite. I'm wondering if anyone has any experience with their products. My rotors get awfully hot and I'd like to get vented ones, but I'm also looking for quality. Thanks much, Scott
  18. I'm looking to replace the thin plastic trim that is glued onto the rear windows. An ideas where I can get that? It doesn't need to be "Lotus Approved," just something similar. Thanks much, Scott Washington State, US
  19. I have 5 good wheels I'm not using (don't know what diamond cut means). The bad new is that I'm in the US. Sample picture attached. Scott
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