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  1. Great articles, thank you. I'd read the 1st before, not realising it was the very same car. Was that before or after the nitrons i wonder. The guy from Selecting Gear says it is being sold on behalf of a private owner (hence no warranty option) which doesn't tally with the Hoffman's theory...
  2. And yet according to the ad it needed another £12k to take it to it's present condition. How recently did trevor sell does anyone remember? I wonder if it was abused/neglected at some point in between. My hope is that the current owner is just very fastidious and now the car in minty mint throughout. Probably too good to be true.
  3. Thank you Chris - all very helpful. I do worry slightly about running costs. This one seems to be well sorted though. If I put aside 2-3k pa to cover servicing and maintenance is that too optimistic? I drove an evora 400 at b&c last year and was very impressed- the smarr thing might be to spend my budget there. Of course, what I'd (theoretically) save on maintenance I'd probably lose in depreciation. And it's an esprit I want.
  4. That must be extremely lively... Yes, I will post my observations when the time comes (unless someone else beats me to the car). I assume these come up very rarely although I did notice the one about 6 months ago that started at £65k and was slashed to £55k before it sold. Off to Google UN1 gearbox...
  5. Yes I think so. I am accustomed to some decent shove. Will phone Gerry, the auction site guy, today. So you've owned it for 22 odd years? That's wonderful. What sort of power? Can the transmission take it or is that beefed up as well?
  6. No please, whet my appetite. One thing I'm not a fan of is a really crashy ride. How will those expensive nitrons be on the road?
  7. Thanks for the replies chaps. No one is using the word "dog" or telling me to run away so that's a good start. Yes I know they are very different cars but the dream since my teens was an esprit, not a specific model. I've owned so many weekend toys (noble, tuscans, corvette, gtr, 911, cobra rep, etc.) and found aspects to enjoy in all of them. I'm as happy with precise and delicate as I am with raging beast - if I had the funds I'd buy both of them. It's the 350 that stirs me though...
  8. In addition to the s4s, I've also been looking at this: And also this: The sport 350 does strange things to me but with 8 owners I'm wondering if any of you know the car. Research on here has revealed a Mike Ring and a Trevor as previous custodians. The gt3 has 87k miles and although lovely I'm wondering if it's overpriced? Thanks.
  9. NiallEvo

    S4S info

    Apparently they have a red car with OZs coming on:
  10. NiallEvo

    S4S info

    Is that Stock sports cars? The blue one? The blue s4s above is sold btw. Contacted them about it.
  11. NiallEvo

    S4S info

    Thank you for the replies. That's my favourite colour as well. Would prefer the OZs but I guess you can't have everything. That's a new website I must monitor. I'm pretty tall at 6-4 so some fiddling with the seat base will be necessary. My knees are very close to the wheel so an aftermarket boss allowing a momo/sparco wheel will be in order I suspect. I'm in Colchester.
  12. NiallEvo

    S4S info

    Hello. I'm new around here but would like to change that. I definitely want to buy a later Esprit and I think an S4S would be the best option for me. I used to monitor the esprit market quite closely but 6 years of Noble/TVR ownership have distracted me from this. I see there are currently no S4Ss for sale and wondered if anyone could give me an idea how recent prices have been. Do they tend to be about the same as an equivalent GT3? More? I confess though, I am very tempted by the Sport 350 for sale at that Selected Gear site (11/50). Anyone know much about it? Thank you.
  13. Joe at Castle Lotus in Stanstead tells me he doesn't think there is a steering boss that will bring the wheel a little closer to me, either on an airbag or non-airbag Exige. Is he correct? A little more knee room wouldn't go amiss and that's how I've solved the problem in previous cars.
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