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  1. Hi the 410 wheels looks awsome on the evora 410. It is possible to put the wheels of the 410 on a Evora 400? in the Part list it says "only for the Evora 410" !! And: Where i can buy Lotus 410 parts? Must i go to Lotus ?? Are it possible to order via Partnumber on ? Thanks
  2. i am very exciting !!! Something NEW! Your thoughts?
  3. 4exige


    Great choice!!! Briliant car!!!
  4. 4exige

    Evora GT430

    Looks like a new GTE
  5. 4exige

    Evora GT430

    @Bibs we are extremly waiting for your secret news . I think it would be a Lotus Evora Sport 450. i am not sure that it would be 2+2. Maybe targa funktion....
  6. Hi Jorge. When you start in Reutte you can drive wonderfull Roads to over Steeg to Warth, Lech and then to Bregenzerwald (over Schröcken to Bezau) Are wonderfull Roads an nice places. You find millions of Hotels in this area. Wish you a nice trip to Austria ;-)
  7. Thanks Johnny. One of the question is that the ducktail fits also perfekt when it gets hot ( engine heating, sun is flashing on it) I am also not sure what i do with the electric calbel of the heating of the window and the backlight....
  8. And how are your experiences? do you not want to paint it black glossy? same as the roof?
  9. Hi I thinking about to replace my standard window bonnet to the elise-shop ducktail: Now my questions: Does anybody know how the quality of this part is( for 1800 Euros i hope so!!!!)? Did anyone replaced it so far? Need i to paint it black (same as the roof “black pack“) ? Ist it easy to install (what i do with the elektric cabel....)? Thanks for help Stefan
  10. Get ready for a little ride
  11. Does anybody know when B&C update their list on deroure for ordering 410 parts? Thx Stefan
  12. Hi Guys I was there on last Thursday. The shop is very dissapointing... They have no fresh stuff there and also not all sizes. espacial for men... i hope Lotus bring more merchandise and fresh stuff in the next few months BR Stefan
  13. i am in London at FR. Does anybody know if the lotus store in regent street still exist? thanks BR Stefan
  14. Hi My older daughter is 4 and the little one 2. i have testet a lot of seats but the best is this one: clicky There fit 2 seats perfekt together in the Evora for both children. And the children have pretty room for their feet. the seat is also not to big and looks good in the car. The cybex is also test winner in the market check here in austria... AND its not to exprensive
  15. end of working day tour
  16. Hi Pierre i have the car now 2 Weeks and i am completle flashed about the evora. The Car is awsome. Best Lotus that i ever had. you cloud be excited...
  17. Hi One Question. When you remove the old Letters, clean it , and paint it in the colour you want, how you put it back on the car? Do you take a glue or something else to stick it back? Double-sided tape? THX
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