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  1. Man, that's awful to see. It's bad enough when it's something like a Viper or an RX-7 FD, which aren't big-production cars either, but it's especially painful when you're talking about one of 10,xxx Esprits. I know some places (like the Corvette C4 ZR-1 guys) will keep track of VINs and total up how many are confirmed to have been lost. I wonder if someone has done the same for Esprits and have many are known to have gone to the junker.
  2. Am I eligible for this, as I don't actually have an Esprit I always thought that it was amazing the Esprit could best its contemporaries with half the number of cylinders. The idea of a 4 cylinder car going up against Ferrari was so ridiculously brilliant, it was hard not to love. For a little while, I thought that a "proper" Esprit would have a 4 cylinder. It may have been an idiosyncrasy, a quirky trait, but it was engineered wonderfully and helped make it unique. Even with the 4-pots, the Esprit got the short end of the stick when it first came out and it took a while for Lotus t
  3. It doesn't seem as bad as I've heard, if you take care of the car and treat it like it deserves.
  4. Geez, what caused 4500 pounds in repairs? Maintenance doesn't seem nearly as bad as I've been led to believe.
  5. So what'd it cost you to run your Esprit last year? I've read through a good deal of threads on maintenance costs, but they tend to fall into two categories - wickedly expensive, usually by someone who takes it to a shop, and surprisingly reasonable, usually a DIY mechanic. I know there are so many variables, such as blown engines, but I'd like to get a handle on what people on TLF are paying to keep their cars running. I'm in the minority here, being from the US, so I've got to do a little mental math to convert those other currencies and to keep in mind that all things automotive tend to
  6. Oh yeah, I've seen Hilly's S3 Audi V8 conversion and it looks sweet. I could only wonder how much it would cost to custom fabricate and fit a third-party engine/transmission. It's numbers like that that make me think that paying $$$ for UN1 and 918 upgrades isn't such a bad idea. Then there's the whole cool factor of having having a proprietary Lotus flatplane V8 back there. Not that I haven't thought of a BMW S62 V8 and 6-speed conversion. Sure would be cool to find a wrecked E39 M5 and yank the combo out of there...
  7. Forgive me if this has been mentioned before; like always, I try to search and research the crap out of something before I open up a new thread on it. Some of the recent threads floating around the Esprit V8 Tech Room have had me wondering - has anyone seen/heard of a 918 with the turbos removed? A good turbocharged engine can be great, but they can also mean extra heat, complexity, expensive repairs and weight. Hearing that the 918 has been so gimped from the factory has me wondering if there's still enough steam left in it when it's uncorked to put out good numbers without forced inductio
  8. Stupid question, but what's it cost for a typical rebuild on the V8 itself? Excluding the turbos and such. I don't own one, but I've been trying to get a grasp on prices for V8 parts and I'm wondering if they're, on the whole, simply expensive or arm-and-a-leg expensive.
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