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  1. Prepare for another entry in which I drone on at length about a subject with which I recently became familiar - carburetors, specifically Dellorto DHLA carburetors. The TL;DR (too long; didn't read) version is: After researching Dellorto carburetor calibrations until my eyes dried up, in trying to properly tune my completely-out-of-tune DHLA45's, I second guessed my findings and abilities to the point that I took the car to a specialist who, without my intervening, charged well over $1000 to do *exactly* what I had planned to do, had I done the work myself (though, let's be honest... they pro
  2. While not that exciting, it's worth mentioning that tires for this car are difficult to find. To make a long, not-so-interesting story less long: I found that (in the US) carries a lot of off-brand tires, many of which come in stock Elite sizes. It's difficult to decided between a lot of unknown brands, as there just isn't much information available on them. In the end, then, I chose Accelera Phi-R tires. Accelera Phi-R seem to be somewhat popular with the drifting crowd because they are cheap and not awful. OH well, the whole set was $300, shipped; so if I end up replacing
  3. I'm a little behind on updates, so to start the catch-up, let's talk about the never-intended-to-be-a-project project: the front bumper. When I was installing the front suspension, while sitting on the ground in front of the car, I noticed that the bumper wasn't straight. It wasn't far off, and, honestly, I'd never noticed it was off until I was sat on the ground just a couple feet away. But... I can't leave well enough alone, so I thought I should fix it. In doing so, I realized that the bumper "skin" was sagging on the top surface, the marker/flashers were installed upside down (with
  4. Interesting (and valuable) to hear that you prefer the Getrag. I’ve read that the w58 gear ratios are more suited for our car, but have heard no first-hand experience. What did you use for a bell housing? The Lotus unit? I fear that (The Lotus bell housing) will be near impossible to find in the US... I believe Lotus stopped importing the Elite/Eclat/Excel before the switch to Getrag.
  5. For the Googlers, I got a little more info from (thanks for the suggestion, John), so I'll add it here to spread the knowledge:
  6. HA! Found it. In the Dellorto Carburetor section of the Esprit Workshop manual, they show the tag numbers (oddly, in the Elite Workshop manual, they don't): So my carbs are from a high-compression (?) Excel, which is a "Spec 10".
  7. For the record, I just went back to the car to double-check the ID tags and noticed that there is actually a faint "D" stamped next to the "DHLA45" casting, so these are DHLA45D's. Maybe they are Lotus after all? research continues...
  8. Thanks Dan - that does help to some degree. I know, now, that these aren't Lotus carbs. From your image, I was able to find a pdf of the book you've got: ... but, unfortunately, it doesn't list 5381 or 5382, so original source, and therefore original calibration is unknown. I suppose that means I'm left to pulling it apart to see what's in it. I sense another project in the making. From my research, it appears that the Lotus "Spec 5" setup is the best starting point. Not an inexpensive target
  9. All US Elites came with Stromberg carburetors. My 1974, however, has Dellortos. From where they came, I have no idea. The stamp in the casting says "DHLA45" with no letter after it. (Were all non-turbo Lotus Dellortos "DLHA45E"?). The ID tags are 5381 & 5382 (A & P). I'm working on a bit of a sputter at low revs & it would help if I knew the starting point of the carbs. I know there were several different Lotus specs, and that those specs were different from those of other manufactures. I believe the ID tag on the float chamber says for which car/engine it was originally se
  10. Welp... this is the only evidence I have, and I don't see any cracks, so I'm going to call them good and pretend this conversation never happened. (Good tip on checking them regularly - I'll put that on the list. Thanks!)
  11. Nope! Didn't know that was a thing. I did spend quite a lot of time cleaning/painting, but I wasn't looking for anything specific. Where do they crack - I'm guessing along one of the 90 degree bends? (I ask as I frantically look through all my disassembly pictures) Finger's crossed that they are OK - there's no way to see cracks now that they're coated.
  12. I was planning on this entry being for the front suspension and the "end of round one" - where the car would be in good running order, minus a few big items that could be put off for a later date. I'd hoped to get to those items after having had a chance to drive the car more than around the block. Instead, it's turned out to be a bit of bruised onion, where peeling off layers to repair them exposes underlying bruised layers that need attention. Having said that, I'm still of the opinion that it's in surprisingly good shape, considering its age. It might even be up to muster for some; b
  13. Thanks for that, Dan. Happy to see you're still on the forum - I asked you for tips for a roll cage for the Elite back in 2010. We're still racing it today, with that same cage!
  14. I don't mean to thread-jack for an Elite, but... I'm going to threadjack for an Elite. I was just coming here to post this very question for the same reason. For my '74 Elite, I have to replace a UJ because the zerk broke off, couldn't be removed with torx bit or extraction tool, and when I went to drill out and re-tap (while lying on my back under the car), the tap snapped & is lodged in the hole. So now it has to come out & I'll probably just replace the UJ. On the Facebook thread, some were saying the propshaft had to come out through the front. Is that true for the Elit
  15. The answer was pretty obvious when I finally dug the transmission out of storage and opened the case. Anyone need a paperweight? I think it's time for a W58. I believe Lotus Bits and Conversion Components are my sources for conversion kits, yes? Any other options?
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