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  1. I bought my car knowing that it has bad 2nd and 3rd gear synchros, BUT it came with a spare gearbox. When I bought it, the seller said that the spare was a "good" gearbox, but when I pressed him (after buying the car), he said that he didn't really know the condition of it. In fact, he had inherited the car, and the real previous owner is now deceased; so there's really no telling. With that... is there some way to determine if the gearbox is good before installing it? While I'm asking - any tips on replacing the gearbox? Does the engine have to come all the way out of the en
  2. Neil, I may be blind, but I didn't see anything in my workshop manual about additional bracing. Can you provide any more info, or ideas on where I can find it in the manual? On to today's update: Rewind back to my first post-purchase inspection of the car... One of the biggest issues I saw was a loose steering rack: The steering rack, then, became one of the "must have" fixes before getting back on the road. I called around to the usual suspects in the US to find a rack, but none were available. Shipping from the UK was cost-prohibitive, so rebuildin
  3. For anyone who gets to this thread from a search, I ended up making new shims. I drew the shim in Adobe Illustrator (because that's what I have access to) then gave the drawings to machine shop. I was going to use an online service for laser cutting until I found a friend who happens to own a CNC mill & did the work for free.
  4. Take this with a grain of salt, as I'm no expert, but I'll also add that a possible test for bad earth is to simply add another, temporary earth strap when the car doesn't start. When the car is misbehaving, run a jumper cable from the negative battery post to the engine block, then try to start again. If that works, you know you're not getting good earth. If that doesn't help, the problem exists elsewhere.
  5. In my case, at the end of the day, I ended up replacing the entire wiring harness. It was never right until I did. My OE wiring harness was in pretty bad shape - having been melted in several places with most of the terminals being fairly oxidized and most wires being frayed at the terminal: The first of my starter problems. by Brian Knudson, on Flickr Part of the old harness by Brian Knudson, on Flickr If you want to go that route, Auto Sparks has complete harnesses. They aren't cheap, but they are very well made:
  6. I'm in the process of rebuilding my steering rack using the Esprit rebuild kit from Lotus Marques (I'm told the early Esprit shares the manual rack with the Elite). It appears that my rack is a "frankenstein rack" in that many of the dimensions are slightly out of spec with the kit. I've already had to have the end bushing remanufactured locally, now I'm running into more problems with the pinion gear... My current challenge is that the replacement pinion bearings ride on sleeves that are a bit longer than the ones that came out. This makes the bearing spacer extend out of the housi
  7. Thanks! I'm having a hell of a time with the steering rack. The rebuild kit had parts that don't fit - forcing me to manufacture them myself. Luckily, I have a lathe at work... unfortunately, the dimensions I was given were wrong (my own fault for not verifying), so when I got the newly made bronze bush back home, it didn't fit. I'm going back tomorrow to make a second replacement bush, and can hopefully finish the rack this weekend. After that, the only thing stopping me from putting the whole thing back together is the front wheel bearings - still need to press the races out & have no
  8. We've got adjustable coilovers on the front of the race car ('74 Elite). They came from GAZ. We run a V8, so we called GAZ to get suggestions on which shocks/springs to use. They weren't very expensive and have lasted a long time. Can't comment much on experience being that it's a race car and never sees street use. They're fine on the track.
  9. I may have posted this elsewhere, but I've never seen this "Road Tested" sticker before, and think it's great
  10. This is great. I would have found it very handy while rewiring the car - would have saved a good day of tracing all the wires (in my case). Maybe because I don't have MS Word, I found the formatting to be substandard, so I reformatted and saved as a Google Doc. I also found and corrected a couple mistakes (white/red and one other that now escapes me) - probably from previous copy/paste attempts. Thanks for finding/sharing.
  11. I made one. After doing so, I can't say that it was a better decision that purchasing one from SJ. Mine on the left. it's the upper grill for S2 bumper - Not available in the US. It's smaller to be able to fit easier (just slightly larger than the opening in the bumper). Clamps not pictured. Lotus's on the right. It's the lower grill. Purchased from Dave Bean, here in the US. Mine is made from 6' of 1/8" metal rod ($18 from McMaster) and wire mesh ($7 from McMaster) that was very nearly the same size and type as the stuff Lotus used. Rod was bent with a pipe bender ($9 fr
  12. Thanks, Alec, but Triumph Herald parts are like hen's teeth in the US. For the record, RD Enterprises has the the Lotus part, but they're $60 each (as opposed to $25 + shipping from SJ). Being that they'll be here by this weekend, I just bit the bullet and ordered the expensive ones from RD. I'd still be interested to find what the alternative is - just for reference.
  13. Do we know where the early Elite got its track rod ends for the manual steering rack? I've read that the manual rack came from a Ford Granada/Capri, but the track rod ends are not the standard Ford parts (the idea of "not standard Ford parts" comes from this post) I'm trying to find a set in the US, but Dave Bean is out of stock with no expected restock date, so I'm looking for alternatives. Would rather not order from SJ due to time and cost of shipping to the US.
  14. Suspension. Well... rear suspension (my plan to do all four corners at once was thwarted by my garage) The plan was to completely remove all four corners and the steering rack, replace all bushings and other consumables (shocks, trunions, tie rods ends, etc etc), strip the rust/paint off all re-usable parts and treat with rust encapsulator/prevention. That plan was complicated by my very small garage and its mechanic's pit in the back half. "Mechanic's pit?" you ask? Yes, mechanic's pit. This is a picture from inside the pit (ignore the dodgy thing I'm doing with the jack):
  15. Wow, thanks for that, Tony. Much appreciated!
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