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  1. Seems like my car (there were only 2 ever made in this colour) but that is a different reg to what was on the car when I bought it, is that possible? I sold the car to Westover Lotus in Poole. I know it didn#t take them long to sell it but seems strange it would end up at a random (non Lotus) dealer!? Woza.
  2. Probaly not but then an Atom isn't designed to be driven all the time so I wouldn't feel as guilty having it sat in the garage!
  3. Speak to a couple of dealers. They told me that IPS cars were difficult to budge....
  4. Indeed that was my car. I just wasn't using it so sold it. Someone will get a lovely car. Having had 4 Lotus' including 2 evora's i'm thinking of going totally different and getting an Atom next!
  5. Seems a little strange that the valve is closed at low revs. As mentioned previously, I thought it was broken so sent it back. Surely sport should stay open at all times and non sport closed at all times..... W.
  6. Bump - does anyone have a definitive answer here......keen to understand others' thoughts
  7. Thanks. Shall give them a try.
  8. Have had a renewal quote from AIB but wondering who else people are using as it's always worth ringing round! Woza.
  9. Mine did this and I thought it shouldn’t so sent it back. Whoops!
  10. I really don’t think it would do it justice!
  11. Had the valved unit from 2bular fitted to my evora S yesterday. For anyone contemplating whether to do it or not the answer is a resounding yes. In 'normal' mode it is just like 'sport' was on the standard exhaust (with no drone). And when in 'sport' it sounds exactly like the car should do - it is unreal! A lot of money but well worth every penny. Videos wont do it justice so i wont bother trying to record one! Woza.
  12. Wanted to resurrect this thread @superdavelotus what paint did you use? Was it specific metal paint? i have stuff I did my house gates and railing. Something similar? Mine need some TLC. Thanks, Woza.
  13. 2014 Burnt Orange S here. Certificate of provenance suggests 1 of only 2 ever made.
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