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  1. Probaly not but then an Atom isn't designed to be driven all the time so I wouldn't feel as guilty having it sat in the garage!
  2. Speak to a couple of dealers. They told me that IPS cars were difficult to budge....
  3. Indeed that was my car. I just wasn't using it so sold it. Someone will get a lovely car. Having had 4 Lotus' including 2 evora's i'm thinking of going totally different and getting an Atom next!
  4. Seems a little strange that the valve is closed at low revs. As mentioned previously, I thought it was broken so sent it back. Surely sport should stay open at all times and non sport closed at all times..... W.
  5. Bump - does anyone have a definitive answer here......keen to understand others' thoughts
  6. Thanks. Shall give them a try.
  7. Have had a renewal quote from AIB but wondering who else people are using as it's always worth ringing round! Woza.
  8. Mine did this and I thought it shouldn’t so sent it back. Whoops!
  9. I really don’t think it would do it justice!
  10. Had the valved unit from 2bular fitted to my evora S yesterday. For anyone contemplating whether to do it or not the answer is a resounding yes. In 'normal' mode it is just like 'sport' was on the standard exhaust (with no drone). And when in 'sport' it sounds exactly like the car should do - it is unreal! A lot of money but well worth every penny. Videos wont do it justice so i wont bother trying to record one! Woza.
  11. Wanted to resurrect this thread @superdavelotus what paint did you use? Was it specific metal paint? i have stuff I did my house gates and railing. Something similar? Mine need some TLC. Thanks, Woza.
  12. 2014 Burnt Orange S here. Certificate of provenance suggests 1 of only 2 ever made.
  13. I'm with Team Langoustine at Tetre Rouge.
  14. Sounds great. Not taking my car to LM this year. Hopefully see yours around. Which site are you on?
  15. Apologies for the thread drift but i have just seen 2bular offer a de-cat for the S cars. I didn't think the S's had the 3rd cat as standard? I'm thinking of buying one to see the difference - any insight anyone? Woza.
  16. woza

    TLF GT430 Club

    I used to live in Liss - so not far. On the coast now. Hopefully see you around!
  17. Another for AIB. Just renewed with them. By far the most competitive rate in the market and very friendly to deal with!
  18. here is my burnt orange sports racer. The certificate of provenance tells me its 1 of 2. I had a burnt NA Evora too. Colour looks different in all lights.
  19. Afternoon all, i have always used BoT in the past but need an urgent MOT - the Evora S's first one. Who are people using these days? I'm near Southampton. TIA, Woza.
  20. When can we expect pricing information @Bibs ??
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