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    Jeff Kayser
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    '85 Turbo Esprit, Saab 96 V4, Saab 900 convertible
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    SE Liners/Pistons, optically close to James Bond car
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  2. Hi, I'm almost new here it the forum, but I'm Esprit fan for a while. I'm looking for an G-Turbo, but I can understand the wish to go back to the roots with the design. If you really go in these deep mechanical transformations, you should also adapt the exterior to your ideas. I've googled a bit to find the prototypes that Giugiaro made, and your proposal goes in the same direction. And in the end of the day no Esprit is more original than Giugiaro's prototype . There is one thing that I don't like on your photoshop pictures. You should really add some bumpers. It could really look like some other 70ies supercar like the Maserati Boomerang. The best would be to put some halfintegrated chrome bumpers like on the prototype. I really like that. Here are some pics of the initial design: Cheers Kaes
  3. Hi David, That's exacty the car that I am looking at. Unfortunantly I'm not in the UK, so for met it's quite difficult to say if I really could consider to buy it. If it's an interesting deal, I would either take the plane to have a look on it, or the car with the trailer. I appreciate your proposal to visit it with me, I'll get back to you if needed. Basically I'm looking for a car, where I don't need to put too much budget to get it up and running, I rather prefer to put as much of manpower as needed to get it on the road. As soon as it is running, I would take my time to redo part by part until it's in a good condition. For the transport, I would like to know if I could drive the car back to the continent, meaning at lease 300 miles on road to Folkestone. I use the trailer for the rest. Cheers Kaes
  4. Hi Guys I'm new to this forum, but I'm happy to see such an big amount of dedicated people. I'm also very interested in the drawings for the stickers. I own a plotter that I can use to do basically all these decals by myself and I guess I will need it as soon as I own a Esprit myself. I made some basic drawings already by myself in an vector format. Could I get your files? Cheers Kaes
  5. Hi, I am new in this forum, so I would like first say hello to everybody. At pistonheads, I've seen an Esprit at Merseyside that cought my eye and I was wondering if anybody knows this car. Thanks in advance. Cheers Kaes
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