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  1. I just purchased the kit, i assume you need some sort of lube you need to use on the parts as your doing the overhaul....any suggestions?
  2. Hi Andy, my buddy with an 1991 Esprit SE acquired a Yaris (US model) column and another Esprit steering column....not sure about the prius that something extra he had to buy? He is looking for more information on how to graft the two parts together. Could you or roger, cyril post more pictures as you go forward and note any difficulty? My buddy may be interested in buying couplings also. Thanks!
  3. I also want to replace the fuel pipes on my 91 SE. Where did you end up buying the fuel pressure O-Ring? I assume that needs to be replaced? What about the fuel hose fittings...what do you did you use there?
  4. Isn't that interesting....I have a 0x6cE5 on my SE, but I was told it was an S4S chip. Is there any benefit to upgrade to a real S4S chip...or a Powerchip S4S?
  5. I'd be interested if you did the Lotus Esprit SE (1990-1993)'s the high unit sales of all the Esprits...1,608. The Stephens Esprit (1988-1990) is second at 1,572
  6. The EBPV is still on the car, but it's wired fully open. I did verify that it's open. I have renewed some of the parts of the car all within the last few years: new MSD ignition coils, new spark plug wires, new fuel filter, electric charge cooler pump, newer S4S fuel injectors, BOV. I owned the car for 10 years and never had an issues until now.
  7. Hi SailorBob...I'm not sure aboure the BLM/CL....I did have a flat battery before and also reset the ECU by disconnecting from the battery. So any correction terms could have been lost. Not sure what BLM is. I've had flat batteries many times and never had this sort of issue. How do I see the BLM/CL from EspritMon. I've done the correct reset sequence and let the car run for 20 minutes with headlight on. I did have a mix of old gas an new gas with some Stabil gas preservative. I filled the car up before I put it away in Oct/November. Can you suggest a course of next action? Do the sensor look OK?
  8. Hi Ian...Attached are the log files (CSV files). If you could take a peek that would be great. Thanks! esprit91SE_warmup.log esprit91SE_warmidle.log
  9. I'm running all stock fuel injectors, they were replaced with a used set of S4 injectors about 4-5 years ago. All the engine sensors are still original from 1991. The car is all stock with the exception of a BOV valve and upgraded memcal (S4S code?) that my mechanic gave me years ago. It's been running fine until recently. I forgot to mention the car just sounds different when it idles, a different type of resonance in the house. Maybe the clues are in the logs? The car's problem just continue on when it's driving. It just feels like the engine is going to stutter and die. I should also mention this morning it took 2-3 tries for the cars to cold start - usually it's just one.
  10. I've got a 1991 Esprit SE and it's starting to act weird when I took it out of winter storage. In all honesty, I suspect this problem appeared this fall. Basically, the car is idling very strange (all the time), feels it's very rich, feels like it's missing (some times), and I've heard it back fire once. I'm afraid to drive the car too far since the engine feels like it's going to cut out/stall. There are no check engine lights (CEL) lights at all. I used EspritMon to capture some of the logs and wanted to see if any ECU experts could tell me which sensor(s) are not functioning or where to look to diagnose this issue. Attached are two zip files of the car warming up and a second one where it's a warm idle. I have reset the ECU and attempted re-calibration. I noticed the TPS values are 0-84, but an issue for another day.
  11. How can I verify the part numbers for my 1991 Esprit SE? Last time I bought what I thought was the correct part turned out to be something totally different (I think a AC control unit!). I have a 1988 parts book that sufficient? Thanks, Chandra
  12. I just posted a video of my 1991 Esprit SE that a friend made and set to Queen's 'Driven by you'. It was taken last fall here in New England and the Esprit stands out with all the autumn colors. He really did a nice job and figured you guys would enjoy it also. It's in Hi-def (720p) if you youtube allows it. -Chandra 1991 Lotus Esprit SE Pearl White/Beige
  13. Please say it has lamborghini doors :-) -Chandra 91SE
  14. Thanks for the replies! Would you recommend the British Museum? I understand it great Egyptian sculptures, including the rosetta stone. I was also thinking about the Imperial War museum? Thanks, Chandra 91 Esprit SE
  15. The family and I are traveling on Holiday from Boston to India in early June and we are making a 2.5 day pitstop in London. We are staying in the Kensington area (near Paddington station?). I wanted to get some advice on what to see in the short time we have, esp. things that kids (10 & 11) shouldn't miss. I'd like to do one Lotus thing if possible (any dealers or parts places nearby?). Thanks, Chandra 91 Esprit SE
  16. Is it possible to get the fully made-up seat leather from Lotus and have them installed locally here in the US? Or are Esprit seats so custom that it can't be done. Does Lotus replace the foam also if it's worn? Thanks, Chandra 91SE
  17. My 91SE water pump was dripping when I go the car with 36k miles. I also rebuilt the water pump while I was changing the belt, thermostat and tensioner. I warn you that it's a bitch of a job - and the advantage I had was that I had someone helping me who has done the job 4-5 times. It took us 2 full days. It's extremely close quarters and nothing comes off easy....but it can be done. The process of rebuilding the pump was not hard if you have the right tools...just be careful of the tolerances. I'd also recommend that you make sure JAE sends you all the right parts before you start- there are many different types of seals for the water pump. I think you can prolong the life of the water pump by using better coolant than the green stuff. -Chandra 91SE
  18. I can attest that it's possible to do...we changed the water pump, timing belt and aux belts on my 91SE last year, all with the engine in the car. The alternator belt was a bitch as we had to rotate it slowly on the pully to get the belt on...the belt was that darn tight. -Chandra 91SE
  19. According to the data I've collected the Trico part # is NVP610 24. Apparently the double pack wiper is available at the Australian K-Marts for $7 AUD. Does anyone want to pick me up one? -Chandra 91SE
  20. Yes I've done this.....t actually not a hard job to do, the hardest part is getting on/off the heat shield next to the turbocharger (due to the lack of room). There was only a few teaspoons of oil when I took my cover off. One hint I have is that with the new o-ring gasket in place, it's impossible to get the cam cover back what I did was tightened the heat shield nuts (without the heat shield) on the studs to get everything back into to place. Once that was done took off the nuts and put the heatshield on. While you in there, you might as well replace the upper o-ring also. -Chandra 91SE
  21. I have an original manifold on my 91SE (38K) has a hairline crack on the manifold between cylinders 3+4...but it's been there for the last couple of years. I've heard that they mostly crack between 3-4...can anyone verify? -Chandra 91SE
  22. Lotus can't stock the pre-SE plastic bumpers as I was told the tooling was destroyed/sold-off by previous Lotus managements. What insanity. -Chandra 91SE
  23. While your in there you might want to add an oil thermostat...both Hayden and Mocal both made oil thermostats that fit where the filter goes. I'd be interested in seeing your AC's on my to-do list. -Chandra 91SE
  24. I don't need rear discs (yet)...but am curious - are rear brake discs unobtainium from Lotus? How about any other 3rd party? -Chandra 91SE
  25. My electric chargecooler pump is at the same location at your old setup...I noticed that the pump was not priming also because I used a clear hose for the output side. So I repositioned the pump slightly lower and that did the trick...working pump! -Chandra 91SE
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