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  1. Hi there ,my cure for same problem over the years is to hand brake off engine off wedge clutch pedal down or get some one to depress select third gear and jog car backwards a few times if nothing happens jog it forward keep repeating until you hear it release and car free wheels hope it works for you Cheers Ian
  2. Hi Peter , I use Lucas p/s stop leak sorted out a lot of problems and it works fine , its a bit thicker than your usual p/s fluid . Cheers Ian
  3. Hi Michael Another thing that can cause a mis read its not difficult for the dipstick to go where the short part of it hits the top of tube or for the top of tube to go in between the split part of dipstick so its essential that a visual check is made before taking the reading as true Cheers Ian go into the split in dipstick so a visual check is essential cheers Ian
  4. Hi Tom ,could not quite make it out from photo but is there a wire running from a small terminal on the starter motor to the pos.+ on the coil, that is to compensate for voltage drop during cranking , also it looked like some liquid on top of the coil which is not a help cheers Ian
  5. Hi John , I also used the book and found where the 1/2 turns are mentioned they turned out to be full turns so I started at 10 1/2 turns and using a colour tune increased it to about 11 , you can see the colour tune flashing as it should but not always igniting the mixture just enrich mixture until there's no misfire , this was on an excel with 45's hope its of some help Ian
  6. Hi the HC is the 912 engine and they use an eccentric bolt to tension the belt ,the early 912 LC has the same as yours cheers Ian
  7. Hi Mark , Another way that's always worked for me is to wedge the clutch pedal down with a piece of wood or if you have someone to sit in car and do it ,engine off, hand brake off, select third gear and push the car a few times backwards then forwards ,just jog it a couple of times each way, you will hear it release or it starts to free wheel good luck Ian
  8. Hi there , exhaust hanger hooks ?? a possibility Cheers Ian
  9. Hi you could also try Woolies they supply everything you need ,but what ever you go for make sure the spray glue is heat resistant cheers IAN
  10. Hi Daniel , If you have any problems whilst down this way give me a call I am in Portsmouth [ Pompey to the locals ] although I don't have an Elite I do have an Excel also loads of tools plus the all important Eclat/Elite workshop manual [ that's for sale if any ones interested ] Cheers Ian
  11. Hi Keith , I replaced mine with one off E Bay depending on what fittings yours are they are not expensive Cheers Ian
  12. Hi, Roger , Did you manage to get a clip ? if not I found a complete set [ spring cleaning ] just pm your address and will get it off to you , I take it as the outer pad top anti rattle spring Cheers Ian
  13. Hi Barend ,Good luck with your project a supplier over here is Woolies they have a very good range of stock but whatever you order make sure that you use heat resistant adhesive for the roof , if not you will find the cloth around your earholes before long [ ask me how I know ] Cheers Ian
  14. Hi Wins , I have the manual with diagrams ,what part of the country are you? , Most of the trouble I encountered was because of bad contacts on the front relays ,situated N/S behind the light pods cheers Ian Hi David have sent you a PM just check your inbox cheers Ian
  15. Hi Wins , I have the manual with diagrams ,what part of the country are you? , Most of the trouble I encountered was because of bad contacts on the front relays ,situated N/S behind the light pods cheers Ian
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