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  1. Clive59


    Have you done a careful static timing check? The accuspark won't trigger by hand turning(mine doesn't) but check that rotor is actually pointing at correct position to fire #1 lead when in position. And yes, check carefully that nothing has slipped on timing belt.
  2. Can you share your techniques, we all need to know better ways to do that sort of thing. Thanks
  3. It looks much better in the photo than real life, needs a respray one day, but will suffice for now. Yes, opposite in Scotland, but I do have garage, albeit no door and shared with local birdlife in the rafters.
  4. Time for a new cambelt, and no garage as car has been in a container mostly for last couple of years, so my son obligingly has a ute and a recently installed side awning for shade, much needed as it was hot. Job done surprisingly easily. Trunnions oiled, old fuel replaced, and it started as it should when finished.
  5. The chassis should be fine, it will be galvanised, being an S2, and better engine and gearbox too than the S1's, so very desirable. Cloth trim in the S2's is pretty good quality, so may well be in good order. Don't even try to start engine till a new cambelt installed. Fundamentally a much better proposition than an S1. They are not complicated cars, but can be difficult to actually get to where you want to go to get a job done. Good luck with it, and definitely worth saving.
  6. this might help: but, my Elite does not have a return line. I have the above fuel pump in, and it works perfectly, starts no problem every time. In theory a return line with pressure bypass may work slightly better. I am relying on the fuel pump regulation, and have not checked pressure, but for all practical purposes, it works. I do know a facet pump will cause issues if not regulated, the needle valves can't cope with the pressure. But the ECCO pump seems fine. When first turning on ignition, i can hear it ticking, then stops when line pressurised. Just like the SU pump
  7. simplest and most elegant way is to use modern equivalent like this, and then don't need regulator. Fits in where original pump goes too. Might be worth consideration.
  8. why fit a regulator if the pump limits the pressure? I don't think the pump allows freeflow through it, but I haven't tried either. Worth a check?
  9. I would go for a 6 band code, and reading from left is Brown Grey Black Black = 180ohm, brown = 1%, red = 50ppm but, resistor might only be the symptom, and simply replacing might not fix problem. this might be a suitable replacement:
  10. basically provides enough current to the field winding to start the alternator working. Otherwise it relies on residual magnetism to kick things off, and as noticed this typically happens at higher revs, if at all. Once the regulator can feed back volts to the field winding to keep things in balance, the exciter current is not needed, hence the light goes out. The regulator basically balances the field current with the actual car's current demand and keeps voltage at correct value.
  11. Yes, very interested. Have you looked at any other donor systems that may be suitable? I want to put AC in my Elite S2, and have the parts in a box for my S1. They were taken off, and weigh a LOT! Are you using a modern compressor?
  12. Not in my experience. Drove up Highway in Austrslia, in 38-40degC at 110kph or slower, had a manual overide and never a problem. elite 502 In UK, done some long trips, 60-70mph, again, no problem. Have a cover, but not fitted at the moment, and doesn't seem to be an issue. Elite S2 I would look for other reasons if overheating.
  13. Looks great George. So just a recommission? Any major known issues? And whereabouts in NSW are you? I drove my Elite 502 up from Hobart a few years ago, but it was originally a Victorian car.
  14. And don't forget you may be able to get either a 3.73 or 4.1 ratio, depending on what you want. 4.1 was standard.
  15. John, Have you checked that spark is actually going to each cylinder? If you put the timing light pickup on each lead and it triggers then all good. I had a faulty magnetic trigger wheel in the distributor which caused the ignition module to not sense for two cylinders. Also, have you done a static check that when the engine is in the position when ignition should happen(around 9deg BTDC) that the distributor rotor is in a position to actually line up with the metal conductor inside the distributor cap? If the distributor has been put back slightly off position it could work unreliably at best. I also had serious spitting and stuff and timing was the issue. Are you using the original Lumenition? Mine degraded significantly causing significant voltage losses. A new Powerspark/Accuspark unit worked fine, but did have a false start with aforementioned magnetic trigger.
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