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  1. Maybe, but, there are reasons why you might not want to be part of the stage 3 trial(because that is what it is), especially if you are allergic to fish(one example) This is worthy of a read. Here are last two paragraphs of this very complete summary: Ok, let’s wrap up. So all three vaccines appear to be highly effective at preventing covid-19, although both the Pfizer vaccine and the Moderna vaccine are clearly more effective than the Astra-Zeneca vaccine. In terms of safety, I have signif
  2. There is absolutely no evidence to support that vaccinated people will transmit the virus less than anybody else. The only thing the vaccination is supposed to do is minimise the effects of the disease, and no research can support reduced transmission yet, and indeed that was never stated. It might be a good side effect, but no data. Indeed, the experts have explicitly said this.
  3. See Dunc's explanation on FB Frazer. The ballast came with the new coil? Or was it on the car already? In which case that could explain poor running previously. Remove ballast resistor, consign to junk box for another project, and use what is already installed as original Lotus spec. Then you can work out the timing. However, the accuspark won't allow for static timing(well, mine certainly didn't). So careful mechanical positioning and some guesswork will be needed, and a full battery. If you are lucky you will get it going before you run out of juice! Good luck, and ask more questions if you
  4. Well, it can be Octal too in some. In olden times on the PDP-11, macro assembler, I seem to recall octal being used in the instructions. Yes, 1 byte = 2 nybbles, and each nybble is a hex(4-bit) number. The computer has no idea of hex as such, it is a human construct, and fundamentally it is binary. You had an assembler on your IBM! pah, I had to program my thesis project on a 6502 processor(KIm-2), enter the code, which I had to hand calculate the branches and jumps! And enter the program with a hex keypad, stored the program on an audio cassette. Oh the luxury. Hex is shorter than
  5. they do, but binary in them doesn't define precision, so could be 8-bit resolution, or 1 in 256, so better than 0.5%, or more commonly, 10, or 12 bits, even 16 bits for really accurate stuff. Binary as a number base system is 2 to the power of n, where n is typically 8, 16, 32 or 64 in computer systems. Just for interest, 2^64 (2 to power 64) is bigger than all the grains of sand on the planet. Digital, if modeled well, can re-create an analogue signal very closely.
  6. That sounds good Mark. Good luck with it, hope it works well. Can you let us know roughly what the units would cost if you got a batch made?
  7. Mark, did you do the circuit yourself? I can see the red and white ones have some resistors, and diodes on the boards, so presumably some current limiting there, but orange ones do not? LED's don't like overcurrent, and life will be significantly shortened if over-driven. As the voltage will vary quite a bit, say 12.6-14.7 at least during normal operating conditions, much wider if say hazard lights on in emergency and you really want them to keep working till battery essentially goes flat. So, if you drive them with a constant current source, it will ensure illumination is same for all voltage
  8. Great project. Looks like you are using Through Hole parts? Any reason for not making them SMT and easing manufacturing cost? How are you driving the LED's? Constant current is probably preferable. Keep us posted on progress.
  9. This is quite depressing, but worth a read. WTF is going on?
  10. Good to see you're nearly there David. What weaknesses do you see in the design. Wondering if the subsequent 912 engine addressed any of the issues? Pics when installed please!
  11. yes, I saw it all, and somehow got wrong link, thanks for reposting proper one CHris
  12. I can still see it but when I put the link on Facebook, it was immediately stopped as being false information. grrr...
  13. yes, it sure does. 0.7mm is probably best for that job. I would suggest getting lead/tin solder if possible, much easier to rework than the lead free, and the existing board is most likely lead solder.
  14. don't use plumbers flux, it is NOT for electronic use. Use proper rosin cored solder.
  15. We have a neighbour who has an art shop, with many local artists stuff in it, and she has had some pretty good business going on. A few people have more disposable income than normal, so look to spend on art and home things. I know it is probably very regional, and we are in a touristy area, so probably not representative of the country. Like many things, right/wrong place at right/wrong time has huge effect. Good luck with your lot @Kimbers.
  16. Agree, but if the infection rate was an accurate number, then the whole hysteria would dissipate because there would be little to base it on. Virus history says there will be no second wave, never has been for past events. Why is Covid-19 different? The evidence doesn't support that hypothesis.
  17. A long read, explaining why the Pillar 2 Covid test used in UK, is almost certainly raising the 'case/infection' numbers because it has a very significant 'false positive' rate, and at present outnumbers actual infections by probably 10 times. Written by an expert in the field.
  18. This is a must read, and points to an error in early days where 'case' and 'infection' fatality rates were wrongly reported, causing the modelling to be out by a factor of 10. And by a certain Dr Fauci no less. A quote from article, which gives a flavour: It seems that Dr Fauci just got mixed up with the terminology. Because in his Journal article eleven days earlier, he did state… ‘This suggests that the overall clinical consequences of Covid-19 may ultim
  19. Do you ever use epoxy resin for extra strength anywhere, or just normal polyester resin?
  20. I can't get it at the right angle to engage a socket. I need to somehow spread the pipes a little. I agree, that should work if I apply some persuasion! cheers.
  21. I would like to hear this story! I am currently taking engine out, and this has me stumped at moment. Access is horrendous, and a little forethought in how pipes are positioned would allow socket and extension between them, but no. Looks like I need a very short spanner and somehow get the necessary leverage. Any tips gratefully received!
  22. Just noticed as reading an old piece, the 48's were used on the Lotus Talbot 2.2 dry sump engine, which developed 240bhp.
  23. they should be within 10%, so 3 and 4 are very low. I have an S2 Elite, and cold compression test gave 175, 163, 175, 165, so your 1 & 2 seem as they should be. Can you do a warm test now it is running? Would be good to know.
  24. Minimum is 95, E5 usually, and available everywhere. 98 is available at some places.
  25. this shows some data, calls it a 'casedemic' and sounds logical.
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