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    1974 Lotus elite built for Ronnie Peterson.
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  1. As some of you may now know the Ex Ronnie Peterson Lotus Elan +2 sold over the weekend at auction,this was of interest to myself as I own Ronnies Elite. I wanted to ask what type of price should I be insuring the Elite for,after 20 years of ownership I feel that maybe its time to renew its insurance value,of course I can,t compare the Elan to an Elite for various reasons,but they both had one thing in common and that was Ronnie,i have photographic proof of him with the car also photos of Colin Chapman handing Ronnie the keys and Ronnie inside with Jackie ickx,plus paperwork from Lotus confirming its authenticity,its a nice clean example that is roadworthy and wears a factory NG numberplate. Just wanted an idea of what I should do,Club Lotus have valued it for several years now for the insurance.
  2. Hi Dave,


    I have just posted a message about a loose clutch fork after replacing the clutch cable on my 78 Elite.

    You made the following reply about a similar issue in a previous message in 2012

    "Replacing the clutch cable is not a nice job,you more want to hope the clutch fork hasn,t come of the ball inside the gearbox......don,t worry its not a gearbox out job,but very tricky"

    Can you please explain what you exactly mean ?





  3. I want to replace the TRE on my Elite,it has manual steering what TRE do they use?are they Capri/Escort? I want to get them right first time!
  4. There seems to be demand for these still and i,ve lost my spare ones... So i,am going to visit the printers who made these for me this week and see if they can or still have my details on record and can make some more for me...
  5. I,am trying to track down the focalpoint archives as i believe they were returned to Lotus? I want to see if they still have some of the photos of my Elite with Ronnie/Colin from the set that was taken,i only bought 2 in 1998 at £48 for 2!
  6. I want to change the dizzy on my 74 Elite for an upgraded item with electronic ignition. Is the Accuspark ignition setup a good item and is it a direct replacement for the original dizzy?
  7. Hi Mat The car is garaged in Amersham,Bucks close to where my Dad lives.
  8. Thanks Mat,i need to catch up with my dad and see what he wants to do,i know he is sick of messing around with dash wiring and things appear to work fine,except the heater speeds,we still have the loom from that car so he could mess with that but he doesn,t like cutting wiring about,i will see what he wants to do. Many thanks.
  9. Hi Dunc Do you have any 1974 elites coming? According to how many left only 2 are on the road from 74?
  10. Any ideas why this would be? My dad says there 2 resistors,where can we buy replacements and where are they mounted? I think early cars had this set up only.
  11. Received a new headling from SJ sportscars today with glue Can i ask what hints/tips i need to replace it. I will be doing this in a few weeks,and in the meantime i will recover the cant rails and have the spare sunvisors restiched. My main question is the main roof section,do i apply the glue and gently apply the heading,maybe using a cold iron to smooth it on fromt front to back? Does the glue bleed through etc etc? I don,t want to get this wrong really.
  12. I do like the colour,very 70s and no sunroof. Is a 521 5 SPEED? Seems sensible money and could be made to look tidy from 6 foot away,doubt it will be a minter but nice enough.
  13. Thankyou very much,great help,this is a project i will do soon,it needs doing,it lets my interior down,looks smart except the headling,it has the early seats in it aswell,in Oatmeal which have managed to survive well. Whats best to do with the sunvisors? I have all this spare so can recover the spare items and swop over.
  14. Wanted some advise about replacing the headling in my series 1 Elite. Who has done this job and what can be used to replace the thin material original item. What glue should be used? I recently saw a stunning job made of a headling in a Series 1 which looked like a more thicker material in light cream.
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