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  1. Is there a way to go back an edit the photo links in my old posts? Photobucket are being less than useless so trying to switch provider to get the old photos working again
  2. Long overdue update time! New sunvisors have been located (tatty - but will send them to be retrimmed: Plus, headlining has now been redone, so no more gaps at the back: I have also refitted the waistline trim, much better with it back in place. I used the lotusbits trim with back tigerseal. Went on very easily - the trick is just to take you time and use lots of masking tape.
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  4. Minor update as I've done a little work on the wiper which was looking really tatty. Before: After paint stripped off: After: I'm also getting it sent back in for the headlining as I have noticed a small area which was missed, so watch this space!
  5. Thanks for the tip about the BMW sunvisors. I will check it out because I still can't find mine! The fuel pipes were a concern of mine so I've swapped them all out for fresh ones and always carry a fire extinguisher. It also passed it's MoT at the weekend with flying colours!
  6. Some updates that I can report: 1. Fixed the fans not running (it was a dodgy fuse) 2. Fixed the choke cable jamming. The grub screw that holds it in place had dropped out. This one: 3. Repainted the front grill insert. This is what it looked like before: Used this paint stripper (amazing stuff - VHT Strip Fast): With the paint stripper applied: Stripped back to metal: After a few coats of VHT Black Epoxy Paint: 4. Had a leak on in the vacuum circuit so replaced the rubber elbow joint to the vacuum tank 5. Still can't find the sunvisors...
  7. Had a call with Lotusbits earlier today, and I was pleased to find out that they have finished the car, and I will be able to pick it up next time I am in their direction. They have done quite a bit of work, and the car will now be much better for it as they were a lot of the small niggly issues: New oil New filters New plugs Re-checked timing belt Adjusted ignition timing Replaced leaking master cylinder (those who were at the club Lotus track day might remember that after a few spirited laps of Castle combe, I discovered a distinct lack of brake fluid) Replaced voltage regulator. The old one had seized up (they are a bimetalic strip that heats up and bends to correct the voltage) This was the reason for the overreading temperature gauge - it meant that the fuel guage was also overreading, but of course this was not as obvious. Fixed the illuminating fan fail light - the fuse rating was too low (I fear that was my fault) as it was 10A instead of the correct 25A, so it was occasionally blowing, and one of the motors had a bad connection Fixed NS headlight not popping up due to a bad electrical connection in the wiring loom Electric mirrors not working was a blown fuse Slow moving front windows was fixed by very simply coating everything in fresh lubricant Rear wiper connections and earth renewed so that it now works Can't wait to pick it up! I'm poorer, but happier and it's another step in the right direction.
  8. On Tuesday the Riviera went off to Lotusbits, and I am happy to report that it passed the MOT first time with no advisories!! (I know I shouldn't be surprised by that, but I feel like it's a major victory!! While they have it there are a few more things that I have asked them to do: Replace leaking master cylinder Fix over-reading temp gauge Investigate potential earthing problems And probably many other bits and pieces
  9. The complete job was around £700 to recolour and recondition the leather, and change the seat bases, and about £900 for the headlining, vinyl roof and other bits and pieces. This did not include taking it all apart as I did that myself. I had it done by David Nightingale at For the amount of work it needed it was a really good value, and the job is absolutely top quality, bit it did rather hurt my wallet!!
  10. I also started restoring some of the corroded metal paint work. I use some really excellent paint by VHT, and it is a million times better than anything else I have used: VHT GLOSS BLACK EPOXY PAINT - SP650, and I got it from: These are bars under the seats that help lift them out of the carpet to allow the seats to easily slide backwards and forwards. The were really badly corroded. The left one I have cleaned and repainted, and the right one is as found: I then moved on to the grill that sits directly in front of the windscreen. It looked really bad with corroded and peeling paint: I stripped the loose paint off with a rotary wire brush: and then gave it a couple of coats of VHT SP650: Much better!
  11. Lots of progress to report! I spent the weekend putting the car back together after receiving the trim back from Nightingale coachtrimming. Starting point: One side back in: Other side and one of the rear seats: Both rear seats: Drivers door card: Front carpets: I also had to replace a sheared rear seat bolt, but luckily I found a spare bolt of exactly the correct type: What I started with: Old stud removed: New bolt installed and held in place with bearing lock:
  12. I have just heard that I will be receiving the leather back on the 24th Sept. Can't wait to see the improvement! I then have the car booked into Lotusbits for 12th October for a service and MOT, and I'm not expecting anything too major to need doing. Latest problem that I have discovered is that I think the temperature gauge is over reading. Is this actually possible? I changed the gauge as the face on the old one was ruined, and then when I started the car and left it idling for a while the temperature went almost all the way up. At first I was worrying about faulty fans or a faulty thermostat, but I have tested them separately and they still come on. I then left it idling for an extended period and the fans did come on, but I didn't really want to in case it actually was overheating. It used to be fine, and the only thing I changed was the temperature gauge, so is it a safe assumption that the new gauge is faulty, rather than a sudden overheating issue?
  13. Not much progress to report, except the last of the leather is now out for re-colouring and for a new driver's seat base: Once this has been done I will put everything back together, and then I will send the Riviera off to Lotusbits (booked in for 2nd week October for an MoT and service - I have never come across a garage that was so keen not to get a job!!)
  14. I seem to have tried everywhere for the trim: Lotusbits, Woollies, Baines and Google. No luck yet! I received the car back today from having the roof covering and part of the headlining done. I'm really pleased with the result, and can't wait to receive the rest of the leather back. David has done a fantastic job as always: Before: (You can see where the vinyl had pulled back from the back edge of the roof and wrinkled up, and the colour was really uneven) After (the targa panel hasn't been done yet): And the headlining is absolutely perfect! I haven't finished putting it back together, but it will look amazing when finished. So happy right now!
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