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  1. At least it wasn’t anything terminal and you’re well practiced at putting the engine back in😃
  2. Good to see you have her running. Unfortunately I have had to resort to holding my otter switch is in with cable ties and that temporary fix has been in for many months now.
  3. Well gentlemen, I must say thank you, I have enjoyed reading this. I have had my Elite 501 for over 20 years with all the tears and tantrums that go hand in hand with owning a classic car (especially a Lotus). This thread has given me many ideas for keeping her going in the future. The problems are never ending with the next thing being stopping the water ingress (passenger footwell) that appears to have developed since the weather changed. Onwards and upwards🤞
  4. Max (xam69) is your man. Maybe contact him directly if you can?
  5. Thank you Max, I received the kit, it took about half hour to fit and adjust etc. That was about a month ago and I can report that all is working very well. I would even say that the pedal feels smoother in use.
  6. Count me in. I'm more than willing to test your kits. Let me know how to progress.
  7. I'm more then happy to do some further product testing !!
  8. Did you managw to put these kits together and If so where can we get them and how much?
  9. Hi All, Does any one still have any parts knocking around? I need many parts! cheers
  10. Great to see and read the progress so far!!
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