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  1. Mice love to nest under the plenum and eat the wiring Happened to my v8 twice
  2. The Lotus ABS unit looks the same as the GM Vectra and some Fiat models if placed side by side , however , neither will work in the Esprit V8 or GT3 as the inside is totally different . Regards Dave
  3. Hmmm They cut bits off the porker and the ford but didn't touch the Lotus ? IMO they switched the car for a older X180 (hence the old OZ wheels ) later shown in the episode And I think (and hope) the V8 was preserved Dave
  4. I have a problem with the horn and it is actually the horn itself that requires replacement Could anyone please tell me where the horn is located on a post 98 V8 Thanks
  5. Hi Paul I used a old input shaft from a spare gearbox Cheers Dave
  6. Paul at those revs I don't even think the secondary pump has kicked in It could be the primary pump or the fuel pressure regulator I have a gauge you can fit on the Schrader valve and drive around doing various tests whilst looking at the pressure If you want to borrow it you are welcome BTW I replaced my pumps with the Walbro 370 When I removed the originals the motor carbon brushes on the primary were shot Regards Dave
  7. Hi Paul I did the same as you and tightened the bolts evenly I have a theory as to why a new clutch judders , might be wrong but here goes My old clutch had a weak clamp spring so I reckon the weakness acted as a form of damping upon take up When you fit a complete new clutch the clamp spring has more tension and may act more aggressively upon take up hence judder , and bearing in mind it is still un damped clutch Regards Dave
  8. There is a "stock" fault with the post 98 V8 gauge , it develops a huge dry joint on the metal pot that is soldered over the coil assembly . You would have to cut the back off and then after repairing glue it back on , I prefer to cut with a hot knife Regards Dave
  9. Same here chaps ,full new clutch fitted , new engine and gearbox mounts and it judders worst than ever . The thing about these V8 twin plate clutches is they are almost digital in operation either on or off and lets not forget there are no dampening springs
  10. Hi March Interesting , did yours have the markings "FTE and any digits" It's Delphi 23.81mm bore, I've tried sourcing a seal kit without success I'm sure it could be retrofitted with a part having the same mounting holes and a similar travel Cheers Dave
  11. Hi Does anyone have a cross reference for the post 98 clutch slave cylinder ? Thanks
  12. Only the base electronics are GM , the software is all Lotus designed specifically for the Esprit V8 . When you consider the two cars the corvette was normally aspirated where as the Esprit is turbocharged I think Johan and a few others have interrogated the mapping and would be better placed to answer your question All boost calibration is held in two eeproms ic19 and ic20 in the ECU , if you socket these two devices you will have a range of plug in options to go for Regards
  13. Hi Brian I considered replacing the stock ECU a few years ago . The area needing the most thought is the interface with the ABS controller , the standard fit Cobra alarm would need a bit of re thinking as well Generally , the Esprit V8 ECU is not a bad unit , it is after all a modified Corvette GM one I think Red race chips combined with high flow cats and K&N or Green air filters is still the best way to go Regards Dave
  14. Hi , Could anyone please tell me if it is possible to remove the air con compressor with the engine in place The system is already de-pressurised Cheers Dave
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