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  1. Ramjet, from what I understand, the cylinder misfire on 6&7 (no spark) caused an excess of fuel to be sent through the engine unburnt, so that it got caught in the cat, burning up there (which caused the extreme heat and possible cat damage).
  2. Well guys - figured it out for the rest of you. I traced everything back to the four circuits on the ECM and had an electronics repairman re-solder them (a few looked like they might be bad solders). Put it all back together and it runs like a champ. Interesting how much work I had to do for a few little bad solder joints. If anyone has similar symptoms in the future and needs any help diagnosing, drop me a line. Rob
  3. 99 V8 (US)... I see a "P6520302" and a "U700A032 High Torque" label on it (white label, black lettering) Any idea which one this is or who it came from? I look on the inside of the board and the chips don't have any stickers on them...
  4. Well that one was short-lived. The next time I took the car for a longer trip, it started up again. When its cooler, it spools and boost wonderfully. But, after it warms up a bit, it starts to stutter pretty bad, and eventually the 1301/1302 CEL comes on, one of the cat is glowing red hot. Pulled the plug wires while the car was idling while it was still in this "crappy" state. Cylinders 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 8 are sparking well. 6 and 8 are very weak in comparison. So, put on a new coil, same problem. The service notes say basically, plug, wires, coil, "coil circuit, or low compression in the cylinder. I guess the next place to look would be the coil circuit? The 2 weak cylinders are on the same bank as the red hot cat (explains the cat issues) - I would also hazard a guess that fuel isn't the problem (as thats what should be burning up in the cat, causing it to glow red hot?) Any other ideas. I'm just trying to wrap my head around why this thing is so intermittent. I would assume that if it was shitty compression, it might happen a little more often. And the spark is definitely suspect.. - something is making me think that this isn't an O2 sensor as two cylinders are not even firing pulled the wires on 6 and 7 again, now (while its still hot and fresh from the misfire), there's no spark. Everything else is firing. From what I understand, if something in the ignition system fails, they fail in pairs. At least this part makes sense. Anywhere else I should be looking? Further details. Checked the wires between the coil packs and the ECU, all three are fine. If it matters, I've got a "yellow" ECU. Also tried disconnecting the fuel pump and turning it over, while holding a plug out near a ground source to observe spark. Unfortunately, it fired all the time on both coils. However, I think this was just due to the fact that the engine was cold (it only misses after it has been running for a while. The only thing I can think is that the ECU itself is toast, or possibly an intermittent short somewhere on wire 47G in this diagram. Thanks for your help guys. I miss my S4. It was a hell of a lot easier to work on.
  5. Any luck on this one? This is IDENTICAL to my problem - I know I'm resurrecting an old thread...
  6. Well guys, thanks for all your help. This was embarassingly simple. The plug wires weren't all snapping all the way in, I suppose. I changed it out with another wire and it seems to work fine. The wires were from Kingston Wireworks. They said they've gotten a complaint before about this, but they kept the original spec. They're sending me a new set based on the OEM measurements I sent them from the original wire. This was specifically marketed for the Esprit., I actually read about them on the forum here. All is well. Its running for now with a few old wires, waiting for the correct ones to get here in the mail (free of course Thanks again everyone. God its nice to have her running again!
  7. new update ... sorry guys.. made it about a mile.... 1301 and 0303... guess now I know its all cylinder #3s fault..... superdave - I heard good things about the Bosch plugs... and the espritfactfile referenced the part number. The instructions were pretty good too. JAE sells the fitted ones for about $75, the real issue here is availability. And thanks for the plug idea. I checked that first. It's nice that the plugs actually have the labels on them. That saves a bit of a headache. superdave - I heard good things about the Bosch plugs... and the espritfactfile referenced the part number. The instructions were pretty good too. JAE sells the fitted ones for about $75, the real issue here is availability. And thanks for the plug idea. I checked that first. It's nice that the plugs actually have the labels on them. That saves a bit of a headache. oh crap... well, pulled the spark plug on cyl. #3 (didn't make a difference whether the plug wire was connected or not... makes me think spark isn't the problem (it was firing). How bad is it when there's a little oil around the top of the spark plug? Something is scaring the crap out of me now.... (#3 cylinder is the only one like this... I should add... the oil is on the top of the spark plug, not the threaded end...
  8. Hmmmm. oxygen sensor seems pretty suspect. That honeycomb was banging around a bit and one of the sensors looked a little dented up. Should I replace all 4? or just the two on that bank, pre and post cat? I can def. smell fuel coming from the exhaust. Thanks guys. has anyone wired up an aftermarket Bosch oxygen sensor before? I'm trying to figure out which color to splice in where.... The fault codes, fyi, were 1301 and 1302... Misfire Level Causing Emisbions Increase / Misfire Level Causing Catalyst System Damage Update: New oxygen sensor installed... disconnected the battery for about half an hour. Started up again and let idle for 15 minutes. Was really lopey and popping every now and then, but it didn't kill. I'm going to try to take her to a station and fill her up (I think all this started with bad gas - but who knows....) I know its not running right, but maybe if I get some fresh gas in her it will help and maybe work itself out? (also may give me a chance to throw another CEL and figure where to go next).....
  9. This car is killing me. Background... a few days ago, the car started having no power while running on the interstate. CEL, then flashed on the way home. Don't remember the fault codes off the top of my head, but I checked them at the time and there were two (misfire and catalyst failure). I had already planned on doing a plug and wire change. New plugs and wires. Second, I had to deal with a dead cat (the honeycomb was chopped up just hanging out in the left cat - I replaced both. Now, the car has new plugs, wires, and two new cats on it. Not sure where to start new... when I let it idle, it will run for a while, then pop. When I give it any gas, it feels like its missing pretty bad. No CEL light.. I guess I'll start by pulling each wire off the plug individually to figure out which cylinder its missing on? Any other clues? This happened all of a sudden...
  10. Whew. Cool. That scared me a bit for a second. I'm already having issues with the damn exhaust... whoever owned it has some nice stainless pipes installed... unfortunately they won't pass emissions. There's even a receipt that says "install loaner cats and mufflers for emissions test, then reinstall high flow stainless catalysts".. I was scratching my head for a bit there. Thanks for the help, electrical stuff I can handle. I can just check the wiring diagram to make sure everything is getting the proper voltage and ground. I've gotten to the ECU before so it should be too much trouble. There could very well be a loose end somewhere in the system.
  11. Checked all the grounds, they are solid. That last part sounds a bit scary. Seriously wrong. Like ECU seriously wrong? or engine seriously wrong? Oh brother
  12. that's a good idea. I checked the battery ground. I've got a service manual at home, so I'll check their locations when I get there. Thanks for the idea, that sounds like it might be it.
  13. I'm having a weird problem. This happens sometimes and sometimes it doesn't. 99 V8. I have to turn the key sometimes as long as 6 or 7 seconds before the thing will start. I replaced it with a new optima red top, and it still does it. No trouble codes, and once its running, it keeps running (except a couple of times when it died on me) Thanks.
  14. Does anyone sell a kit to replace our sealed halogen bulbs with a housing to put some H1/H4s in? I've got the HID lights, I just need some type of drop-in replacement housing to use them... Thanks in advance
  15. Cool. Thanks. I'm not sure if it was coincidence, but I changed the battery in the key fob and it doesn't do it anymore. I didn't think there was any proximity-type device on our cars. Not sure if it's just a gremlin or coincidence, but it seems to have remedied itself....
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