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  1. Sorry to hear of this failure. Apologies for not being up with all the details...................... Was this a standard gearbox or had it been upgraded to the GTO/Quaife internals? I've thoroughly enjoyed following this thread.
  2. Thought I had better enter this. I've been getting some very helpful info of this forum of late. Keep up the great work Bibs. Thanks! Black Sport 300 VIN: SCCO82910RHAGXXXX Red Sport 300 VIN: SCC082910SHA6XXXX
  3. It is an Australian GT spec car. It won the sports cars championship here in Aus. However it's a long way from the UK spec GT2 cars. It has a UN 1 gear box not the Hewland DG300 straight-cut 5-speed manual the UK cars had No Air jacks No Center-lock wheels....................etc The cut out front bar and lights were fitted by the owner here in Australia. Don't get me wrong still a fast car and it looks magnificent!
  4. I live in Australia. I think you sent me some information about he suspension set ups that were run on the x180s Luke. It was very helpful. Cheers. I have brought another Sport 300 now and am looking at making this one a track car only. I have looked at making the moulds my self and making the panels. I think that the hatch would be fairly difficult.
  5. I'm building a race car and are after a Carbon fibre roof panel, hatch, and bonnet. Does antone know where I can get them from?
  6. I am building a race car and am trying to get as much weight out of the car as possible. Has any one built a light weight hatch or a carbon fibre one. I am also looking at building a light weight bonnet and roof. Any other ideas as to how to get as much weight out of the cara as possible? Is there any where you can buy the panels ready to go?
  7. I'm picking them up on Monday Roger so I'll let you know. They are at top performance a Koni specialist. They are dynoing all four and also checking the spring rates of the springs that sj provided. At least then I'll have a better idea of the consistency between each corner. Giving me a better idea of the shock quality. The springs I got are supposed to be standard sport 300. I am looking at going a fair bit harder. Top Performance are going to provide me with a few different sets of eibach springs. I'll fill you in Monday night
  8. Cheers Rodger I'll keep you informed. I am having the car set up profesionally there going to put the shocks on a dyno and tell me exactly what pressure the shocks are putting out at each setting. I am running the Quaife LSD. Very happy with it. But sometimes it bit isn't very progressive
  9. Number 49. Has never been on track. Bough the shocks from sj. There very different to the and Protech. Larger Diameter and double adjustable.
  10. Cheers for the info it will be very helpful. In your quote you say " He sent me this about his Carreras His new shocks are (still haven't tried them on the track yet)" What does the word "Carreras" mean. Are you addressing the type of shock? Also with those spring rates are you running on slicks or semi slicks? I've just recieved a set of Protech's NEW Shock - Double Adjustable with 2 control knobs So having the damper rates will help.
  11. Can anyone give me some directions as to spring rates people are running for track set up only on a sport 300? How many degrees of camber plus castor, toe, ride height etc? Some general direction would be great.
  12. Hi All, I have a Sport 300. I do a bit of track work and use Kumo V70. They do a 245 X 45 X 16 for the front and a 315 X 35 X 17 for the rear. I run a medium compound on the front and hards on the rear. I am currently trying to source some mediums for the rear as I am having trouble geting enough heat into the rears to make them work well. Cheers Ben
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