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  1. Its a MOMO bolt pattern? I thought we had a stock Nardi/Personal bolt pattern. My stock wheel is a Personal (if you remove the Lotus crash pad i can see the Personal logo)
  2. Ive been looking at a new Personal steering wheel (eg. Thunder or Fitti E5), and wanted to know whats involved in swapping out my stock '88 wheel. Looks pretty straightforward (6 allen key screws) but the large nut in the middle looks like it sticks out way farther than the new wheel's horn button. Esprit Steering Wheels It doesnt look like the new center horn button will fit... do i need an entirely new boss adapter? I really dont want the wheel any closer to me than it is now. Thank you -- Rob
  3. We swapped out the vacuum pump with NAPA part number 64-1006... Perfect. FYI to anyone who may need this info in the future: the NAPA 64-1006 does not have an exhaust port like the OE unit, so the 3ft exhaust hose can be removed from the car. Thanks again.
  4. stevem, youre a genius and a lifesaver. i was just about to split the motor and transmission apart to investigate the bellhousing. Great info guys, thanks. This forum is invaluable.
  5. youtube video: Tuesday, my engine started to make this weird noise. It occurs around 1200-1400 rpm (where the car idles right now). It's loudest right where the bellhousing meets the transmission (shown in video). Ive owned the car for about 2 weeks, and have gone ~400 miles with it so far. It does not change pitch if the clutch if pushed in, and it does not matter if im standing still or rolling along at 1200-1400rpm in first gear. Its there upon startup and when you turn the key off as well, and varies frequency with engine speed. it seems to go away around 1600+ rpm, but im not sure if it completely goes away or just goes to a frequency thats unhearable. flywheel? pressure plate? we eliminated the clutch, transmission, and input shaft because with the clutch pedal down, they should not be rotating and wouldnt make the noise. not the output shafts obviously because the car is stationary. Any input would be appreciated
  6. In the week and a half ive owned my '88 ive spent ~$2500 on brakes, rotors, thermostat, filters, fluids, stainless lines, car cover, and headlamp repair kit.
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