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  1. Yep Alan, had that one happen twice on the same side(left nearside)seems due to the fact more crap is thrown up on this side . BTW my manifold studs are shot ,do you think we could do a group buy to have our engines taken out!!!
  2. Easy job,jack up the back crawl underneath two jubilee clips job done
  3. Thanks everyone,got lots of nice bits for the Esprit so plenty to keep me busy. cheers all Dave
  4. I had this problem not long was the none return valve in the take off from the plenum that connects to the servo .It lives near the front of the engine on the rear of the backbone.For some reason it seems to stick in the cold weather.
  5. Paul,it would appear that with a root treatment there is only ever a 90% chance of sucsess,this is because it's never possible to remove all of the infection. The pain you are felling could well be re-infection,a course of antibiotics may help clear this up for you . However, extraction is a considered option to relive some individuals discomfort.
  6. The wife,what do you want to know ? I can't see any text
  7. I left for work this morning and noticed the wing mirrors on my wife's 3 month old colt cabrio missing. They were fine earlier on in the evening and as we have cctv I watched the disk. It would appear around 1.30 two hooded bits of shit rolled up in a car, parked at the top of our drive then ran down and forced off both complete mirror assemblies. Went through the usual police/insurance drill,it turns out that with excess and a claim it is cheaper to take it on the chin myself
  8. Well this has been a total arse of a fault to find but today it's now fixed. Initially,much time was wasted in believing speedo sensing on post 98 v8's was via the right rear abs sensor,on my car it's the left rear. Anyway,the four signals from the wheel sensors are fed into the KH430 abs controller,here they are used by the abs unit to calculate wheel lock,no problems here as the input signals were fine when the speedo would stop working.The four speed signals are converted to TTL logic level and leave the abs controller via pins 1,2,3,4 to inputs on the ecu. The problem was so intermittent I had to drive around with monitoring equipment set up on the car almost everyday,eventually one of the abs output signals was found to be at a permanent 5 volts rather than a pulse waveform,at this point the speedo would stop working . So it would appear there was a problem within the electronics of the abs controller,the unit is secured to the hydraulics via four torx screws the two are easily separated afteremoving the screws. To get to the guts you need to cut through the welded plastic case I did this using a hot knife,once inside the fault hits you in the face, the whole row of soldered pins on the plug were dry jointed,a good re solder and seal of the case and glad to say job done
  9. I had a similar problem a while ago,drove me mad trying to find the cause,in the end it turned out to be oil burning off the LH turbo outer casing
  10. Daniel, give these guys a call, they should be able to sort out the damage to the block for you . They are based in Rochdale and are called Impulse Developments 01706 650800 good look
  11. Mike,could you do me a favour whilst your engine is in bits. I need to know the distance between the centers of the two unions on the oil cooler take off points in the filter housing. cheers if you can help Dave Keep up the great work,best topic on the forum.
  12. Mike,do you have a part no for those Gates racing timing belts? cheers dave
  13. Daniel,any news yet on what happened to your engine?
  14. I might be wrong but I don't think V8 GT's have the integral alarm system
  15. Gordon,to avoid such fines in the future make sure your next crime is one of the following 1. mug and rob an O.A.P. 2. breake into a house 3. damage a car
  16. Peter/Dave, you get the blade and arm complete with a universal fitting kit to accomadate most types of applications.The one I bought fitted my 98 no problem.
  17. Went to Tesco today,they are selling off 24" wiper blades for 74p,they are a perfect fit for the one on the V8 .
  18. When driving the needle drops to zero ,the odometer remains lit and clear but dosn't count.I drove round with a battery oscilloscope connected to the pulse input terminal of the speedo,when the needle fell to zero the pulse also dissapeared ,this proved the speedo to be o.k.
  19. Hi Gunter, the problem I have is one of the four abs sensors are used to relay information via the Kelsey Hains controller through to the speedo(I now know for certain that it's not the right rear) none of the four sensors read open circuit either . I thought the problem would be dirt near the pickup pole or slight adjustment needed to the hall wheel.I guess the 98 year onward schematics would have the information I need to sort this one out. Hi Jon, the right rear sensor is totally destroyed, however,the speedo continues to work. I think I will have a go at pulling the other three sensor plugs in turn seeing if any kill the speedo,life would be a lot simpler if this problem wasn't so intermittent.
  20. Hi Jim, there is only one sensor on my car ,there is a position for a second sensor but it's not used
  21. Hi all, can anyone tell me for sure which wheel sensor is used for the speedometer on a 98v8 gt.I asked Lotus tech about this Dave Massey said it was the right rear so this weekend I set about cleaning it to try and cure an intermittent spedo problem,however,the sensor was stuck solid and I ended up knackering it. So driving to work this morning with a duff sensor I would have expected two things to happen 1 the abs light to be on all the time which it is 2 no speedo reading,the speedo is still working! I am now totally confused which sensor I need to be looking at cheers
  22. Hi all, anyone know what the RH wheel speed sensor is from?
  23. The reason this happens is because the electronic regulators require a clean supply of a few volts more than they are outputting.when you crank the engine your battery volts become low and pulsed for a few seconds ,during this time the regulators become unstable(similar to the head light issue when starting)
  24. The box is from a American car with pop up lights,possibly corvette LT1 If you get really stuck post me the box I will test/repair it for you and send it back it will just cost you the post
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